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Meet the TODAY Digital team

TODAY Digital staff list

Executive Editor, TODAY & Digital Features

Ashley Parrish

Editorial Director

Meena Hart Duerson

Managing Editor

Amy Eley

Special Projects Editor

Lisa Tolin

Head of Innovation Labs

Andrew Pinzler

Supervising Multimedia Producer

Carissa Ray

Editorial Lead, Original Video

Christina Anderson


Zoe Marcus, Digital Strategy Producer

Rebecca Dube, Head of Today Parents

Jane Weaver, Editor/Producer, Health and Wellness

Gabrielle Frank, Health and Wellness Editor

Erin Clements, Senior Editor, Pop Culture

Alessandra Bulow, Food Editor

Emi Boscamp, Associate Food Editor

Emily Sher, Senior Style Editor

Robin Kawakami, Senior Editor

Philip Caulfield, Senior Editor

Matt Murray, Senior Editor/Producer

Rick Schindler, Editor/Producer

Danielle Brennan, Editor/Producer

Bianca Brosh, Editor/Producer

Brittany Loggins, Editor/Producer

Shane Lou, Editor/Producer

Brooke Sassman, Social Media Associate

MC Suhocki, Social Media Associate

Katie Levingston, Social Media Video Editor

Jamie Rodgers, Multiplatform Video Distribution Producer

Emily Slawek, Special Projects Associate

Courtney Cox, Editorial Assistant


Mish Whalen, Senior Multimedia Producer

Angeliki Jackson, Multimedia Producer

Zach Pagano, Multimedia Producer

Claudia Sintigo, Multimedia Producer

Michael Smith, Multimedia Producer

Original Video

Samantha Okazaki, Original Video Producer