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TODAY Fitness has the latest exercise tips, fitness challenges and workout trends to try at home for health and wellbeing.

Start TODAY Walking Club with Al

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Join Al and many more in walking towards better health! Find how to join, get exercises, tips, a playlist and more.

Master the Move

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Like having a personal trainer in your pocket! Learn how to perform common exercises properly to tone your muscles and avoid injury.

Ask the expert

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Stephanie Mansour, personal trainer and weight-loss coach address some of the most common questions and roadblocks that trip people up on their journey to establish a health and fitness routine.

Workout Plans

Fitness Reviews

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Looking for a new workout? Curious about a fitness trend? The TODAY team tests programs, equipment and classes to help you choose your next exercise!

How often do I need to stretch to really see results?

Experts recommend stretching at least 2-3 times a week to increase flexibility and reduce pain.

7 easy ways to get your fitness routine back on track this fall

Use the change of season as motivation to recommit to your health goals and get moving again.

The best exercises to tone your legs – no weights required

Create a leg day routine to sculpt your lower body with these effective exercises.

10 free rowing workouts for all fitness levels

From 10-minute beginner workouts to HIIT training, get the most out of the rowing machine with these fun, free workouts.
Woman using rowing machine
Woman using rowing machine

How to breathe to supercharge your workout

With so many variables in our fitness routine, our breath is one thing completely within our control.
Woman breathing out during bicep curls
Woman breathing out during bicep curls

I'm a dietitian – but these 4 diet mistakes sabotaged my fitness routine

The irony is not lost on me that when it came to race day, it was my nutrition that failed me.
Woman holding blue sports drink in workout clothing
Woman holding blue sports drink in workout clothing

10 tips for new runners, according to a top running coach

A top running coach shares 10 need-to-know tips for new runners.
Brazilian woman exercising in nature
Brazilian woman exercising in nature

How 12 people created a walking routine that transformed their health

Walking can boost your physical and mental health. Here’s how to take the first steps toward creating a new habit.

‘10 pounds at a time:’ How woman lost 112 pounds with the 80/20 diet rule and walking

Debby Rose is caring for herself with a healthy diet, a regular walking routine and a commitment to slow, steady weight loss.

Pregnant? These 10 exercises will keep you strong and mobile

Exercise may be the last thing on your mind when pregnant, but the benefits far outweigh the mental battle of getting moving.

Stressed? 4 breathing exercises to help you calm down in minutes

Deep breathing is a great tactic to increase mindfulness, combat stress and help you calm down in the moment.