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The change hurts my heart

"Sometimes hurt comes when you feel so much love and gratitude for what is that you want to stay in one present second forever, but you know you can’t."

Sarah Lango

This is what long-term coping looks like

"Coping with unfriendly news over and over. Coping with your child’s diagnosis. Coping with how all of it seems to envelop every inch of your life."

Courtesy of Brian Ainsley Horn

I'm the dad with the butterfly tattoo

My son Jackson was born with Down syndrome. He's an unbelievable blessing, but when he was first diagnosed, I was terrified.

Nikki Pennington

A lived life is a messy life

"Sometimes we forget that when we try and hide our messy sides from those who love us most, we aren't allowing them to really love us."

Here's to the good uncles

"The uncles that help with homework, hold little hands and sneak soda and ice cream when mom and dad aren’t looking."

Stop telling me 'it must be nice'

"Things have been good and things have been bad. Things have been extremely easy and things have been unbearably hard in the big moments of my life."

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