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Tiffany Haddish finally tells her side of breakup with Common: ‘It wasn’t mutual’

The rapper previously said it was.
/ Source: TODAY

Tiffany Haddish says Common broke up with her after becoming withdrawn for some time.

The comedian told her perspective of their breakup to The Washington Post in a story published July 20. Common said in 2021 that they came to a mutual "understanding" to part ways. They were together for just over a year.

“(It was) the healthiest, the funnest relationship I’ve ever had,” Haddish said. “It’s where I felt safest out of all the relationships I’ve ever had.”

The 43-year-old "Girls Trip" star said she knew their status changed when Common didn't invite her to three events he attended — a concert in New York, a birthday party for former President Barack Obama and his own birthday celebration. (Common's birthday is in March while Obama's is in August.) Haddish said Common eventually called her to end their relationship.

“It wasn’t mutual,” she said. “It was more him saying, ‘I think this relationship has run its course.’ And I was like, ‘Okay. Like you gonna be a 50-year-old single man. Okay?’” 

Common has not responded to Haddish's version of events, but in 2021 he said pandemic lockdowns and the aftermath contributed to their breakup.

“I think once Tiffany and I got back on the move, it really didn’t allow for us to spend as much time and put as much energy into our relationship,” he told Hollywood Unlocked. “I don’t think the love really dispersed. I just think it was just like, we weren’t feeding a relationship.”

"It was a mutual thing,” he continued. “We came to an understanding that this is what’s going to be best. For us to still continue to love each other and be there for each other, is (for us) to not be in a romantic relationship because we won’t be able to get to that and I don’t want to be one foot in, one foot out."

Common is rumored to be dating Jennifer Hudson. Haddish has not entered a new relationship yet, but isn't surprised she's single again.

“I’m a pretty positive person, and I’m here to have an experience,” she said. “I would love to have a partner to experience it with. But also, I guess I’ve been alone for so long. And so used to being abandoned, I expect it. Which is sad, right?”

But make no mistake: Haddish does not want anyone feeling bad for her. In the same story in The Washington Post, she disclosed that she's had eight miscarriages and prefers to support herself through it.

“I’ve got a uterus shaped like a heart," she said. "It just won’t keep anything in.”

“I don’t want people saying: ‘Are you okay? Are you all right?’” she continued. “Like a wounded animal, I just rather go in a cave by myself (and) lick my wounds.”