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Randi Richardson

Randi Richardson reports for TODAY Digital and NBC BLK from New York.

Randi Richardson reports for TODAY Digital and NBC BLK from New York.

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Watch Hoda and Jenna tackle the polar plunge (sort of)

The pair "willingly" waded into the cold waves — one a little farther than the other.
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'All American' star, showrunner on how the teen drama's storylines are inspired by real life

The show was nearly canceled in season one. Now in its fourth season, it's been in Netflix's top 10 shows and is getting a spinoff.
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3 Indigenous chefs share their favorite fall recipes and their cultural significance

"By utilizing these ingredients, we honor ourselves with the traditional medicine they bring to our bodies and spirits," said Kimberly Tilsen-Brave Heart.
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See Simone Biles, Lizzo and Nikole Hannah-Jones in Essence's 'radical self-love' issue

These three powerhouses rejected expectations that others projected onto them, invigorating a self-care movement.
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How Native American youth are using TikTok to inspire, educate and take bold action

Despite generational trauma, #NativeTikTok is sharing their mutual history and calling for action.

Couples who meet on dating apps are more likely to divorce in early marriage, study finds

A new study found that couples who meet online are more likely to get divorced during the first three years of marriage.
203d ago

The Points Guy shares 5 ways to earn credit card points and make the most of them

Earned points on purchases has become a business in itself. The Points Guy, Brian Kelly, tells TODAY what we need to know.
205d ago

Howard students protest over mold, mildew, mice and other poor housing conditions

“To have housing on Howard’s campus is a privilege. To have housing without rats, mice, mold and mildew on campus is unheard of," one student said.
216d ago

The most unconventional Halloween costumes, as dreamed up by kids

Well, aren't you just the cutest little... um... shopping bag?
226d ago

'Queen Sugar' star Kofi Siriboe on season 6 and how he portrays such tense scenes

Siriboe said the show is specific and intentional about putting faces to structural racism and the impact it has on people.
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I'm 22, and now I realize: These are 6 things my parents did right

The teen years can be rocky, but now that I'm out in the real world, I see everything my parents got right.