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Sex & Relationships

Relationships are an important part of life. Find inspiring stories and expert advice on how to have a healthy relationship with yourself and others.

The 15 most romantic getaways to help couples reset and recharge

It's time to plan a weekend escape or week-long adventure with your one and only.
Secret Bay in Tibay, Dominica
Secret Bay in Tibay, Dominica

How (and when) to end a friendship, according to experts

Here's the best way to break up with a friend you've outgrown — plus, how to cope with the loss.
Young worried woman looking out of the window
Young worried woman looking out of the window

55 wedding wishes to write in the happy couple's card

Make their special day even sweeter with one of these thoughtful messages.
We've made so many special moments today
We've made so many special moments today

The 20 best first date ideas, according to relationship experts

Even if you don’t click with your match, you’ll still have a good time.

This type of friendship is most important for our mental health

Studies suggest that friendships are as essential to our health, well-being and longevity as diet and exercise.
37d ago

I asked the universe for a sign that he was the right guy. Then I got one

When I found love, I tried to push it away — until fate guided me in the right direction.
illustration of bernadoodle
illustration of bernadoodle

How to make (and keep) friends as an adult, according to experts

Don't let fear stand in your way: Follow these tips to build lasting friendships in your 20s, 30s and beyond.

How to love yourself to the core, according to experts

In need of some self-love? Follow these tips to boost your confidence and overall happiness.

What is 'love bombing'? Experts explain the warning signs you shouldn't ignore

Is it genuine love or manipulation? Here's what to do if your fairytale romance takes a dangerous turn.