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Cat and Nat / TODAY

Mom Truths: Kids are like stalkers

They always want eyes on you, and they know where you are at all times. Watch as the TODAY Parenting Team's Cat and Nat hilariously break down all the ways...

Lauren's Latest

I want a nap for Mother's Day

With Mother's Day upon us (and the accompanying sappy "I love being a mom #blessed" articles), I thought I should write a more real life post about what motherhood...

Lauren Casper

Mother's Day is complicated

In every office, in every school, in every cafe, on every block there is someone hurting this year. Someone crying and hoping that maybe next year will be better....

Cat and Nat / TODAY

Mom Truths: Welcome to the 'Mom Rush'

It's common for moms to feel that rushed, panicked, frantic feeling — like their to-do lists will never be DONE. The TODAY Parenting Team’s Cat and Nat hilariously...

Jessica N. Turner

On nursing for the last time

All of a sudden I looked at the calendar and it had been a week — maybe eight days since I had nursed. I realized it was over. I'd never do it again. And I...

Cat and Nat / TODAY

Mom Truths: When mom guilt strikes

It's hard to find a mom who doesn't feel guilty about something on a daily basis. The TODAY Parenting Team's Cat and Nat break down all the reasons why.

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