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Jill Martin and Tracy Morgan provide deserving family with a holiday surprise

Jill Martin bonded with the Ortiz family through her involvement with the Garden of Dreams Foundation and learned how parents Idalia and Abel are working tirelessly amid the pandemic to create normalcy for their two children with difficult medical diagnoses. Jill paid them a visit in the spirit of the holidays and, with help from actor Tracy Morgan, gave them a huge surprise.

How college students are helping teens cope during the pandemic

Peer Health Exchange is a unique program that trains college students to teach skills-based health curriculum in under-resourced high schools across the country. In our latest episode of “Mental Health & America’s Kids,” we learn how the nonprofit has deployed a new curriculum in Boston that focuses on mental health and self-care to help freshmen high school students cope with the isolation of remote learning. “Mental Health & America’s Kids” is in collaboration with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.