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Pollo Yucateco Asado with Tortillas, Salsa, Rice & Beans

pollo yucateco asado with rice beans and salsa.
Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Chef notes

Pollo asado is an institution on the streets of Los Angeles. You'll smell it immediately at random intersections around the city and in front of Mexican and Central American markets on weekends. The enchanting smell of charcoal-grilled chicken has a way of seeping into your car when you're stuck at a long red light, making you really hungry. This recipe gives you the chance to experience at least some of that at home.

Technique tip: Marinating the thighs for at least 30 minutes — and up to 24 hours — yields a much more tender and delicious result. I also recommend letting the chicken come to room temperature out of the fridge before grilling.

Swap option: You can use chicken breast instead of thighs if you prefer.

Special equipment: Gas or charcoal grill.

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