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85 Super Bowl snacks that deserve a trophy

Ready, set, snack!
Appetizers on the table for the football party.
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If you’re anything like me, it’s likely that Super Bowl Sunday is really about the food for you. You’ll need a lot of energy to cheer on your favorite team, which is where a hearty spread comes into play.  

This list of 85 snack recipes are perfect for game day. We’ve got everything from savory snacks including nachos topped with rotisserie chicken, crowd-friendly dips like spinach-artichoke or caramelized onion and pizza bites to sweet dessert bars, churros and brownie cookies. 

No matter who’s attending your Super Bowl party, there are plenty of dishes here that are guaranteed to appeal to the fans — including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free snacks. Pro tip: if you’re hosting, be sure to stock up on containers for guests to bring home leftovers. 

If you’re going to a potluck and want your addition to the feast to stand out, we’ve got some wow-worthy picks in the mix; plus, many of them are deceptively easy to make. Whether you’re serving an assortment of bite-sized snacks or a full meal featuring pulled pork and macaroni and cheese, the best part of Super Bowl Sunday is you’re sure to be satisfied.

Italian Pork Sandwich Nachos

There are few snacks that scream game day more than nachos. Unlike traditional nachos topped with ground beef, beans and cheese, , these are inspired by the Italian-American pork sandwiches that are infamous in Philadelphia. They feature essential  elements from the sandwich including roast pork, broccoli rabe and provolone cheese, plus classic nacho toppings like sour cream and pickled peppers.

Pull-Apart Pigs in a Blanket

This recipe combines the best of both worlds: pigs in a blanket and pull-apart bread. Wrap mini hot dogs in crescent roll dough, then bake in a cake pan for a fun, interactive snack. Sharing the spotlight is the beer cheese dip. It features a cream cheese base, two different kinds of shredded cheese and, of course, light beer. You can also switch things up by using small sausages instead of mini hot dogs, or a combination of the two! 

There is no need to stand in front of the stove with a hot pot of oil to enjoy some onion rings. These crispy baked onion rings are so much easier to make and better for you to boot. They’re unbelievably flavorful, thanks to a buttermilk marinade made with Old Bay seasoning and a splash of hot sauce. A mixture of flour, Italian-style breadcrumbs and cornmeal makes for the lightest, crispiest coating. 

Pizza Dip

Pizza dip is one of the easiest and most customizable Super Bowl snacks that you can make.  It’s got all of the cheesy, saucy appeal of pizza, but it’s made in the microwave in just five minutes. The best part? You can use whatever pizza toppings your heart desires. Scoop it up with bread or chips and enjoy. 

Blue Ribbon Barbecue Spareribs

Low and slow is the name of the game with this award-winning Kansas City-style sparerib recipe. These tender ribs are finger lickin’ good and will be gone before you know it. Bonus points if you can guess the unexpected ingredient that makes these ribs extra special (hint: it sparkles). 

These baked taquitos with creamy dipping sauce are the definition of a hit. Contrary to popular belief, taquitos do not need to be fried in order to get nice and crispy, and this recipe is proof. Plus, the taquitos can be made with store-bought rotisserie chicken, which makes your job even easier. The creamy dipping sauce — made from yogurt, salsa, cilantro and lime — provides the perfect contrast to these flavor-packed taquitos. 

Baked Macaroni and Cheese

There are an infinite number of ways to jazz up this classic macaroni and cheese recipe for the Super Bowl. You can get creative with your choice of cheeses, but remember, the sharper the better, and don’t skimp on quality. Toss in some lobster, pulled pork or braised short ribs and you have got a game-winning dish. Even if your team loses, you’ll still come out on top with this recipe. 

Garlic and Herb Pull-Apart Bread

Cheesy, herby, buttery and garlicky, this savory starter will be an instant winner. This garlic and herb pull-apart bread uses an entire wheel of brie cheese and plenty of shredded mozzarella, resulting in the most satisfying cheese pulls ever. Can you really ask for more than that? We think not.

Pizza Bombs

If you think your grill is only good for assorted meats and vegetables, think again. These pizza bombs are a fun way to put your grill to use on Super Bowl Sunday. This recipe calls for pepperoni and pancetta, but you can easily swap in your favorite vegetable pizza toppings. Just be sure that whatever toppings you swap in don’t contain too much moisture, or the pizza bombs might turn soggy. 

Easy Pizza Pockets

Say goodbye to frozen pizza pockets and hello to this easy homemade version. What’s the trick? It starts with store-bought puff pastry, which means all you have to worry about is the filling — namely mini meatballs, shredded mozzarella cheese and tomato soup. These handheld bites are sure to be a crowd-pleaser on game day, and you can customize them by using whatever pizza toppings your heart desires. 

Mozzarella en carrozza are sort of like mozzarella sticks but in the form of a pull-apart sandwich. This recipe from Mario Carbone takes melty mozzarella and crispy breading to another level with an herbaceous homemade pesto. Don’t forget to grab a jar of arrabbiata sauce to dip them in! 

Avocado Ranch Dip

This avocado ranch dip is not only super easy to make, but it’s also incredibly versatile. Just toss all of the ingredients into your food processor — avocado, vinegar, buttermilk, mustard and herbs — and give it a pulse. Once the dip chills for 30 minutes, you’re good to go. Serve with crudité and crackers for easy snacking. 

In case you haven’t noticed by now, pull-apart breads are an essential part of any good game day spread. After all, you can’t go wrong with crusty bread, lots of cheese and plenty of pepperoni. Feel free to swap in melty provolone instead of the usual mozzarella.

Soft Pretzels

Soft pretzels are the epitome of stadium food, so why not include them in your game day spread? This recipe will walk you through how to make them from scratch — and we promise it’s easier than you might think. If you like your pretzels savory, you can serve these with a mustard or cheese sauce. If sweet pretzels are more your thing, coat them in cinnamon sugar and serve with  powdered sugar icing or Nutella.

These ham and cheese jalapeño poppers from Molly Yeh are inspired by a popular Midwestern dip. They’re the total package: creamy, spicy, and cheesy. The best part is that you can prep these in advance and then fry them right before the big game. 

Brats in a Blanket

If you like pigs in a blanket, then you’re going to absolutely love brats in a blanket. Brats have a more robust flavor than hot dogs and they’re much juicer, which makes these game day snacks completely irresistible. The boozy cheese sauce takes things to a whole other level. 

Martha Stewart's Kale-Ricotta Dip

Move over spinach dip! All you need to make this cozy, creamy dip is kale, ricotta, olive oil and a little salt and pepper. It couldn’t be easier to make — just quickly sauté kale, then combine it with the cheese and bake in the oven until bubbling. 

Jenna's Queso

TODAY’s Jenna Bush Hager shares her recipe for a fully loaded queso inspired by a dish at popular Austin restaurant, Magnolia Cafe. It’s got queso, beans, diced tomatoes with green chiles and plenty of sliced avocado on top. If you want a meaty version, skip the beans and add sautéed ground beef instead. Serve with your favorite tortilla chips for dipping. 

What can’t air fryers do? These air-fried chicken avocado egg rolls take only 20 minutes from start to finish. Despite not being deep fried, the shells get nice and crispy in the air fryer. You can use rotisserie chicken in this recipe, which makes things unbelievably easy. 

Slow-Cooker Spare Ribs

Five spice is the secret ingredient in these tender slow-cooker spare ribs. They’re inspired by the spare ribs you’d find at your favorite Chinese chain restaurant. If you haven’t got a slow cooker, don’t fret. These ribs can also be made in the oven. 

Pulled Pork Egg Rolls

These Southern-style egg rolls will make an excellent addition to your game day spread. If you’ve got leftover pulled pork, this is the best possible way to use it up. Arrange the pork into some egg roll wrappers with your favorite barbecue sauce and coleslaw, then roll up and fry until crispy. 

Jalapeño Popper Dip

We all know that the snacks are just as important as the actual game when it comes to Super Bowl festivities. With that in mind, this jalapeño popper dip captures everything good about jalapeño poppers but in dip form. To make it, combine yogurt, cream cheese, salt, garlic powder and onion powder until smooth, then stir in the chopped jalapeño peppers and shredded cheese. Bake until the dip is bubbling. 

Loaded Smashed Potatoes

Smashed potatoes are the best of both worlds — a soft, fluffy interior with a crispy, crunchy, exterior. These smashed potatoes are “loaded” with bacon, cheese, sour cream and plenty of scallions. Better yet, assemble a toppings bar and let your guests create their own loaded smashed potatoes. 

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Buffalo chicken wings are probably in the top five most popular American snacks of all time. There is nothing more quintessential for a Super Bowl watch party than spicy chicken wings with a blue cheese dipping sauce. This classic recipe will walk you through how to make them both.

Super Bowl Sunday calls for comfort foods, and queso fundido with chorizo fits the bill. This warm, melted cheese dish features three different kinds of cheese — Chihuahua, cheddar Jack and Oaxaca — and smoky, spicy chorizo for a warm and cozy game day snack. Eat with warm tortillas as you enjoy the halftime show. 

Cheeseburger Dip

This cheeseburger dip highlights all the best parts of a classic cheeseburger. It’s got ground beef, cheese and fresh toppings like romaine lettuce and juicy Roma tomatoes. Pro tip: warming this on the grill gives it a delicious smoky flavor. 

When it comes to game day snacks, less really can be more and these smoky deviled eggs are proof. In this twist on an unassuming classic, the eggs are smoked, then topped with crumbled bacon, chorizo and pico de gallo. It’s a punchy appetizer worthy of being a part of your Super Bowl spread.

Slow-Cooker Meatballs with Grape Jelly Sauce

Hear us out on this one, okay? Grape jelly meatballs are tender, juicy and so easy to make. The grape jelly may sound funky at first, but rest assured that the sweetness from the jelly is balanced out by the tomato-based chili sauce. The end result is sweet and spicy perfection. 

Cheeseburger Sliders

If you don’t have access to a grill on game day, this recipe is perfect for you. Cheeseburger sliders are the ultimate Super Bowl snack because they have all of the juicy, flavor-packed appeal of bigger burgers in a bite-sized package that’s fit for a crowd. This recipe uses a sheet pan method, which allows you to make 12 sliders on each baking sheet. 

Caramelized Onion Dip with Potato Chips

We’d recommend doubling this recipe because it’ll run out before you know it. If you grew up a fan of Lay’s french onion dip, you will find this homemade version completely irresistible. Waiting for the onions to caramelize takes patience, but we can guarantee that it’s well worth the wait. 

Bobby Flay’s recipe is going to quickly become your go-to chicken wing recipe. The chipotle and honey glaze is so simple, and it makes these wings an absolute crowd-pleaser. Garnish with extra cilantro and a squeeze of fresh lime juice, and you’re in business. 

Grilled Chorizo and Halloumi Skewers

These grilled chorizo and halloumi skewers are the perfect appetizer for the Super Bowl — and the best part about them is they are incredibly easy to make. All you have to do is skewer the chorizo, halloumi and Castelvetrano olives, and prepare the herby  pepper marinade. After quickly grilling the skewers, brush the marinade on top and you’ve got yourself your new favorite game day snack. 

Sticky Soy Sauce Chicken Wings

These sticky soy sauce wings have the perfect level of sweetness contrasted with a bit of heat. They are baked in the oven, which makes them easy and mess-free. Warning: keep a thick stack of napkins nearby 

Buffalo Cauliflower Dip

This game day dip is a vegetarian spin on buffalo chicken dip. It gives deliciously caramelized cauliflower the star treatment. The vegetarians in your life will thank you for including this drool-worthy addition, which will balance our heavier Super Bowl day snacks. 

Sausage Pinwheels

If you ever find yourself scrambling to throw together all the game day snacks you’d planned to make, these five-ingredient sausage pinwheels can be a serious lifesaver. All you need is a sheet of frozen puff pastry, ground sausage, green onions, cheddar cheese and an egg. They freeze beautifully, and that means they make the perfect make-ahead snack for the big game. 

Using the air fryer to make meatballs means minimal mess, which is music to our ears on Super Bowl day. Instead of meatballs smothered in marinara sauce, these meatballs are topped with a flavorful tzatziki sauce for a Mediterranean twist. You can enjoy the meatballs on their own, or stuff them in pita for mini sandwiches.

Spiced Roasted Chickpeas

This is the easiest game day snack you will ever make. Canned chickpeas are tossed in olive oil and spices including garlic powder, onion powder, dried parsley, and chili powder, then baked until they’re nice and crispy. 

These wings are like buffalo wings with a barbecue twist. Alabama white barbecue sauce is completely different than the sticky-sweet sauce that you might be used to, and it complements the hatch vinegar sauce perfectly. The best part is that these wings can be smoked or baked at a low temperature. No frying necessary! 

This roasted garlic guacamole is going to become part of your regular rotation long after Super Bowl Sunday. Sweet roasted garlic, nutty sesame oil and savory soy sauce add loads of delicious Asian-inspired flavors to creamy guacamole.

While this Mediterranean hummus board looks almost too pretty to eat, you won’t be able to resist it. Super Bowl spreads tend to be pretty heavy, so this is a great nourishing recipe to balance things out. Serve with sliced bell peppers or whole grain crackers, and watch as your guests gravitate to this hummus board for second and third helpings. 

Flautas de Pollo con Pico de Gallo

Flautas are a classic Mexican dish that involve corn tortillas wrapped around a meat and/or cheese filling and then fried to golden-brown perfection. These flautas de pollo call for pre-cooked shredded chicken, which will make your life easier on game day.. This recipe includes a bit of an Italian twist with the use of Parmesan and mozzarella cheese as garnishes. 

Bacon candy: Those two words are not often used together, but they absolutely should be. Brown sugar, Sriracha and bacon are a trio made in heaven. This will quickly become one of your go-to appetizers — and we promise they will disappear quickly. 

Loaded Potato Skin Nachos

These nachos are packed and stacked with a delicious blend of flavors. Potato skins meet nachos in this recipe, which calls for bacon, fried potato skins, crispy pan-seared potatoes, tortilla chips and ridged potato chips. They require a bit more work than your average batch of nachos, but that makes them perfect for a special occasion like the Super Bowl.

Say goodbye to bland chicken tenders! These sour cream and onion chicken tenders are juicy, crispy and full of flavor. Paired with a tangy, spicy sauce that will beat any store-bought ranch dressing, this is a guaranteed game day hit. 

Guava-Glazed Chicken Wings

The guava glaze is the star of the show in this recipe. It’s sweet, smoky and has the perfect kick of heat. If you want to make this dish vegetarian-friendly, you can swap out the chicken wings for eggplant, cauliflower or hearty mushrooms. 

Deep-Fried Lasagna Bites

If you’re planning to tailgate for the Super Bowl, this recipe is the perfect way to enjoy pasta. This bite-sized, flavor-packed finger food provides the full experience of mouth watering lasagna with even more crunch. To save yourself extra time in a pinch, skip making the meatballs from scratch and throw in your favorite frozen store-bought meatballs instead. 

Spinach Artichoke Dip

Chicken seasoning and queso fresco amp up the flavor in the dip of all dips: spinach artichoke dip. If you didn’t think that this warm, cheesy start could get any better, this recipe will prove you wrong. An instant classic, this recipe calls for a combination of artichoke hearts, ricotta, Parmesan, mayo, chicken seasoning, queso fresco and steamed spinach. Time will stop for just a moment as you pull the hot skillet out of the oven. 

Filipino Chicken Skewers

Skewers are peak game day food because they are handheld by definition. These Filipino chicken skewers are the perfect flavor combination of slightly sweet and savory. The use of Sprite in this recipe may be unexpected, but it is genius because it helps to tenderize and caramelize the chicken. 

Vegan Loaded Pizza Bagels

What’s better than a pizza bagel? A pizza bagel that is both vegan and gluten-free!. Meaty mushrooms play the role of pepperoni in this recipe, soaking in the full, robust flavor of the other ingredients. You can jazz this recipe up with different grilled vegetables, sauces and herbs. 

Caesar Deviled Eggs

These flavorful caesar deviled eggs bring all the best parts of a caesar salad to deviled eggs in this recipe. Oil-packed anchovies, garlic and Worcestershire sauce join forces with the Caesar salad dressing mainstays of Dijon mustard and lemon juice, which all gets mixed together with the cooked egg yolks to make the filling. The topping is a delicious mixture of crispy toasted breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese, and chives to mimic the croutons usually in Caesar salad. 

3-ingredient Sausage Puffs

When it comes to game day appetizers, two things are true: they should be bite-sized and easy. These three-ingredient sausage puffs fit the bill on both accounts. These fancy puffs, which are a riff on classic pigs in a blanket, are made with puff pastry and cooked sausage. Serve with a spicy apricot sauce for dipping.

Cheesy Barbecue Popcorn

This cheese barbecue popcorn recipe from Top Chef star chef Jenn Carrollt is the perfect salty, cheesy, sweet-heat bite. For summertime flavor, combine smoked paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, brown sugar and cheddar cheese powder. 

These green chile hushpuppies are the perfect fried snack for Super Bowl Sunday. The addition of green chiles gives these fried fritters a delicious subtle heat. You can dip the hushpuppies in anything from a remoulade to hot honey to a delicious spicy mayo. 

Easy Rotisserie Chicken Nachos

Nachos are a must-have at Super Bowl parties every year, and this year is no different. This recipe keeps things simple with store-bought rotisserie chicken and canned beans. The two homemade components of this recipe — pickled red onions and cilantro lime crema — are quick to make and take these nachos to another level. 

Ina Garten can do no wrong, and these chipotle cheddar crackers are proof. Sharp Vermont cheddar and spicy chipotle chili powder mixed with crunchy sea salt will really wake up your taste buds. You may find that you and your guests can’t stop eating these, so we’d recommended doubling (or tripling) the recipe. You can store leftover dough in the freezer and bake it whenever the urge arises. 

Foil Packet Nachos

Like we said, nachos are a must for Super Bowl Sunday. Digging into nachos is typically a family-style, hands-on affair. That’s why these individual nacho packets are so brilliant. They feature all the same, great ingredients of a classic platter of nachos but are stuffed into individual foil packets for easy serving.

Tortilla Chip Casserole

This tortilla chip casserole gives sheet pan nachos a serious run for their money. Consider it a Tex-Mex-style lasagna with a variety of textures, spices and plenty of personality to boot. Nacho cheese-flavored chips are used to create so many layers in this festive casserole. 

Chili Cheese Tater Tot Nachos

Chili is the ultimate topping when it comes to game-day food, and it takes this tater tot-based nacho recipe to the next level. Given how cold it is in February throughout much of the United States, the use of tater tots instead of tortilla chips makes this recipe extra warm and cozy.  Top with homemade chipotle chili, a creamy cheddar cheese sauce and all the usual fix-ins.

Sweet snacks

Puppy Chow

Puppy chow, also known as “muddy buddies,” is the ultimate sweet, chocolate-y, nutty, slightly salty and addictively crispy snack. Translation: they are the perfect sweet treat for game day. This puppy chow recipe features the perfect ratios of rich chocolate and creamy peanut butter, which become the delicious coating for crispy rice or corn cereal. 

Easy Oreo Truffles

If you don’t want a sweet treat that’s going to be super time on  Super Bowl Sunday, these soft, chocolatey Oreo truffles are calling your name. They only take 30 minutes and you can serve them at room temperature. Bonus: they only require six basic ingredients. 

Football Cupcakes

These football cupcakes will win you major points on game day. Make (or buy) 16 chocolate cupcakes, then decorate them with green buttercream to represent the field, melted white chocolate for the yard lines and pretzel sticks for the goal post. These cupcakes are the perfect way to end your Super Bowl meal. 

Nutty Caramel Corn

When it comes to snack food, caramel corn is a nostalgic treat that everyone loves. This sweet treat combines freshly popped popcorn in a blanket of caramel, which is spiked with apple brandy and toasted almonds. It’s the perfect combination of sweet, crunchy and nutty all in one bite. 

Duff Goldman's Brown-Butter Blondies

Brown-butter blondies! Trying saying that 10 times fast. If you’ve ever felt like blondies were too much of a one-note dessert, this recipe might change your mind. Browned butter adds dimension to classic blondies with a rich, nutty flavor. 

The cozy cookies look and taste the part of a perfect Super Bowl dessert. If you’ve ever had walnut crescent cookies, these football cookies will taste familiar to you. They’ve got all of the same great taste with a fun, sports-themed twist. The frosting on the cookies has a splash of orange liqueur, which provides a fresh and fragrant punch.

Best Brownies

Many of us have long come to the realization that there is something far superior about brownies made from boxed mix. For some reason, brownies made from scratch never seem to capture the same magic — a perfectly fudgy interior and a shiny, crackly top. This recipe, however, has done the impossible. It is a true 1:1 match for boxed brownie goodness, and it’s the only homemade brownie recipe you’ll want to use going forward. 

Cake Pops

This recipe is a great game day treat, and the best part is that you can use store-bought cake — no need to bake one while you’re busy with other Super Bowl prep. Just crumble the store-bought cake into the cream cheese mixture, roll into balls, dip in chocolate and freeze. If there will be children in attendance at your Super Bowl festivities, cake pops are a great dessert to snack on while you watch the game. 

If you’re heading to a potluck-style Super Bowl celebration, we recommend bringing a batch of cookie dough touchdown footballs. These fun, spirited sweet treats bring the wow-factor with their spot-on football design, and the eggless chocolate chip cookie dough will be a delight to those among us who long to eat raw cookie dough. 

Siri's Grilled S'mores Popcorn

If you haven’t made popcorn on the grill before, Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect chance to try this technique. Siri Daly’s grilled s’mores popcorn is so much to make, and even more fun to eat. Pop the popcorn kernels in a pie pan covered with foil over the grill, which imparts a subtle smokiness. Once popped and steaming hot, add melted butter, marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers to a bowl and give everything a good toss. 

Vanilla Bean Churros with Chocolate Dipping Sauce

Churros are one of those desserts that can feel a bit intimidating to tackle at home, but they’re actually a quick sweet treat made up of pantry staples. These vanilla bean churros with chocolate dipping sauce are mini-sized and fry up fast. They will definitely be the star of your Super Bowl spread. Make sure you’ve got a piping bag with a star tip on hand to create their signature shape! 

Fudgy Brownie Cookies

We’re warning you now — these fudgy brownie cookies will disappear the instant you set them down. They’ve got all of the rich, fudgy goodness of brownies, and the signature crinkly, crackly top, but they’re still unmistakably cookies. Once you’ve assembled all of your ingredients, you’re just 30 minutes away from a game day treat. 

Siri's Magic Bars

We recommend baking Siri Daly’s magic bars for game day because they are not only delicious and easy to make, they are also highly customizable. Magic bars are a classic dessert with a graham cracker crust topped with a mixture typically composed of condensed milk, chocolate chips, shredded coconut and nuts. Siri’s Daly’s recipe puts a fun twist on the classic with the addition of chocolate wafers and potato chips. Siri recommends playing around with this recipe— if you don’t like nuts, skip them! Prefer toffee chips to butterscotch? Go for it!

PB S'mores Bars

These peanut butter s’mores bars hit all the notes and they don’t require standing around the campfire. A soft, chocolate bottom layer is topped with a peanut butter and graham cracker mixture, plus marshmallows and chocolate chips. If you want them to have the torched marshmallow vibe of regular s’mores, turn the broiler on for a bit and watch the marshmallows turn into toasty perfection. 

These ooey-gooey bars have all of the crisp sweetness of a cookie on the exterior with the soft, tender texture of a cake inside. Like any good recipe, these bars are baked until they are just slightly underdone on the inside. For a spiced twist, you can sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top. 

Country singer Kimberly Schlapman shared her recipe for her “Schlap Happy” bars, which are filled with chocolate, toffee and butterscotch. In addition to the very punny name, these easy-to-make bars are guaranteed to make you, and everyone you share them with, happy. Whether your team wins or loses, these bars will be there to pick you up. 

If you’re someone who prefers eating raw cookie dough to the baked version, then we’ve got just the recipe for you this game day. These salted caramel cookie dough bars are made up of a chewy cookie dough base, a 3-ingredient caramel and a layer of smooth chocolate. The hardest part of this recipe is waiting 30 minutes for the bars to set in the refrigerator. 

Snickerdoodle Blondies

This recipe is dedicated to all of the often overlooked snickerdoodle diehards out there. This recipe marries two classics: snickerdoodle cookies and blondies. The brown butter in this recipe lends the perfect amount of nuttiness to the recipe and really ties everything together. Show the snickerdoodle fans in your life some love this Super Bowl day. 

Martha Stewart's Potato Chip Cookies

Potato chip cookies scream game day treat. Who doesn’t want the perfect crunchy, chewy, buttery, salty and sweet bite all wrapped in one? These cookies have everything going for them. For the chocolate lovers out there, consider stirring in some chocolate chips to rev things up. The contrast between the salty potato chips and sweet chocolate chips is pretty irresistible. 

Chocolate Toffee Hobnobs

If you’ve ever experienced the delight of England’s famous Hobnob cookies, you may have also experienced the dismay that comes with trying to locate the cookies here in the United States. The beloved cookies use oats to give them a sturdy, buttery foundation, and it makes them the perfect cookies for dunking in a glass of cold milk while you watch the game. This recipe amps things up a bit by sprinkling bits off homemade toffee on top of the chocolate layer, which adds a whole other element of textural delight to these crunchy cookies.

Tahini Scotcheroos

Scotcheroos are a Midwestern dessert composed of crispy rice coated in a mixture of melted butterscotch chips and peanut butter and topped with a layer of chocolate ganache. This twist on the classic swaps peanut butter for tahini and the outcome is perfection. The slight salty, nutty flavor from the tahini pairs so well with the butterscotch and chocolate. 

If you like Reese’s cups, you are going to absolutely love Martha Stewart’s no-bake chocolate-peanut butter cups. These homemade peanut butter cups are even more decadent than the store-bought kind. You only need a handful of ingredients to make these — and it’s likely that you already have many of them at home. 

Blondie Ice Cream Cake

Most people would be surprised how easy it is to make an ice cream cake at home. This blondie ice cream cake is a dessert that everyone always finds a way to make room for. The best part of this layered dessert is the blondie chunks mixed into the vanilla ice cream layer. (Although the chocolate sauce layer on top is a close second.) 

Linda Skeens' Peanut Butter Fudge

Linda Skeens’ peanut butter fudge is absolutely fabulous. These peanut butter squares are unbelievably creamy, thanks to the addition of marshmallow crème. The best part is that they only take a few minutes to make, and then you just let the refrigerator take care of the rest. They are an excellent make-ahead game day snack.

Christina Tosi’s cinnamon butterscotch cookies are like the older, cooler sister of the classic chocolate chip cookie. Cinnamon and butterscotch chips add warmth and depth to the flavor in these cookies. They’re the perfect cozy treat to eat on a chilly Super Bowl day. 

Classic Whoopie Pies

Everyone knows that whoopie pies have the appropriate frosting to cake ratio, which makes them perfect for celebrating your team’s win. These sturdy, hand-held cakes are perfect for snacking and they are easy to share with a crowd. You can add a few colors of food drop to the frosting to make them more fun, or liven things up with a bit of flavored extract. 

Peanut butter cookies, with their signature crosshatch pattern, are the epitome classic cookies. They’re also just so simple to make that they take any stress out of the baking process. This recipe calls for rolling the dough into balls and tossing in granulated sugar, which creates a crackly crust. Press chocolate kisses on top of the freshly baked cookies while they’re still warm.