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Dunkin’ posts funny behind-the-scenes clip of Ben Affleck playing football with Tom Brady: 'I wasn't ready for that'

Brady showed Affleck why he has seven Super Bowl rings.

If you thought Ben Affleck, Tom Brady and Matt Damon teaming up with Dunkin' for their new 2024 Super Bowl commercial was fun, you haven't seen anything yet.

On Feb. 12, Dunkin' posted a few behind-the-scenes videos on YouTube of Brady, Affleck and Damon goofing off while filming the Super Bowl ad with the brand.

In one video, shared on Feb. 12, the trio was seen throwing around a football on set. After Brady told Damon that he has talent, Affleck decided to give it a try and have Brady throw the football to him. Brady first threw him an easy pass and Affleck immediately got offended, telling the former football star to be serious.

"Don't do me like that," he said after catching the pass.

"Alright," Brady said in response.

However, Affleck quickly learned why Brady has had such a long and successful career in the NFL: Brady threw the football hard in his direction and Affleck wasn't anywhere near close to catching it.

"Yeah, I wasn't ready for that," Affleck confessed after missing the catch.

That wasn't the only behind-the-scenes moment from Dunkin' that showcased Brady's football skills. In a separate clip shared on Feb. 11, the former New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback proved that he's got great aim when he threw a football through a hanging donut target.

The video began with Damon and Affleck attempting to get the football through the donut hole and missing every time.

Then Brady, who retired from the NFL last year, stepped up to the plate. He hit the target every single time, and once he was done showing Affleck and Damon how it was done, he took a selfie with the actors.

"Tom, Ben, Matt excellent commercial, outside throwing the 🏈🏈🏈, loved it!!!!!" one person commented.

Another added, "I can’t stop laughing! The timing and delivery in this video are impeccable. Truly a masterpiece that deserves all the praise it’s getting! 💕"

On Super Bowl Sunday, Dunkin’ shared its hilarious commercial of Affleck, Brady and Damon performing for Affleck’s wife, Jennifer Lopez, as the boyband “The DunKings."

In the beginning of the ad, Jack Harlow warned Affleck that he should not go forward with the performance. Affleck did it anyway, with an embarrassed Damon by his side, who looked like he didn't want to be there.

“Sometimes it’s really hard to be your friend,” Damon said.

Online, the ad was met with positive reviews.

On YouTube, one person said, "Best Super Bowl commercial, hands down."

Another wrote, "This Dunkin’ ad had me laughing so hard! The star-studded cast, catchy beats, and hilarious antics made it the best Super Bowl commercial hands down."