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Giada makes Father's Day fun and flavorful with steak, pasta and boozy ice cream

Giada De Laurentiis infuses Father's Day with classic Italian flavors with marinated steak, one-pot pasta and gelato with red wine sauce.
/ Source: TODAY

Chef, cookbook author, restaurateur and TV show host Giada De Laurentiis is cooking up a few of her favorite Father's Day recipes in honor of dads everywhere. She shows us how to make grilled Florentine-style rib-eye steak, cheesy one-pot pasta with fresh veggies and a gelato and wine affogato for dessert.

Her secret to big flavor on a big cut of beef like rib-eye? Rubbing garlic all over the meat, like you would bread, before you cook it, and then after you cook it and let it rest, squeezing some grilled lemon all over it.

Giada's Marinated Bistecca Fiorentina

"Such a simple and delicious dish that takes me right back to Florence," says Giada. "It is an impressive center piece dish for any dinner, large or small."

Giada's Pancetta and Gorgonzola Cavatelli

"Even though it seems like it would be heavy and rich, this pasta stays light and fresh while still remaining very satisfying. There is just enough gorgonzola to add a velvety mouthfeel but not enough to overwhelm your palate."

Giada's Chianti Affogato

Giada's Chianti Affogato

Giada De Laurentiis

"If you're looking for a dessert to wow your guests that is impressive, easy and delicious, this is the one! It takes just 10 minutes to prepare but the indulgent flavors of the red wine, warm cinnamon and zesty orange taste like you spent hours perfecting the silky sauce."

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