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Easy Football Cheese Ball for Super Bowl

For the Super Bowl, learn how to make a 2-ingredient football cheese ball in 5 minutes for a delicious appetizer.
/ Source: TODAY

Football Snack Stadiums are an awesome Super Bowl party centerpiece but since making them can be time consuming, consider another show-stopper appetizer that can be made at the last minute: a football cheese ball.

Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

The beauty of this idea from cheese expert Stephen Gellert of World's Best Cheeses is that it only requires two ingredients and can be made in under 5 minutes on game day.

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Samantha Okazaki

What you'll need:

One 7- or 8-ounce wheel of Brie or soft ripened cheese

One 8-ounce jar of fig jam or spread

Mini toast crackers, for serving

How to Make a 2-Ingredient Football Cheese Ball Step-By-Step:

Samantha Okazaki

Using a sharp knife, cut a crescent shape from one side of the wheel of brie so that you are left with a football-shaped cut-out and a crescent-shaped cut-out.

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Samantha Okazaki

Using a small knife or spoon, cover the top of the football-shaped piece of cheese with enough of the fig jam so that it resembles a textured football.

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Samantha Okazaki

To create the laces of the football, cut off the white rind from the perimeter of the crescent-shaped cheese cut-out. Then vertically slice the white rind in half to make one long vertical lace. Slice the remaining white rind into smaller pieces to make five horizontal laces.

Samantha Okazaki

Place the cheese rind laces on top of the fig jam-covered cheese.

Samantha Okazaki

Slice the remaining cheese from the crescent-shaped cheese, place the pieces on the mini toast crackers and add a dollop of the remaining fig jam on each one. Arrange around the football cheese ball. Set out a cheese knife and additional mini toasts so people can eventually cut into the football cheese ball. Now it's time to party!