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Adam Richman makes his mom's spinach pie and turns the leftovers into lasagna

Adam Richman makes his mom's cheesy spinach pie and layers the leftovers in a savory sausage lasagna.
/ Source: TODAY

Cold weather calls for comfort food. But super foods are just as necessary during the winter months. Adam Richman, host of “Modern Marvels,” combines healthy with heart by adding nutrient-packed spinach to two rich, warming recipes. He shows us how to make a cheesy spinach pie he learned from his mom and uses the leftovers to prepare a spinach and sausage lasagna.

This dish will forever remind me of home. It's delicious, inexpensive to make and the ingredients can be found pretty much everywhere. My mom absolutely nails it every time and it's fun to make together because you use your hands to mix the ingredients, and it's actually how you find the "sweet spot" for consistency. It's like a knuckleball — I can teach you how to throw one in an afternoon, but it'll take a lifetime to throw for strikes. You can do this recipe super simply, but the more you do it, the better you'll get at it!

My mom's spinach pie is the greatest start for this recipe because you already bring two key ingredients to the lasagna — mozzarella and ricotta cheeses, as well as the flavor of garlic. Yes, I have added more cheese here, but that's more for making the layers all hold together nicely and to add to the awesome gooey strings that follow your spatula after removing a slice. The spinach offsets the richness nicely and I love the spicy, savory kick of the Italian sausage. Buon appetito!

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