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20 bold yet practical gifts for your favorite Aries, chosen by a pro astrologer

For your Sporty Spice Aries, eternal 12-year-old Aries, statement-piece Aries and has-no-chill Aries.
Woman with a red blazer and a phone case
Burga; Impala Skate; Wildfang

Aries starts off the astrological year with a bang, and if you have an Aries loved one, you know what I’m talking about. Aries energy is incredibly energetic, youthful, fun, fearless, optimistic, straightforward, charismatic, bold and determined. Out-of-balance Aries energy can be aggressive, hot-headed, immature, naïve and impatient, so they need tools for regulation and relaxation, but they’re allergic to boredom.

According to Western astrology, people born between March 21 and April 19 have an Aries Sun sign. While no two Aries are the same and each individual has their own unique birth chart, there are some key things to know when getting a gift for an Aries.

Aries energy is incredibly energetic, youthful, fun, fearless, optimistic, straightforward, charismatic, bold and determined.

“They thrive on attention and adoration,” says astrologer and contributor Lisa Stardust. That means that eye-catching statement pieces, bright colors and on-trend styles are the way to go for any wearable gifts. Aries also benefit from gifts that allow them to move their bodies and get some energy out, as well as gifts that help them take care of themselves without making them feel like a boring adult.

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Best gifts for Aries pride

Burga Aries Phone Case

Let’s be honest: Aries tend to drop their phones a lot. This is a high-quality phone case that your giftee won't be afraid to drop — in fact the brand is so confident that it promises its cases "do NOT break, prints do NOT fade or peel off," and if they do they'll cover it with a 12-month international warranty.

This case boasts a beautiful design depicting the Aries ram and zodiac symbol. It also comes in a lovely array of colors and dimensions to fit a huge range of different phones. Even better, there are cases available for models from iPhone 6 to iPhone Pro Max, as well as ones for non-iPhone models from Samsung to Motorola.

Lemons and Slimes Custom Zodiac Slime Kit with Charm

If you haven’t tried slimes and fidget toys to delight your inner child, not to mention simultaneously calm your nervous system when you’re feeling stressed or impatient, we highly recommend it — especially if you’re an Aries.

This slime is translucent pink and sprinkled with zodiac-themed glitter and metallic-blue bingsu beads (which add a fun "crunchy" texture). It also has a Blackberry and Bay fragrance and comes with a custom zodiac charm to make it personal for your Aries. If your giftee happens to be a child, even better: Playing with this slime "can calm and refocus a child as they squish, squeeze, pull and stretch," the brand says.

EDITOR'S NOTE: We originally recommended the Aries DIY butter snow fizz slime from Momo Slimes, which comes with handmade clay star fragments and an Asian pear scent. While this pick is currently out of stock, you can sign up to be notified by email once it's back.

Aries Ritual Candle

For an Aries with a witchy side, this handmade candle is long-burning and ready to make a ritual powerful or a space just feel more sacred. The patchouli, absinthe and black currant scent is beautiful, but there’s a non-scented option too. The candle is made of soy wax, and the artwork is stunning.

Best Aries gifts for active vibes

Holographic Roller Skates

Roller skating is a very Aries activity because it’s youthful, fun and on trend. These skates are comfortable, beginner-friendly, budget-friendly and made of all-vegan materials. They also come in a large range of sizes and bold color schemes.

Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves

Aries tend to have a ton of physical energy to get out, and boxing/kickboxing may be the most Aries way to move your body. These gloves are comfortable, high-quality and protective, and they come in a good range of colors and sizes. If your Aries loved one needs an outlet to help regulate their energy and emotions, a pair of boxing gloves and a sign-up for a local class is an excellent gift.

Vuori Joggers

“Since Aries is sporty by nature, they’ll appreciate athleisure when roaming around town,” says Stardust.

We get it: These joggers are on the bougie side — but people rave about how comfy and well-made they are. Whether your Aries prefers men’s or women’s jogger styles, Vuori has some of the comfiest and most stylish options.

Lululemon Strongfeel Sneakers

“I wear these everywhere. I dress them up and down," says our sporty Aries commerce editor Julie Ricevuto. They’re perfect for the gym, but they’re also cute enough for going out for drinks. They come in women’s sizes 5-12, feature a super comfy and secure fit, and the feel is lightweight but supportive.

Nike Dri-Fit Cropped T-Shirt

“I wear this all the time; it's not too cropped, which I like,” says Ricevuto. This cute and comfy tee is as great for everyday wear as it is for a workout. It comes in a XXS to 2XL size range and is made of 100 percent recycled polyester fibers.

Best Aries gifts for self-care

Purple Carrot Meal Kit Delivery

Aries isn’t the best at monotonous self-care tasks like healthy eating and staying on top of cooking meals. Meal kits are incredibly helpful, and they’re also great for folks who are learning how to cook (as well as experienced cooks with limited time and energy to grocery shop and prep ingredients).

Purple Carrot is a great option because of how nutrient-dense and delicious their meal options are, and it’s by far one of the more eco-friendly meal kit companies. If any degree of cooking just isn’t feasible for your Aries loved one — maybe they have a disability or an extra-busy schedule — Purple Carrot also has a prepared meal subscription option.

Head Massager

“Aries rules the head,” says Stardust, “so they’ll appreciate a head massager to help them relax.”

These head massagers are simple, but they feel so good and can instantaneously help someone relax. Just move the massager around on your head, or better yet, have someone else do it for you.

Go Easy Tincture

For the Aries who can get a little too worked up and have a hard time calming back down, this handmade tincture is the perfect remedy. The herbs it features are skullcap, oat tops, lemon balm and rose (much of which is grown and harvested by the herbalist), which help to calm the nervous system and help them transition to a more chill, easy vibe.

Overtone Color-Depositing Conditioner

Aries tends to love bright, bold colors more than any other sign in the zodiac, but they also tend to be impatient. Enter: this color-depositing conditioner, which works in just 10 to 15 minutes and can be changed up more often since it’s less permanent than hair dye.

It comes in a huge range of colors, including ones specific to darker starting shades. You get to add color while also giving some love and moisture to your hair.

Smiley Face Slippers

Aries gets a reputation for being aggressive and hot-headed sometimes, but they also tend to be incredibly optimistic and upbeat. These are the most Aries slippers we’ve ever seen, and cozy comfort items help Aries to get the relaxation they need. Ricevuto wears these often and says they’re super comfy and cute.

Best wearable Aries gifts

Red Colorblock Tux Blazer

This bold, stylish, versatile statement piece just screams Aries. It’s well-made, easy to mix and match with dressy or everyday looks, and it fits a wide range of different bodies. It’s got a one-button closure, a back vent and a full-stretch lining. This is perfect for an Aries with Gen-Z style that can be as classy as it is playful.

RUNNER-UP: Want an equally bold and trendy pick that's a little less expensive? We also adore this fuchsia color-block blazer from English Factory.

Power Rangers Retro Fitted Hat

This hat from New Era offers a fun, stylish dose of nostalgia. It’s got a retro style embroidered Power Rangers design on the front, the classic lightning bolt on the back, and a red under-visor. They also have hats featuring each individual Power Ranger if you have a favorite.

Comfy Patterned Swim Trunks

Aries loves a pool hang or beach hang with friends, and they can’t have boring swimsuits. If trunks are your loved one’s style, these come in different colors and fun patterns and a size range of XS-4XL, fitting a wide range of bodies. They’ve got a stylish mid-thigh length, with 5-inch and 6.5-inch inseam options. Popular brands like Chubbies and Bear Bottoms are great, but these are higher-quality and come in a wider size range.

Bikini Top from Riot Swim

If cute bikinis are more your loved one’s swimwear style, this top is bold and flirty while staying in place well. Its asymmetric, wrap-like design with a keyhole detail is fun but still comfortable, and it’s both soft and supportive. Even better, it can be matched with a wide range of bottoms.

Best gifts for adventurous Aries foodies

Mojo's Sauce 8-Pack Hot Sauce Sampler Set

If hot sauce had a zodiac sign, it would be Aries. These small-batch hot sauces are delicious and come in a wide range of spice levels; the flavors include Spooky Pumpkin, Smokin' Hot Heirloom (highly recommended), Sunshine Carrot, Beets Me, 3'Cs, Going Green, Into the Blue and Harvest Pumpkin. Since they’re travel-sized, they’re easy to take with you everywhere. Even better, they come from a small business in upstate New York that sources ingredients from local farms.

Annabel’s Birthday Cake Perfume by Marissa Zappas

This perfume was created by Aries perfumer and poet Marissa Zappas in collaboration with Aries astrologer Annabel Gat, and the scent is whimsical and ethereal — but elevated. The notes include heliotrope, lemon sugar, candied rose petals, birthday cake, honeycomb, roasted tonka and cocoa. It’s sweet without being too sweet, and playful without being juvenile.

Author’s note: I’ve been wearing this perfume for about two years, and I’ve been obsessed with it the whole time.

Best Aries gift that reflects their inner fire

KingSo Backyard Fire Pit

A fire pit is an iconic Aries gift, and this one is particularly affordable and space-efficient. Suitable for yards and patios without fire restrictions, this is made of high-temperature steel and features a steel mesh spark guard for safety. This fire pit makes it easy to build and tend a cozy, traditional wood fire, so you don’t need any propane canisters.

How we chose the best gifts for Aries signs

Katya Weiss-Andersson is a professional astrologer who specializes in birth charts and Saturn returns. With the help of astrologer Lisa Stardust and Shop TODAY editor Julie Ricevuto, she picked these gifts to perfectly match that iconic Aries energy, and to speak to the areas where Aries often need support.

This list was skillfully picked to be a mix of the fun and wild vibes Aries want with the practical and much-needed touches that Aries need but will still appreciate (read: nothing boring).