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No birth chart? No problem — 19 gifts for zodiac lovers, chosen by an astrology pro

From customized items to gifts under $10, they'll appreciate these unique, thoughtful finds.

For the people in your life who are always talking about birth charts or zodiac signs, finding the perfect gift might not be as difficult as you think. You can give them a gift that shows off their pride in their sign, or one that helps them delve deeper into the countless layers of astrological insight that exist (who knew astrology was more than your sun sign and your horoscope?).

Whether it's a book answering all their astrology questions or a necklace displaying their zodiac sign, the affordable gift options below were chosen by a professional astrologer for their uniqueness, their thoughtfulness and their practicality. Keep scrolling to see all 19 recommendations, or click below to shop by category.

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Best for learning

The Moon Sign Guide

Most people are already familiar with their sun sign traits, but this book offers strikingly deep insight into the moon sign. It delves into the inner landscape and emotional world of each moon sign, and includes a compatibility section.

A bonus recommendation: If they can't get enough Annabel Gat, "The Astrology of Love and Sex: A Modern Compatibility Guide" is also just so good. While other books on astrological compatibility tend to be outdated and overly simplistic, this one is spicy, inclusive, nuanced and just absolutely brilliant.

Best small gift

Zodiac Constellation Rings

These sweet, simple rings outline the constellation of your sign and are made with 14-karat gold or silver and cubic zirconia.

For iced coffee lovers

Zodiac Travel Mug

This portable glass mug is customizable, classy and eco-friendly. It comes in different sizes and allows you to choose from a long list of colors. Plus, the designs for each zodiac sign are simple and beautiful. Regular shipping means it may arrive after Valentine's Day (if you're buying for that occasion), but there's an option to upgrade shipping on Etsy's site.

For skin care buffs

Once in a Pink Moon

What better gift for the celestial-minded skin care lover in your life than an eco-friendly moisturizer or cleanser that's inspired by astrology? Once in a Pink Moon is an AAPI and female-owned vegan skin care and wellness brand that boasts 12 products (at the time of publish) co-created by an astrologer, and whose uses are based on one of the four astrological elements — which range from energizing to grounding. Plus, the brand's "element collections" (trios of air sign-inspired products) come with an equally inspired stone.

Best under $20

The Mixology of Astrology Cocktail Recipe Book

Written by big-name astrologer Aliza Kelly, this book was written to help find the perfect drink for your zodiac sign. Each sign is given a variety of drinks to try out and the book is a blend of decadence, fun and learning.

For scents to match them

Whiskey River Astrology Soap

These beautiful handmade soaps bring out the personality of each zodiac sign with gorgeous colors, luxurious scents and spot-on descriptions. There is also a liquid castile soap option, and both the bar and liquid varieties are vegan.

Best under $10

The Zodiac Tapestry

This gorgeous black-and-white tapestry is simple and beautifully detailed at the same time, displaying the wheel of the zodiac with symbols and ornately depicted icons of each sign. It would make a beautiful wall hanging, picnic blanket, bedspread or tablecloth.

Best for twenty-somethings

Saturn Return Survival Guide

This pick, from TODAY Digital's senior entertainment editor Elena Nicolaou, who's covered astrology for years, "is the only book I’ve found that speaks directly to the 'dreaded' Saturn Return … which might not be that dreaded after all," she says.

But what is a Saturn Return, and why does everyone talk about it like it's the end of the world? Turn to this book, which is a great gift for anyone coming up on their late 20s (or late 50s, or late 80s, says Nicolaou) who wants to have an easier time with Saturn's trademark wake-up call. This is a great gift for people who are reaching that stage in their lives and wondering what all the upheaval is about.

Best zodiac candles

Homesick Astrology Candles

For astrology lovers who are into self-care, these candles can help them unwind. Each sign is represented by its own special scent to highlight the sign's prominent characteristics, and each candle is made from a natural soy wax blend and custom fragrance oils, burning for around 60 to 80 hours each.

Best practical gift

Chani App Subscription

The premium version of this app is an incredibly convenient way to get hyper-personalized astrological insights such as transits, guided meditations and year-ahead reports that are specific to you. It comes from Chani Nicholas, who is arguably the most well-renowned astrologer of today.

Best wearable gift

Silver Zodiac Birthstone Necklace

Customize this silver-plated chain for your loved one to show off their zodiac sign and birthstone. Choose from one of the 12 zodiac signs, then pair it with a Swarovski crystal in the shade of their birthstone.

Runner-Up, best wearable gift

Dainty Zodiac Constellation Necklace

A little different from the other necklace on the list, this one features the zodiac sign’s constellation rather than its symbol and birthstone. It’s simple, classy and a conversation starter that you can dress up or down.

For tea lovers

Adagio Zodiac Teas

These artisan tea blends are thoughtfully crafted to reflect the nuances of each zodiac sign. Pisces is a rooibos, white tea and black tea base with orange and grapefruit, while Sagittarius is a black tea with earl grey, vanilla and creme.

Best customizable gift

Personalized Birth Chart Wall Art

This is a great gift for new parents to commemorate the birth of a child, but it’s also great for any astrology lover who wants to build fluency with their own birth chart while having a beautiful piece of art to display at the same time.

Best for all levels

Many Moons 2023 Digital Lunar Planner

This book is made by the incredibly well-loved astrologer whose in-depth lunar planners have been big hits among astrology lovers for years. It’s both a regular planner and a very informative spiritual guide that helps with navigating the specific transits and astrological events of the calendar year.

Most poignant gift

You Were Born for This

This book is especially great for beginner- and intermediate-level astrology fans but incredibly poignant for anyone. Chani Nicholas, as we mentioned above, is one of the most famous contemporary astrologers, for good reason: She takes the rich nuance and complexity of astrology and makes it digestible, actionable and deeply meaningful. This choose-your-own-adventure-style book includes personalized journal prompts and reflections specific to the reader’s astrological chart.

Best anniversary gift

Wooden Engraved Astrology Chart

Whether you want to commemorate a loved one’s birth chart or a particular moment in time like an anniversary, this is a stunning piece of art that is personalized with just the right amount of detail.

Best for reading on repeat

Astrology for Real Relationships

Everyone always wants to know about whether they’re compatible astrologically, and the answer is always a lot more complex than you think. That's where this book comes in.

Nicolaou touts this as a "resource book," because, she says, "It encourages people to consult it over and over, again and again. Great book!"

We love that this book has sections for different types of relationships, from friendship to long-term romance, and that it goes beyond sun signs and takes into account factors such as moon signs (which speak to emotions) and Venus signs (which speak to relationships).

This book is a fantastic resource written by a powerhouse astrologer.

For makeup buffs

Constellation Bag

Fill this bag with extra little gifts — or give it as is! The canvas zip bag comes in all 12 zodiac signs and is designed with the sign's name on one side and the constellation on the other.

Best cozy gift

Floral Astrology Sweatshirt

These cute unisex sweaters illustrate the constellation of your sign with a beautiful flower design.