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Al Roker's birth chart, interpreted by astrologer Chani Nicholas

"An endless well of generosity."

Al Roker interprets the weather — and on 3rd Hour of TODAY, astrologer Chani Nicholas interpreted the stars of his birth chart.

Within astrology, a person's birth chart is an imprint of where the stars and planets were at the exact moment they came into the world (see how Queen Elizabeth II’s, Prince Harry and Princess Diana’s birth charts may have impacted their lives).

“It’s a snapshot of the sky the moment you’re born,” Nicholas said.

Al was born on August 20, 1954. This means, Like Dylan Dreyer and Hoda Kotb, Al is born under the sign of Leo. According to Nicholas, Al’s chart is ruled by the planet of communication, and is someone “known for his wisdom.”

"With Sun, Moon, Venus, and Jupiter so well placed, this gives Al a very strong sense of self and personality. He is someone who can lead with a lot of confidence and sustained energy. He is consistent, reliable and anchors people (pun intended)," Nicholas said.

She added that the asteroid Zephyr — the Greek god of the weather — is conjunct with his Sun sign, his area of purpose.

Below, find a few more of her insights.

Al Roker's birth chart, supplied by Chani Nicholas.
Al Roker's birth chart, supplied by Chani Nicholas.

Al's Virgo rising means he's detail-oriented  

Within astrology, a rising sign (or ascendant) is your first impression, what you put out to the world.

Al has a Virgo rising, which means "he wants to be known for being right," Nicholas said. She added he may come off as critical, analytical, discerning, skill oriented, scientific, hard-working, intellectual but useful, and detail-oriented.

His chart is ruled by the planet of communication

Virgo, the sign of his ascendant, is ruled by communication planet Mercury. In Al's chart, Mercury is found in Leo in the 12th House of the subconscious and privacy.

"His life is ruled by the planet of communication and therefore he is driven to study, learn, and give people info and date in the most entertaining way possible. He may need a lot of time to go away and learn, think, read, or write," she said.

'Gregarious' yet 'private,' thanks to Sun in Leo

Leo is an extroverted sign — but for Al, his Sun falls in the 12th House, known for its secretiveness.

"Even though there is a lot of gregariousness here, there is also a part of him that is really private and needs to have alone time, or time out of the spotlight to regenerate or know himself," she said.

"There is a lot here that says he shines in a support role or in a role where a lot of his behind-the-scenes work is incredibly valuable to the team," she continued.

Since his Sun is near the planets Mercury and Pluto, Al is a "powerful, sometimes stubborn, intense person who cannot be swayed easily."

Jupiter in Cancer means he's 'Santa Claus to the masses'

Nicholas points to Al's Jupiter — the planet of abundance and expansiveness — in Cancer in the 11th House of friendship and community. She said this placement gives him "an abundance of good luck and goodwill."

"He has the ability to put people at ease, make them feel nurtured, and generally bring a lot of positive energy to the collective. It’s kind of like he plays Santa Clause to the masses," she said.

The fact that Jupiter is conjunct (or next to) Al's south node means he has "given a lot" to people. "There’s an endless well of generosity or energy that he has to put out to the world — especially when it comes to his knowledge," she said.

Venus in Libra makes him 'easy to be around'

According to Nicholas, Al's Venus — the planet of love and beauty — falls in the sign of Libra — the sign of beauty and harmony. This makes him someone "known for his style on the job," and for being "lighthearted and easy to be around."

"He's someone who is a connector for everyone at the office," she said.