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45 gifts for the bona fide film buff in your life, starting at $6

These thoughtful presents are sure to elevate their next movie marathon.
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Whether they're a huge film buff who enjoys the classics or a hopeless romantic who savors more comedic love stories, unwinding with a certified movie night is always an ideal way to end the day. They may be the sort to scroll through Netflix while cuddled up on the couch or head straight to their local theatre for opening night and the biggest box of candy available at the snack stand. Either way, we've found plenty of genius gifts that'll elevate their ideal movie experience.

From popcorn bowls designed to leave no kernel unpopped to gadgets that'll make them feel like they're sitting in the front row at the cineplex, there's something in here for every type of movie lover — especially those who only speak in movie quotes.

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Food gifts for movie lovers

Ecolution Patended Micro-Pop Microwave Popcorn Popper

Love eating popcorn but tired of pesky kernels? The solution to this problem is in this temperature-safe popcorn bowl, which comes with a multipurpose lid to measure kernels and melt all the butter they may desire. Currently Amazon's top popcorn popper, it's earned nearly 40,000 verified five-star ratings thanks to its ease of use.

"The Unofficial Studio Ghibli Cookbook"

For fans of "Ponyo" and "My Neighbor Totoro," this cookbook features recipes from their favorite movies including shortbread and ramen. "This would be a wonderful gift for any Studio Ghibli film enjoyer," said one reviewer, with another one adding that "this book gives step by step instructions that are full of flavor!"

"Cocktails of the Movies"

Movie buffs and mixology lovers alike will enjoy this recipe book that features cocktail recipes from their favorite movies. "This book is a perfect gift for a film and cocktail lover. It acts as both a recipe book and a film guide," said one reviewer.

"Disney Enchanted Recipes" Cookbook

Make Remy's soup from "Ratatouille" or opt for a little sweetness in a honey cake inspired by friends from the Hundred Acre Woods with this Disney cookbook. "This is a well done cookbook," said one reviewer, adding that "the pictures are beautiful and the instructions are clear."

Fresh Pop Electric Popcorn Maker

Take your popcorn making skills up a notch with this electric popcorn maker from Target. Serve the entire crew and make up to 16 cups at a time with just the push of a button. Reviewers not only love it because of how easy the clean-up process is, but because of how simple and fun it is to use as well.

"My kids had never seen one of these things and they were fascinated by it," one reviewer said, adding that "as far as function, it's easy to set up and use, no need for oil."

"Eat What You Watch: A Cookbook for Movie Lovers"

Have you ever wanted to try the New York-style pastrami Meg Ryan vocalizes over in "When Harry Met Sally" or the 'I'm Sorry' carrot cake gifted after a bridezilla falling out in "Bridesmaids"? Now you can, thanks to this cookbook! With over 40 recipes featuring foods from your favorite movies, you'll be eating your way through your movie bucket list in no time.

Crate and Barrel Large Popcorn Bowl

Never go hungry with this large popcorn bowl from Crate & Barrel. Made with glazed earthenware, matching popcorn dishes can also be purchased to create a movie night set. "The minute I saw this popcorn bowl from Crate & Barrel I fell in LOVE! I knew I had to snag it at the rate that I eat popcorn… and possibly watch movies," said one reviewer.

Cravebox Healthy Snack Variety

Skinnypop, Pirate Booty, Veggie Straws and more are included in this snack kit, which offers a healthier alternative to their favorite movie theater snacks. A budget-friendly option for 30 individually packaged snacks, these can be taken to the drive-in or enjoyed right at home.

"Nitehawk Cinema Presents: Movie-Inspired Menus from Brooklyn's Dine-In Theater"

Whether you frequent the Brooklyn, New York cinema on a regular basis or want to reminiscent on the days when you were a city slicker, there's something undeniably special about the modern cinema that is incomparable to others. The chefs and bartenders work to create a menu related to the films currently showing, whether it's the latest blockbuster or a classic such as "The Goonies." With this cookbook, now you can bring Nitehawk to your nook and create a Redrum drink inspired by "The Shining" or the pulled pork sandwich from "The Outsiders."

Deluxe Movie Night Snack Box

With all kinds of great movie theater snacks for a fraction of the cost, they can feel like they're at the cineplex in the comfort of their own home. With popcorn, cotton candy, Mike & Ike's, Oreos, Chex Mix and more, there's bound to be something for everyone in this snack set!

Pizza Planet Pizza Maker

Go to infinity and beyond with this pizza maker inspired by "Toy Story's" favored pizza spot. Place a 12-inch frozen pizza in the maker once the green light signals it's ready, then you have pizza that will make any 'za connoisseur jealous. "Looks just as cool as the picture and works great," raved one reviewer.

Book gifts for movie lovers

"The Film That Changed My Life"

30 directors share their thoughts and wisdom on the movies that have impacted and inspired them in this coffee table book. Reviewed as "mandatory" for all film and movie buffs, this book opens readers eyes to films they might have never seen before. Many reviewers bought this as a gift for the young movie fanatic in their life, hoping to add more movies to their must-watch list.

"The Walt Disney Film Archives Book"

Go behind-the-scenes of one of the most magical companies of all time and learn how characters such as Mickey Mouse were dreamed up. With sketches, photos, color palettes and vintage advertisements, this archival collection will not only be a great read, but will look great on a bookshelf, coffee table or nightstand.

"Madly, Deeply: The Diaries of Alan Rickman"

Published posthumously, this book "is like listening to Alan Rickman," according to the description. Full of diary entries that run from 1993 to his passing in 2016, this novel covers his time as a popular actor in the "Harry Potter" films as well as dive into his personal life, giving readers a rare glimpse into who he was off-screen.

"Accidentally Wes Anderson Coffee Table Book"

A travel guide curated and designed around Wes Anderson's whimsical aesthetic, this coffee table book takes readers through spots imagined by his movies. "I was expecting a simple coffee table book, but instead I received this gorgeous, beautifully bound and lengthy guide. If you’re considering this, I say go for it," one reviewer raved.

"Ladybird Screenplay Coffee Table Book"

The A24 fan in your life won't be able to stop talking about this coffee table book, which is also available for "Hereditary," "Moonlight," "Ex Machina" and other movies from the production company. With photos, the screenplay and photos of props from the movie, they'll be occupied for hours.

Decor gifts for movie lovers

When Harry Met Sally Etsy Quote Poster

Gift this to the hopeless romantic in your life who relishes in Meg Ryan Fall or simply enjoys the slow burn of Sally and Harry's relationship. Just purchase it as a digital download, then print it out on your own onto a preferred canvas or sheet of paper.

Etsy Horror Movie Coasters

For the horror movie fan that wants to add a subtle nod to their favorite bone-chilling film, now they can with these coasters. Classic titles like "The Shining," "Halloween," "Alien" and "The Exorcist" can now serve as a host for the drink they need to help them survive the scaries.

"Harry Potter" Honeydukes Snack Jar

Your favorite Muggle can now reach for snacks in this Honeydukes-inspired jar. Known for providing sweets and treats to wizards and witches, they'll be magically enthused with this whimsical addition to their kitchen.

Movie Palette Poster

Gift a subtle nod to their favorite movie with this poster that offers a different take on movie decor. Movie Palette takes the dominant color from each scene in your go-to film and sequentially places them on a poster, displaying the color scheme from start to finish. "I absolutely LOVE my movie palette. It's beautiful," said one reviewer. "This is such an incredible idea and the perfect gift for anyone."

Nitehawk Cinema Art Print

Pair this print with the Nitehawk cookbook above for an outstanding gift that will have them wanting to book a ticket to watch a classic at their favorite cinema. With options to frame or leave unframed, you can be sure to gift them a piece of Brooklyn that is sure to remain in their home theater or living room for years to come.

Uncommon Goods Praxinoscope Animation Spinner

For the black-and-white film lover who is always entertained by the behind-the-scenes of it all, gift them this animation spinner lamp that is sure to fascinate. With seven sheets of paper to insert into the lamp, including a running cheetah, a twirling ballerina and a couple dancing, one reviewer noted that they were "impressed by how striking the design was and how entertaining the mechanism worked."

Tech gifts for movie lovers

Roku 4K Streaming Stick

An easy way to stream movies new and old, classics to cult favorites, this streaming stick is now on sale and gives users an accessible way to view thousands of titles from dozens of apps, simply by plugging it into their TV.

Portable DVD Player

Take a blast from the past on family road trips or long travel days with this portable DVD player. With a swivel screen, multiple passengers can watch at once, without compromising their comfortable seat or safety. "This is a nice DVD players for car trips and kids," said one reviewer, adding "this is a perfect size for kid laps."

Bose TV Bluetooth Soundbar

For theater-quality sound without the chatter of other patrons and the chomping of popcorn, this Bluetooth soundbar from Bose has got you covered. Although it includes a remote control, it can also be compatible with a Roku insert, meaning you don't have to juggle remotes.

Games for movie lovers

The Movie Quiz Book

For long road trips or times when crossword puzzles simply won't do, turn to this movie quiz book to keep them preoccupied. Between matching props to certain movies or determining which songs belong to which movie soundtrack, this book is a "great success" for your "movie-mad friend," according to one reviewer.

The Blockbuster Game: A Movie Party Game

Quote movies, act them out for other players to guess and more with this '90s inspired game from the movie rental place we all love to reminisce about. "Such a fun game," said one reviewer. "We’ve had the game less than a week and have played it 3 times already!"

Cinephile: A Card Game

Test their knowledge with this movie and pop culture card game. Players are given cards with actors names and images on them, and from there can play a variety of games like six degrees of separation.

"This game is amazing," one reviewer said. "My roommate and I have played it everyday since it was delivered. If there were 10 stars it would get 10 stars. The deck is diverse which I am huge fan of."

Movie Scene-It Board Game

Gift your nieces or nephews with a board game that you once played as a child and introduce them to the movies from your childhood while doing so. With trivia questions from movies in a range of genres, from "The Godfather" to "Clueless," this game is sure to provide hours of fun.

"This is the best version of Scene-It I've ever played," said one reviewer. "We played this with the folks and my kids and it was absolutely extraordinary. I'm a big fan of the original game but this is next level."

Clue: "Harry Potter" Edition

Combine game night with their love of everything "Harry Potter" with this version of the classic Clue board game. Instead of a mansion, players solve a whodunit on a vanishing member of the classic crew around Hogwarts.

Apparel and accessories for movie lovers

"Harry Potter" Illumination Wrap Bracelet

With charms that represent key items in the wizarding world like the elder wand, invisibility cloak and the resurrection stone, muggles and movie lovers alike can glance down and remember the "Harry Potter" story told throughout the films. Made with rose gold charms and white-silver beads, this bracelet is both a youthful and elegant accessory to wear.

"Ferris Bueller" Abe Forman Tee

Bueller? Bueller? You'll have your gift-giving questions answered with this T-shirt that plays off of Ferris's alter ego in the film: Abe Froman, the sausage king of Chicago.

Cousin Eddie's RV Maintenance Unisex Tee

Whether you have a cousin like Cousin Eddie from "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" or one who's just the opposite, this spin on the character and his infamous mode of transportation provides the laughs no matter who it's gifted to.

The Overlook Hotel Carpet Unisex Tee

For the fan of spooky movies that make them feel nostalgic, gift them this tee that includes a subtle reference to the horrific hotel from "The Shining."

"Goonies" Graphic Tee

Hey, you guys! This graphic tee from Pacsun boasts a vintage design of a classic movie. With each main character represented (minus Sloth), this tee is available in sizes S through XL.

Shop Riff Raff Sanderson Sisters Crew Neck

Sistaaahs! This iconic movie cover crew neck is a simple nod to the '90s movie that is sure to stir up feelings of nostalgia. Available in sizes S through 2X, this sweatshirt is made solely out of cotton, making it oh so cozy for a "Hocus Pocus" movie marathon.

BaubleBar Disney Safety Pin Earrings

Sport these Disney earrings like a pro! Made with 18K sterling silver, these earrings (as well as all the jewelry from BaubleBar) is hypoallergenic, so no infections or allergic reactions here!

"Star Wars" Power of the Force Stud Set

Depending on their jewelry preferences, choose between gold, rose gold and silver studs for the Star Wars fan in your life. Four studs are included in this set, featuring a lightsaber and Luke Skywalker, along with others. "This set is so cute! I absolutely love it," said one reviewer. Make a statement with these mismatched studs.

Pandora Marvel Infinity Stones Ring

Not only does this ring include six crystals to represent the Infinity Stones seen throughout several Marvel movies, but the inside of the ring contains engravings listing each of the stone's individual powers. The Marvel lover in your life will have no choice but to wear this ring with pride as they go about their day, ready to take on any battles that comes their way.

Unique gifts for movie lovers

Peacock Streaming Subscription

For only $5.99 a month, you can watch all your favorites, from "Parks and Rec" to live sports such as "Thursday Night Football."

"The Grand Budapest Hotel" Keychain

Help them feel like they have access to their favorite fictional motels, hotels and inns with one of these room key keychains. From the Grand Budapest hotel to the Overlook from "The Shining," the Dragonfly Inn from "Gilmore Girls," these keychains are a fun, affordable accessory to sport.

Martin Scorsese MasterClass

For $15 a month, they can learn from the master Martin Scorsese himself with this MasterClass on filmmaking. The acclaimed and renowned director of "Goodfellas," "The Wolf of Wall Street" "Taxi Driver" and countless other classics, walks attendees through finding the story, laying out a process, writing a script, costume design and other behind-the-scenes and nitty gritty info every filmmaker should know.

Popcorn on Main Street Candle

If one of your favorite parts about going to the movies is the tempting smell of buttery popcorn, invite that smell into your living room with this candle, that's also available in a room spray, wax melt or fragrance oil.

Movie Locations 1,000-Piece Puzzle

From filming locations around the world to hidden gems and hole-in-the-wall restaurants in your favorite cities, this puzzle reveals iconic quotes, must-see destinations and favorite scenes as you piece together this 1,000-piece puzzle.

"Summer of Soul" Vinyl Record

For the combined music and movie lover, gift them with the soundtrack to their favorite movie. "Summer of Soul," a documentary about the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival, has this accompanied vinyl that features songs from the film. The film was directed by Questlove of The Roots, and the album features 16 soulful songs from the documentary.