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Turn up the heat with these chef-approved gifts for the cook in your life

If you've got a gadget and gear-obsessed home chef, we've got you covered.
Kara Birnbaum / TODAY

Shopping for people who like to cook may come off as a bit of a challenge, especially when they likely have all of the latest and greatest kitchen gadgets and tools out there. No matter what you choose to get your foodie friend, they’ll be thankful, but you can really blow them away with one of these presents.

To help you find a gift that the cook you’re shopping for will love (and actually use!), we chatted with experts in the field. From a charcuterie expert to a food influencer, these professional foodies shared gifts for the gourmand in your life, including a cheese knife set and a crustless sandwich maker. Plus, our editors included some picks of our own.

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Gadgets and small appliances for home cooks

The CRIMPiT Circle

This hacky gadget allows you to create crustless sandwiches at home. To use, simply place your bread in the device, spread your favorite filling and press down the Crimpit. When you’re done, you can pop your treat in the toaster for a toasty treat. Plus, it’s great for people of all ages. “Even though I’m an adult, I still don’t want the crust for some reason,” Content creator Corey Bonalewicz, better known as Corey B on social media, says. “It’s the kid still in me.”

Dash Mini Bundt Cake Maker

Dash captured the hearts of the home cook with their affordable mini waffle maker. However, they didn't stop there. The brand released their mini bundt cake maker, which the cook in your life can add to their mini appliance collection. With a price point under $20, the handy device is an affordable gift for the cook in your life.

Stovetop Popcorn Popper

Gift your favorite foodie a popcorn maker to go with their weekly movie marathons. This popper can create up to six quarts of popcorn, plus it features cool innovations like a patented stirring mechanism to leave no kernel unturned.

Dash Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker

If they're big into breakfast, consider an egg cooker. This one from Dash can cook a dozen eggs at once and to their preferred doneness, but it can also steam vegetables, dumplings and warm tortillas for taco night.

County Line Kitchen Cold Brew Mason Jar

Let them make their own cold brew with this top-rated mason jar set with over 20,000 verified five-star ratings on Amazon. Start off by putting coffee in the filter and filling the jar with water and sealing shut with the lid. After sitting in the fridge overnight, they will have a fresh batch ready to go for their morning commute.

Grosche RIO Glass Infusion Water Pitcher and Sangria Maker

For the host who loves to serve fancy infused water or make their own sangria, Grosche's crafty carafe is a fun gift. The pitcher comes with a smart lid that stays shut with the pitcher upright and opens as you pour, according to the brand. To use the pitcher, just add water, wine or any other drink, then add fruit, herbs or other flavor additives and let it infuse before pouring away.

Saiji Tablet Stand Holder

Shopping for a foodie who is also a content creator? Bonalewicz uses this tablet stand holder to create his videos. He says creators he collaborates with often ask him, “This is all you use?” He says when he goes to film videos with celebrities, “I just bring my camera stand — the thing fits in my backpack — and my phone. And that’s it.”

Grosche Stovetop Espresso Maker

Coffee lovers are sure to enjoy this stovetop espresso maker. The pot can make up to six espresso cups at a time and works on both gas or electric stovetops. With a wooden handle and finger burn guard, they won’t need to worry about injuring themselves as they pour themselves a piping mug of joe. It also comes in nine different colors perfect for every kind of home aesthetic, ranging from a deep blue to a speckled mint.

True Crystal Clear Ice Cube Tray

Spirits connoisseurs will adore this mold because it makes four large crystal-clear ice cubes just like what they might get at a craft cocktail bar. They'll also appreciate the fact that America's Test Kitchen considers it the Best Clear Ice Mold after rigorous testing.

Instant Pot 8-Cup Rice Cooker

If Bonalewicz could only have one kitchen appliance, it would be this Instant Pot rice cooker that includes a non-stick ceramic coated pot, dishwasher-safe steamer tray, rice measuring cup and rice spoon.

“Air fryers are cool, but I feel like rice cookers can do so much more,” he says. “College kids, they want cheap meals. And what’s cheap? Rice. Rice is cheap. You can cook meals and can steam your rice. You can make cakes in a rice cooker. Rice cookers can do so many things that I didn’t know that they could do.”

Revolution Toastie Press

For the chef who loves a grilled cheese, this toaster tool has a secure lock to hold the sandwich in place and grill it up in minutes. With less utensils to get dirty, this quick compact option makes clean-up a breeze.

DrinkMate Sparkling Water and Soda Maker

If there’s somebody in your life who can’t get enough sparkling water, they’ll probably enjoy this soda maker. The device allows them to make their own carbonated drinks from any liquid they have. The countertop side maker is pretty small, so it could be left out and they wouldn’t have to worry about losing precious counter space.

Cuisinart Griddler

Whether you recognize the beauty of a pressed panini or the satisfaction of a golden pancake stack, this griddler is guaranteed to please the taste buds and the stomach. Capable of acting as a grill, panini press and griddle, the appliance is the perfect gift for cooks.

Instant Pot 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker

Okay, there are a lot of slow cookers on the market, but this bestselling Instant Pot with over 155,000 ratings on Amazon is one of the most loved. "I can't say anything negative about this bad boy. I'll never cook on my stove again!" wrote one buyer.

Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker Nano

While Claudia Dionne's expertise lies in charcuterie, her “steak game has completely changed” ever since her mom gifted her this sous vide precision cooker. The machine circulates water at the temperature that you want your steak to finish cooking at. While she used to dread making steak, she now says, “I cook my steak perfectly every single time and I impressed all of my guests with this.” 

Ninja Mega Blender

Upgrade their blender situation with this upscale option from Ninja. Not only does it have a 72-ounce capacity and four blades designed for baking, smoothies, individual servings and more, but it also features a built-in food processor for swifter meal prep.

Google Nest Hub Max

Google Nest’s Hub Max can help them decide what dish to whip up based on what ingredients they have, guide them through recipes and more. Just like most smart assistants, everything starts with a question or prompt — in this case, it’s “Hey Google.”

Our Place Wonder Oven

If they are limited on space but not creativity, this tabletop oven is tiny but mighty! According to the brand, it can air fry, roast, broil, bake and reheat so you know they'll be able to tackle any recipe. What's more is, it can fit an entire chicken and cooks up to 30% faster than traditional ovens, says the brand.

Breville Smart 4-Slice Waffle Maker

Bonalewicz loves to try viral recipes and used this waffle maker to create a video about French fry waffle burgers that has amassed more than 25 million views on TikTok. The four-slice waffle machine has a digital indicator that allows you to choose the type of waffle you are making and how toasty it should be.

Balmuda The Toaster

This toaster oven is a small appliance that can really do it all. It uses a combination of steam and four setting temperature controls to allow users to make everything from simple to intricate frozen meals. One of the more unique settings it features is the pizza mode, which reheats pies to have a crisp bottom and a melted cheese top, just as if it came from their go-to pizzeria.

Levo II Herbal Oil Infusion Machine

If your favorite home chef loves to experiment with flavors, consider this tasty gadget. This small appliance can be used to make everything from infused oils with classic flavors to kicked-up butter and honey, using ingredients like dried or fresh herbs, flowers and peppers.

Food gifts for home cooks

Jacobsen Salt Co. Black Garlic Salt

Salt is the most important ingredient in a kitchen. It’s used to season dishes and, depending on how and what type is used, it can also add a final touch of flair to things like steak and roasted chicken. This "flavor bomb" option from the Pacific Northwest-based company includes notes of caramelized garlic to let their next several dishes shine.

Brightland Stocking Stuffer Olive Oil

The home chef you’re shopping for may be a wine lover, but wine lovers often have lots of wine. Instead, this stocking stuffer-sized olive oil is a unique gift for the home chef who cares about cooking with high-quality ingredients. 

FarmSteady Italian Fresh Cheese Making Kit

Cheese is pretty much an essential component to nearly any meal, and this kit will allow them to create eight batches of curdy, creamy standbys like burrata and ricotta right at home. They'll provide the necessities to get the job started like cheesecloth, citric acid and a thermometer — all you'll need to do is bring the milk!

Raw Wildflower and Blueberry Honey Gift Set

While sweet ingredients like honey may be associated with the home baker, they’re pivotal in perfecting many a savory dish. This honey gift set is a favorite of the queen bee — Oprah! This year, these honeys made the list of Oprah’s Favorite Things. A family-owned bee farm made the organic wildflower honey and tasty blueberry-infused options.

Brightland The Pair

Treat your favorite chef to this unique assortment of pantry essentials from Brightland. This box is a great way for them try new vinegar flavors utilizing fermented California grapes.

Calamondin Citrus Plant

If they are into growing their own fruits and vegetables, give them a head start with a citrus plant. The plant is delivered with fresh fruit or blossoms that will be ready to pick in a short time after receiving. The plants can be repotted or put into the ground after it’s open to allow it to grow larger over the years.

Truff Hot Sauce Variety Pack

Heat seekers love this truffle-loaded hot sauce, so consider this trio the perfect gift for the person who have several varieties of hot sauce sitting in their pantry at all times.

Branche No. 1 & No. 2

Quality olive oil is a home chef’s dream because it works so well in a variety of recipes from homemade dressings to pizza. Branche olive oil is made from olives grown in southern Spain and is sustainably crafted. This two-bottle kit features a more grassy and floral oil, and a buttery and sweet olive oil.

Bona Furtuna Organic Italian Food Gift Set

Oprah previously put Bona Furtuna’s organic Italian food gift set on her list of favorite things. With Oprah’s seal of approval, the set should have no trouble earning a cook’s respect. The box includes organic busiate pasta, pasta sauce and two jars of herbs.

Best of Porter Road Box

Home chefs love high-end ingredients to cook with — even more so when somebody else is covering the bill. One of our favorite ingredient boxes comes from Porter Road, which includes two dry-aged steaks, two pork chops, two pounds of dry aged ground beef, one pound of bacon, one pound of country sausage and one pound of chorizo sausage. If you’re nice, they might even invite you over for dinner when they're cooking something special.

Cookware gifts for home cooks

Sur La Table Professional Carbon Steel Wok

Whether the cook in your life wants to perfect their sesame noodles recipe or try out a new stir-fry combination, this carbon steel wok will allow them to do it in style. The wok features a maple handle and carbon-steel body for all high-heat cooking.

Le Creuset Salt and Pepper Mill Set

While Le Creuset is better known for its Dutch oven, the brand also has ceramic salt and pepper mills. Dionne’s mother gave the set to her for Christmas, and thought it was a “great holiday gift.” The set is available in deep colors, including Orange Flame and Yellow Nectar.

Our Place Always Pan

If the cook in your life doesn't already have Our Place's Always Pan, be prepared to amaze them. The nonstick pan is designed to replace eight traditional pieces of cookware, according to the brand, plus it features a toxin-free ceramic coating, a stainless steel steamer basket, beechwood spatula and more.

Caraway Dutch Oven

If they've had a Dutch oven on their wish list, then look no further than this gorgeous take from Caraway. This ceramic-coated version with 37,000+ five-star ratings is compatible with all kinds of stovetops, is free of pesky PTFEs and comes in six stunning hues.

Uncommon Goods Personalized Cast Iron Pan

If they’re looking to take their cooking game to the next level, consider this personalized cast iron pan that's currently featured on our Gifts We Love shopping guide. Not only is it designed to last generations, according to the brand, but you can customize it with their name and a significant date. 

Nancy Silverton Bakeware Set

Feel like legendary chef Nancy Silverton while using these porcelain baking dishes. The set comes with a rectangle, oval and square dish so no matter what they make there’s going to be a dish that fits everything.

Food prep gifts for home cooks

Enduring Keepsakes Personalized Rolling Pin

Make sure that Grandma’s cookies get the credit they deserve! A personalized, laser-engraved embossed rolling pin with her name on it should do the trick. Now everyone will know exactly who made those delicious treats!

“That Cheese Plate Wants to Party,” by Marissa Mullen

Head of research and development at Vermont Creamery, Gina Martano, says anyone who loves cheese should look to content creator and author Marissa Mullen for tips on building a cheese board. Not only does Martano believe that it’s an incredible book to gift to anybody, but she has built “so many” cheese boards with Mullen’s advice. 

“She put together this process of building a cheese board, just an aesthetically beautiful cheese board, with step-by-step directions,” she says. “I’ve been very into it and just feel that beautiful artisan cheese deserves their moment.”

ChefSofi Mortar and Pestle Set

A mortar and pestle can do everything from grind fresh herbs for sauces, to making fresh pesto and even salsas. We like this one with 15,000+ verified five-star ratings because it has a deep bowl and a relatively thick handle on the pestle so it’s easy to grab.

Sushi Making Kit

Looking for a gift for someone who has never made sushi? This beginner sushi-making kit includes everything a home cook might need to make their favorite rolls. The kit includes rice spoons, bamboo mats, an avocado slicer and more.

FinaMill Battery Operated Pepper Mill & Spice Grinder

Know someone that likes to try out fresh new flavors in the kitchen? FinaMill takes all the work out of grinding spices, so there’s no need for them to use use a disposable grinder or buy pre-ground spice at the store anymore. It also has dedicated pods that are easy to swap out, so there’s no cross-contamination of flavor.

Simplehuman Compost Caddy

Whether they're new to composting or a seasoned pro, it's hard to argue that the practice is wildly beneficial for the environment. This sleek composting caddy can hold up to four liters of food scraps and can easily attach to your garbage can. Best of all, its soft-seal lid keeps the funky scents at bay!

Honeybee Cheeseboard

As a developer of artisan cheeses, such as a Strawberry Spritz goat cheese with honey and dried strawberries, Martano believes these cheeses “deserve their moment” on a beautiful cheese board

One of her favorite cheese pairings is honey, so she’s had her eye on this marble honeycomb cheeseboard. It’s adorned with golden honeybees and includes a stainless steel cheese knife that fits into a carving on the board.

Mercer Culinary Professional Chef Plating Kit

The eyes eat first and this plating set can serve up an eye-catching dish. The portable bag comes with eight plating utensils to create a delicious masterpiece. Reviewers loved this for the great quality and how easy to use the tools are.

Anyday The Starter Set

Anyday’s microwave bowls are a great gift for the home cook who makes too much and always has leftovers or appreciates a bit of help with meal prep. The set comes with two bowls and two lids that were specifically created to cook or reheat food in the microwave. The best part about these bowls is that they are pretty enough to go from the microwave straight to the table for an easy dinner!

Great Jones Stir Crazy

Prefer mixing bowls that are a little more aesthetically pleasing? This ceramic set from Great Jones is not only “so retro and cute,” it’s also completely safe to place in the microwave, freezer and dishwasher.

John Boos & Co. Maple Edge-Grain Cutting Board

Dionne is eyeing this cutting board to create and serve her charcuterie boards. It’s made of maple and features grip handles, so your giftee won’t drop the board after perfecting their charcuterie board. 

“I really enjoy cutting my meat directly on the board that I’m going to serve it on,” she says. For her, this is a personal preference that, she believes, “makes it more organic because then the board itself has everything directly on it and you go ahead and assemble it that way.”

Reclaimed Wood Cookbook Stand

A cookbook stand is a great gift, especially when it’s as beautiful as it is functional like this one. The stand is made from reclaimed wood with a white backing for a polished look that will fit into any kitchen. They can either use traditional printed cookbooks or an iPad with the stand to follow along with recipes.

Fifth & Cherry 14 Cutting Board

Besides clean hands and a sharp knife, a sturdy wooden cutting board is one of the most important tools in the kitchen. This 14-inch version from Fifth & Cherry is handcrafted in the United States using responsibly sourced cherrywood. Even though the board is pricey, it does come with a lifetime warranty that includes complimentary refinishing for life so it will last for years to come.

Storage and organization gifts for home cooks

Kamenstein Ellington Revolving Countertop Spice Rack

Need parsley? Check. Fennel seed? Check. This rack comes with 16 pre-filled spice jars — and the best part is that it comes with free refills for five years!

Chef's Path Airtight Food Storage Container Set

Gone are the days of a million cereal boxes, bags of dried beans or half-eaten cookie tins. With this bestselling storage container set, they can decant everything into the clear bins so everyone can see snacks and ingredients clearly so everything gets used.

Crock-Pot Electric Lunch Box

After cooking up a storm, a healthy portion of leftovers can make-or-break a 9-to-5 job. Since lots of Shop TODAY staffers are home cooks, we added this electric lunch box to our list of Gifts We Love.

Our Place Wander Bowl

If the cook in your life already has an Always Pan, they will need Our Place’s Wander Bowl to transfer goodies to their next dinner party. Made of heat-resistant ceramic stoneware, the bowl has a scratch-resistant bottom and a silicone sleeve, which acts as a barrier to heat.

Pyrex "Harry Potter" Decorated Glass Storage

With this magical set of Pyrex, they can show off their love of the wizarding world and organization. The set of eight comes with four containers and four lids showing off various "Harry Potter" icons like the Hogwarts Express and patronuses.

Human Objects Shop Bamboo Spice Jars

Help keep the spice drawer organized with these pretty bamboo glass spice jars. The sets come in anywhere from five to 60 jars, so you can get as many as they need so everything in the cabinet looks the same.

Fresh & Save Vacuum Sealer Starter Set

Grab this vacuum sealer starter set, which has earned a 4.5-star average rating on Amazon for its ability to be used and cleaned easily. “Easy to clean and so far durable. I use them to store and freeze meat, poultry, fish, and some fresh fruit and vegetables,” one reviewer wrote. “Truly space-saving in our small refrigerator.”

W&P Porter 8-Piece Fridge Bundle

Keep single-use plastics out of the kitchen with this fridge bundle from Porter. The sustainable plastic and silicone containers can hold leftovers and pre-prepped ingredients in a stylish way that won’t clutter up the refrigerator.

Cooking tools for home cooks

Microplane Rasp Grater

This microplane product has appeared in endless TikTok recipe videos for delicious dishes like bucatini al limone and olive oil cake. The handy tool's soft-grip handle contrasts the stainless steel teeth on the grater that any cook can use to shave cheese, zest lemons and more.

Gracula Garlic Crusher

Let’s face it, most home chefs already have all the cooking essentials they need, like the best kitchen knife set and a top-rated air fryer. But sometimes the best cooking tools are cute and useful. This vampire-shaped garlic crusher is named Gracula. After placing a clove or two of garlic in the compartment, simply twist Gracula a few times to mince in seconds.

Boska Cheese Knife Set

Boska cheese knives are always Martano’s “go-to for cheese knives of any form.” This set comes with four stainless steel cheese knives for hard, soft and spreadable cheeses. Plus, they’re beautiful when resting on a cheese board. 

“Although you can really cut cheese with any knives, I do love the knives for specific cheese that just cut so well,” she says. “There’s special knives for harder cheese and ones that are for more spreadable cheese."

Alpha Grillers Grill Set Heavy Duty BBQ Accessories

Grill masters and grill padawans will enjoy this set of barbecue tools. The stainless steel tongs, fork and spatula are always helpful out at the grill. There’s also a silicone grill brush that’s ideal for spreading sweet, savory BBQ sauce over ribs and chicken.

ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10 Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Help them cook everything from steaks to whole chickens with the assistance of this instant-read thermometer. The large screen is easy to read with bright numbers appearing on a backlit screen, plus the magnetic back is also great for storage on the refrigerator or placing on a grill table so it’s always easy to find.

Material The Iconics

Finding the perfect cooking tool set just got easier with The Iconics set from Material Kitchen. The 10-piece collection comes with a beautiful wood base, three different-sized knives, three spoons, a spatula, a whisk and a set of tongs. It really is everything someone might need in the kitchen, and with two wood colors and three handle colors, the gift is easily customizable.

Gozney Roccbox

Allow them to make restaurant quality 'za right in the backyard with this personal, portable oven. The setup hooks up to a standard propane tank and can get up to 900°F to make perfectly crafted pizza every single time. "The oven is absolutely top notch," one verified reviewer notes. "The build quality is brilliant and every part feels well built and like it will last a lifetime."

Accessories for home cooks

RSVP International Tear-Free Onion Goggles

If they claim they have everything they need in their kitchen arsenal, challenge that theory by gifting them these specs. These fog-free goggles protect their eyes from irritating onion enzymes, keeping the home chef tear-free and ready to slice and dice like a pro.

Wine Pairing Towel Set

This pairing towel set is a fun gift if they also enjoy a glass of wine (or two...or three...) with meals. The towel duo show off what types of food pairs best with different types of red and white wine. These will be on display and likely brought to the table for fun get-togethers.

Kangaroo Original Standing Mat Kitchen Rug

While it might seem like a strange gift to give, we promise that the home chef in your life will love you for this padded mat. As they stand at the sink or stove, its thick foam (measuring at 3/4") should feel cushiony under their feet and relieve pressure on their joints so they can keep cooking without a break.

Fortessa Jupiter Double Old-Fashioned Glasses

Beautiful rocks glasses are an accessory we can definitely get behind. Your wannabe bartender friends and family will love these textured, handcrafted old-fashioned glasses with beading detailing circling the glassware. Available in four dreamy colors, when these glasses aren’t in use, they are pretty enough to display and entice them to make cocktails for the group.

Rifle Paper Co. Essential Apron

If the cook in your family has mentioned wanting a new apron, consider this one from Rifle Paper Co. The apron has three pockets so they can have quick access to all of their cooking tools. Plus, how can you resist the adorable floral design?!

Meet the experts

  • Corey Bonalewicz, known as Corey B on Instagram and TikTok, is a content creator and comedian who regularly tests viral cooking gadgets for his 22 million followers across all platforms. 
  • Claudia Dionne is the charcuterie board manager at Three Little Pigs Charcuterie, which began as a small shop in Greenwich Village and now is a nationally distributed brand. She recommends including some cheese, a few meats, a garnish, a crunch, some fresh herbs and a paté to any charcuterie board. 
  • Gina Martano is the head of research and development at Vermont Creamery. She aims to “create delicious products with the consumer at top of mind,” starting with high-quality milk from local Vermont farms.