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56 of the best gifts for home cooks this holiday season

If you've got a gadget and gear-obsessed home chef, we've got you covered.
These are the best gifts any home chef could ask for.
These are the best gifts any home chef could ask for.TODAY Illustration
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Shopping for a foodie may come off as a bit of a challenge, especially when they likely have all of the latest and greatest kitchen tools out there. No matter what you choose to get your foodie friend, they’ll be thankful, but you can really blow them away with one of these gifts. Our list of 56 different items includes everything from refrigerator organizers to gift boxes filled with tasty treats and truffle-laced everything.

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Gadgets and small appliances for home chefs

County Line Kitchen Cold Brew Mason Jar

Let them make their own cold brew with this mason jar set. Start off by putting coffee in the filter and filling the jar with water and sealing shut with the lid. After sitting in the fridge overnight they will have fresh cold brew ready to go.

Google Nest Hub Max

The Google Nest Hub Max can help them decide what to make based on what ingredients they have, guide them through recipes, and more. Just like most smart assistants, everything starts with a question or prompt, in this case it’s “Hey Google.”

DrinkMate Sparkling Water and Soda Maker

If you have a friend or family member who can’t get enough sparkling water they will enjoy the DrinkMate Sparkling Water and Soda Maker. The device allows them to make their own carbonated drinks from any liquid they have. The countertop side maker is pretty small, so it could be left out and they wouldn’t have to worry about losing a lot of precious counter space.

Cosori Air Fryer Max XL

Air fryers are a kitchen must-have. If someone on your list is just starting to dabble in being a home chef this is a great option. Air fryers make easy meals and sides without the need for a bunch of oil or heating up your kitchen with the oven. This one comes in two sizes and four colors.

True Cubes Ice Tray

Cocktail connoisseurs will adore this ice cube tray because it makes four large crystal-clear ice cubes just like what they might get at a craft cocktail bar. After mixing an old-fashioned and drinking it with clear ice, they’ll never get ice out of the freezer again.

Ninja Mega Blender

Upgrade their blender situation with this upscale option from Ninja. Not only is it a 72-ounce blender but it also doubles as a food processor.

Dash Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker

If they eat a lot of eggs for breakfast or as a snack, consider an egg cooker. This one can cook a dozen eggs at once, and to their preferred doneness. The cooker can also steam vegetables, dumplings and seafood, and warm tortillas for taco night.

Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker Nano

This highly rated sous vide has over 4,800 reviews and a 4.7-star rating on Amazon. It's simple to use and comes with more than 1,000 recipes you can make at home!

Instant Pot 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker

Okay, there are a lot of slow cookers on the market, but this Instant Pot with over 58,000 reviews is one of the most loved. "I can't say anything negative about this bad boy. I'll never cook on my stove again!" wrote one buyer.

Hamilton Beach Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper

They can forget chopping and shredding once you give them this food processor. The small appliance has an eight cup capacity and the parts are dishwasher safe, which makes for easy cleanup. The food processor can do everything from grate cheese to whiz up a tasty pesto.

Stovetop Popcorn Popper

Since we're all spending a lot of time on Netflix lately, gift your favorite foodie a popcorn maker to go with their movie nights. This popper can create up to six quarts of popcorn, simply add your favorite popcorn and heat on a stovetop for three minutes.

Food gifts for home chefs

FarmSteady Italian Fresh Cheese Making Kit

An essential component to nearly any meal, this kit will allow them to create their own cheesy, creamy concoctions right at home.

Brightland The Mini Essentials

Treat your favorite chef to this unique assortment of essentials from Brightland. This box is a great way for them try new olive oil and vinegar flavors, and includes two of their most popular olive oils, as well as a champagne and balsamic vinegar.

Truff Hot Sauce Variety Pack

Foodies everywhere love this hot sauce, so consider this trio of flavor-packed condiments the perfect gift for a hot sauce enthusiast. All three are truffle-infused and it comes in the great gifting box.

Cucina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Home chefs can always use a good bottle of extra virgin olive oil. This would likely be used to finish off dishes with a few drops on top of pizza, or in a homemade dressing. It would also be great in an olive oil cake.

Elda’s Kitchen East Meets West Small Batch Artisan Made Cooking & Grilling Sauce

If they are into grilling or marinating meats, then this set of sauces is a must-get. The box comes with six different sauces ranging in flavor from ginger teriyaki to Kentucky bourbon, so whatever taste they are looking for they can find.

Jacobsen Salt Co. The Starter Kit

Salt is the most important ingredient in a kitchen. It’s used to season dishes, and depending on how and what type is used, it can also add a final touch of flair to things like steak and roasted chicken. This kit comes with a variety of salt types and textures to make dishes shine.

"Naturally, Delicious Dinners" by Danny Seo

For the home chef looking to dive deeper into organic cooking, consider this cookbook from Danny Seo. The book has over 100 recipes including autumnal chickpea and blistered corn chowder, and zucchini noodles with basil arugula pesto.

Best of Porter Road Box

Home chefs love high-end ingredients to cook with. One of our favorite boxes of ingredients is from Porter Road, which includes two dry-aged steaks, two pork chops, two pounds of dry aged ground beef, one pound of bacon, one pound of country sausage, and one pound of chorizo sausage. If you’re nice they might even invite you over for dinner when they use some of these ingredients.

Trufflin Black Truffle Salt

Truffles are one of the most expensive ingredients in the world. While you may not be able to afford a whole truffle, you can get them a small jar of truffle salt to amp up the flavor of dishes. We love to sprinkle this on everything from steaks to popcorn.

Fancy Sprinkles Gold Digger

There’s nothing like a cake or cupcake that has fun sprinkles on top. If your foodie loved one is super into baking then consider getting some sprinkles that go beyond rainbow jimmies. We love this classic gold and white combo that can be used for just about anything or any occasion.

Trufflin Organic Black Truffle Infused Ranch

Is there really anything better than ranch dressing to dip just about everything into? We don’t think so. If your foodie friend is a ranch fiend like us, then get them this bottle of black truffle infused ranch and watch it disappear almost instantly.

Cote Korean Steakhouse The Original Butcher's Feast for 4

Korean BBQ can be hard to find, but not anymore with this dinner kit from Cote Korean Steakhouse. The kit comes with four different types of steak, including Korean marinated Galbi, four different pickled vegetables, ssamjang sauce, lettuce cups and more. Talk about a feast!

Calamondin Citrus Plant

If they are into growing their own fruits and vegetables, give them a head start with a citrus plant. The plant is delivered with fresh fruit or blossoms that will be ready to pick in a short time after receiving. The plants can be repotted, or put into the ground after it's open to allow it to grow larger over the years.

"The Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook," by Ashley Craft

Walt Disney World recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. If they can’t get enough of those iconic Mickey Mouse-shaped treats, then give them this cookbook that will teach them how to make some of the most beloved recipes from the parks and resorts in Orlando.

"The Pioneer Woman Cooks―Super Easy!: 120 Shortcut Recipes for Dinners, Desserts, and More" by Ree Drummond

Ree Drummond is one of our favorite chefs because most everything is easy and quick. If your home chef is looking to add some easy recipes to their meal plans, then this cookbook will be the perfect gift. The book is filled with 120 recipes for every meal of the day.

Cookware gifts for home chefs

Henckels International Dynamic 3-Piece Starter Knife Set

Sharp, durable knives are a must for professional and home chefs alike, and you can't go wrong with the ones made by Zwilling J. A. Henckels, which is one of the world's oldest knife manufacturers. This affordable starter set includes three of the most commonly used kitchen knives: a chef's knife, a serrated utility knife and a paring knife — and they all have full-tang blades and ergonomic handles.

Personalization Mall Made With Love Personalized Oval Baking Dish-Navy

Give them a gift with their name, a special phrase, or some words of encouragement with this personalized oval baking dish. The dish comes in three colors, is dishwasher safe, and oven safe up to 400 degrees.

Lodge Cast Iron Blacklock Triple Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Cast-iron skillets are a kitchen necessity. If they are looking for a new one, consider this pre-seasoned skillet from Lodge Cast Iron. At just over ten inches it’s an ideal size for most home chefs. The skillet is durable, easy to clean, and should last for decades if treated correctly.

Nancy Silverton Bakeware Set

Feel like legendary chef Nancy Silverton while using these porcelain baking dishes. The set comes with one rectangle, one oval, and one square dish so no matter what they make there’s going to be a dish that fits everything.

Vermicular Oven Pot

If they are looking for a stunning Dutch oven, then look no further. This enameled cast iron pot uses a precision seal lock to keep moisture inside the pot to increase flavor as dishes cook. The pot comes in four different colors to match the vibe of their kitchen.

Viking Culinary Cookware Sets

This 11-piece cookware set from Viking will have them staying in the kitchen all afternoon and evening to have the chance to use these pots and pans. We love the bright red color that sparkles off of the stainless steel handles.

Cooking tools for home chefs

MEATER Plus With Bluetooth Repeater

Digital thermometers are a helpful tool in the kitchen. We love this one because it connects to your phone via Bluetooth and can help to ensure large pieces of meat are not overcooked.

Uxcell Heat Resistant Oven Mitts

Grill masters, bakers, and everyone in between always needs a good set of oven mitts. These fit over their whole hand like a glove and have non-slip grips so nothing is going to be released from their grasps on accident.

Alpha Grillers Grill Set Heavy Duty BBQ Accessories

Grill masters and grill padawans will enjoy this set of bbq accessories. The stainless steel tongs, fork and spatula are always helpful out at the grill. There’s also a silicone grill brush that’s ideal for spreading BBQ sauce over ribs and chicken.

Gozney Roccbox

Allow them to make restaurant quality pizza right in the backyard with this personal pizza oven. The oven hooks up to a standard propane tank and can get up to 900 degrees F to make perfect craft pizza every time.

Cuisinart 15-Piece Set Knife Block Set

Besides clean hands, a good knife set is a chef’s best tool. We love this one because it also comes with steak knives that can be used for dinner, sharp kitchen shears and a honing tool. These will last a lifetime if they are kept clean and out of the dishwasher.

Food prep gifts for home chefs

FinaMill Battery Operated Pepper Mill & Spice Grinder

Know someone that likes to try out fresh new flavors in the kitchen? FinaMill takes all the work out of grinding spices, so there's no need for them to use use a disposable grinder or buy pre-ground spice at the store anymore. It also has dedicated pods that are easy to swap out, so there's no cross-contamination of flavor.


The Prepdeck allows them to keep all of their ingredients organized in one spot. The collapsable unit features plenty of bowls to put ingredients into once they are prepped. There’s also an integrated cutting board so everything is all in one spot. Once they are done prepping everything can go right into the dishwasher.

Simple Human Compost Caddy

When food prep is done they can throw their scraps into this compost bin. After that they can either use the compost in their garden, or throw it out knowing it will be completely disintegrated with no food waste left behind.

Mark and Graham Stacking Salt and Pepper Set

Keep salt and pepper close by with this stacking set of ramekins that are made specifically for the seasonings. We love that the lid of the set can be personalized with their initials or monogram too.

Bee's Wrap

Bee’s Wrap is a reusable wrap for things like sandwiches, cheese, vegetables and more. If they are looking to become more eco-friendly while cooking and sharing meals, this is a no-brainer gift.

ChefSofi Mortar and Pestle Set

A mortar and pestle is one of the best gifts you can give to a home chef. They can do everything from grind fresh herbs for sauces, to making fresh pesto, and even salsas. We like this one because it has a deep bowl and a relatively thick handle on the pestle so it’s easy to grab.

Personalized Rolling Pin

Make sure that grandma’s cookies get the credit they deserve! A personalized, laser-engraved rolling pin with her name on it should do the trick. Now everyone will know exactly who made those delicious treats.

Apparel and accessory gifts for home chefs

Breakfast Things Apron

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With this apron on they’ll be ready to make omelets, flip pancakes, and fry up bacon in no time.

The House of Scalamandré Double Old-Fashioned Glasses (Set of 4)

Beautiful rocks glasses are an accessory we can definitely get behind. Your cocktail making friends and family will love these embossed glasses with gold accents. When these glasses aren’t in use they are pretty enough to display and entice them to make cocktails for the group.

Tear-Free Onion Goggles

If you've been searching for a gift for the chef who has everything, look no further. Onion goggles are the answer. These fog-free goggles protect their eyes from irritating onion enzymes, keeping the home chef tear-free and ready to slice and dice like a pro.

Kangaroo Original Standing Mat Kitchen Rug

While it might seem like a strange gift to give, we promise that the home chef in your life will love you for this padded mat. As they stand at the sink or stove the padded mat will be soft under their feet and relieve pressure on their joints so they can keep cooking without a break.

Wine Pairing Towel Set

This wine pairing towel set is a fun gift if they also enjoy a glass of wine with meals. The two towels show off what types of food pairs best with different types of red and white wine. These will be on display and likely brought to the table for fun get togethers.

Storage and organization gifts for home chefs

PantryChic Smart Storage System Starter Kit

For the avid baker consider the PantryChic Smart Storage System. With the kit they get the main unit that can measure out ingredients for them, one large container, and two small containers for things like four, sugar, and oats.

Pyrex Harry Potter Decorated Glass Storage (Set of 8)

With this set of Pyrex they can show off their love of the wizarding world and organization. The set of eight comes with four containers and four lids showing off various Harry Potter icons like the Hogwarts Express and patronuses.

Bamboo Spice Jars

Help keep the spice drawer organized with these pretty bamboo glass spice jars. The sets come in anywhere from five to 60 jars, so you can get as many as they need so everything in the cabinet looks the same.

Rifle Paper Co. Recipe Tin

Hand-written recipes are a precious thing, especially since they belonged to a family member at one time most likely. Keep those recipe cards safe with this recipe tin. The tin also includes 24 recipe cards and 12 recipe dividers for you to add your own hand-written recipes and keep everything organized.

W&P Porter 8-Piece Fridge Bundle

Keep single use plastics out of the kitchen with this fridge bundle from Porter. The sustainable plastic and silicone containers can hold leftovers and pre-prepped ingredients in a stylish way that won’t clutter up the refrigerator.

16-Jar Revolving Countertop Spice Rack Organizer

Need parsley? Check. Fennel seed? Check. This rack comes with 16 pre-filled spice jars — and the best part is that it comes with free refills for five years!

Airtight Food Storage Container Set

Gone are the days of a million cereal boxes, bags of dried beans, or half eaten cookie tins. With this storage container set they can decant everything into the clear bins so everyone can see snacks and ingredients clearly so everything gets used.

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This gift guide was originally published on Dec. 2, 2016.