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A love fern, a bag of all-brown M&M's and more gifts perfect for rom-com lovers

Show them you "love them 3000" with these thoughtful and affordable picks.
Kara Birnbaum/ TODAY

If your significant other has roped you into one too many movie nights where you not-so-willingly watch (or re-watch) their most beloved romantic comedies, you've already proven your love for them.

Take it one step further by gifting them with a Valentine's Day gift that will remind them of the nostalgia and serotonin that comes with watching their favorite rom-coms.

Inspired by our favorite classic movies about love made in the '80s, '90s and beyond, these unique gifts will be perfect for any kind of rom-com stan, including the foodie, tech junkie and the one who never forgets to journal each day.

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Foodie gifts inspired by rom-coms

Brown Milk Chocolate M&M's

No need to sift through an entire bag of M&M's to get to the ones that supposedly have less artificial coloring. Avoid the heat and questionable discourse from your loved one and instead gift them this bag of all-brown M&M's, available in 1-, 2-, 5- and 10-pound options.

Razzles Gum

Thirty, flirty and thriving ... or thirteen, growing and still in their awkward phase — no matter what your Valentine's age is, they'll surely appreciate a pack of Razzles Gum (or six, or 24!) to enjoy and share with their friends.

Tech gifts inspired by rom-coms

QFX Boombox

Sometimes love makes you do crazy things — like stand outside somebody's home blaring a sad but catchy dance song from your retro-style Bluetooth speaker. Since everything retro is coming back in style, we recommend fully committing to the bit by getting this option that has both nostalgic (a cassette player!) and modern (Bluetooth capabilities!) features.

Risebass Portable Bluetooth Karaoke Machine

Perfectly paired with a Van Halen tee, this karaoke machine — complete with party lights! — will give your Valentine the chance to perform profane songs at weddings — or their favorite chart-toppers for a fun-filled karaoke night in. (And maybe whether you want to grow old with them will depend on how well they can carry a tune...)

Unique gifts inspired by rom-coms

Lily Silk Silk Gloves

If you’re going to The Met with a suitor (perhaps to see La Bohème while your fiancé is away overseas), you’ll need to be prepared to make their mouth drop. Enter: these opera gloves, which are made with 100 percent mulberry silk — and, in dramatic fashion, go all the way up your forearms.

"Love In the Time of Cholera," by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Writing your name and phone number in a used copy of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s classic book is a novel way (we couldn't help it) to leave a lasting impression. While this copy will be brand new, you can scribble your digits in there as a sweet gesture for your favorite rom-com lover.

Yellow Mountain Imports Mahjong Tiles

You don't have to cross oceans or dress super fancy in order to gift this game of Mahjong. Whether they prefer to play solo or in a large group, make it interesting by upping the stakes, leaving one player crazy rich.

Threshold Small Boston Fern

Don't let your love fern die with this artificial indoor plant from Target. Whether you gift it to your partner early on in your relationship to test their nurturing skills, or present it to them later on to further prove the longevity of your relationship, this houseplant will surely last past 10 days.

Jellycat Brown Bear

Go over the top by gifting this simple bear to your Valentine at an extravagant location — perhaps the top of the Empire State Building? Whether you met the love of your life by being set up by someone decades younger than you, or just by some stroke of luck, this plush bear, which is soft to the touch, will make a cuddly, cozy and romantic gift.

Giant White Teddy Bear

Oh, young love. Did you and your significant other's love story start with a couple of spit wads, enemies-to-lovers style? Or are you now counting more than 13 reasons why you love them? Whatever the reason, this oversized plush bear won't disappoint your Valentine.

Heart Glass Sculpture

Marry them so you can kiss them anytime you want. This heart-shaped glass sculpture will serve as a reminder of your love and the fact that you can now smooch whenever you please.

Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Vinyl

It'll start with a debate over the lyrics. Then a shoulder shimmy. Then, before you know it, you'll both be dancing a top tables to "Bennie and the Jets," one of the more well-known songs on this Elton John album.

Anthropologie Beaded Bow Hair Clip

Gift your loved one a hair accessory that’s fitting for a day of browsing inside a Tiffany’s store — or a date night out, perhaps atop an elegant high up-do. This bedazzled bow clip from Anthropologie is made of iron and glass, but it may as well be a golden tiara — which we’re sure is nothing less than your giftee deserves!

ABBA Gold: Greatest Hits CD

Here we go again! It seems as though most every tech gadget used way back when is making a comeback, and surely your Valentine has a CD player in their car. Gift them with this CD that they can dance and sing along with on their drives.

Stationary gifts inspired by rom-coms

ThreeColumns Bouquet of Newly Sharpened Pencils

If you're enthralled and head over heels enough to send them a bouquet of sharpened pencils, look no further than this gift box from Etsy, which you fill with a selection of themed merchandise that's enough in themselves to fill their own shop. There are many to choose from, such as two different designs of mugs and tote bags and a bouquet of sharpened pencils, among other items. This gift set is "so charming," according to one reviewer.

Sugar Paper Letter Writing Set

Skip the teenage hormones and the awkward phase that so often comes with professing your love to the number of crushes you once had. Instead, gift this stationary set to your one and only, so they can leave love letters for you day and night — and they won't be left in an old box in their closet.

Papier Notes and Thoughts Notebook

If your loved one is a fan of jotting down everything — whether it’s their most private, innermost thoughts, their workout progress or the number of “alcohol units” they’ve consumed that day (hey, it’s the New Year!) — they’ll appreciate a good-quality diary. This hardback notebook from Papier, fittingly titled “Notes and Thoughts: My Notebook,” is available in eight simple yet chic color schemes, and you can select from plain, lined or dotted (bullet-style) pages. They’ll be a fan of the silk paper finish.

Urban Outfitters Fuzzy Heart Pen

Ugh, as if the recipient of this pen will ever jot anything down without it now! This fuzzy heart pen is available in either Sky Blue or Lavender. Plus, this affordable and adorable gift is also practical.

Noted by Post-It Printed Notes Gift Box

P.S. Leaving love letters around the house doesn't have to be reserved for the dearly departed. Show them that chivalry isn't dead and spread the love the old-fashioned way: with a love note in their lunch, on their makeup mirror or on their nightstand to wake up to.

Mamma Mia Donna's Diary

Dot, dot, dot! If you know someone who always recites these words from a certain well-known movie, gift them with Donna's diary, from which Sophie discovers her greatest secrets. If they have secrets of their own, or would rather tally the amount of times they've seen the film, this diary is a carbon copy of the one from the movie, right down to the floral designs on the cover.