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BTS is releasing new music in CD-only form — and fans have thoughts

"I went to the basement and dug through my electronics box yesterday to see if I still had my Walkman ... the answer is no," one fan tweeted.

BTS is going old school.

On Tuesday, the seven-member K-pop group revealed that the third disc of their three-disc anthology album, “Proof,” will only be available in CD form.

The "Dynamite" singers announced the news while unveiling the official tracklist for "Proof" in a press release, obtained by TODAY.

The official tracklist of BTS' three-disc anthology album, “Proof."
The official tracklist of BTS' three-disc anthology album, “Proof."BigHit Music

Out June 10, “Proof” is a retrospective of the band’s last nine years, and includes an array of new tracks, released tracks, demo versions, and songs curated by the BTS’ seven members.

The first CD "acts as a chronicle of BTS," per the press release, and charts the evolution of the band's sound since 2013. The second CD is a compilation of songs chosen by each of BTS' member to highlight their work as individuals.

The third disc is set apart not only for being in exclusively CD form, but for being "dedicated to their fans." BTS fans call themselves ARMY, an acronym that stands for Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth.

CD 3 will feature 14 songs, including two unreleased tracks, "Young Love" and "Quotation Mark;" demo versions of previously released tracks such as "JUMP,” “I NEED U,” “DNA” and “Young Forever;” and an acapella version of Jung Kook’s song “Still With You."

Only one song off the fan-dedicated album will be available to stream digitally: "For Youth," new song meant to show BTS' "affection and gratitude" for their fans, per the press release.

Following the announcement, BTS fans expressed their opinions — and they certainly had them. In fact, the phrase "What do you mean CD only" was trending on Twitter. One fan wrote, "These songs deserves (sic) to be streamed ... worldwide."

Others quickly adapted to the announcement, showing off their CD players. Alongside a picture of their CD-player collection, one user wrote, "I've prepared my whole life for this moment."

One Twitter user had previously purchased a CD player specifically to listen to BTS albums, and wrote, “I’m suddenly feeling very smart."

Based on the enthusiastic reactions, the Walkman has the potential to have a comeback as an accessory.

Those without CD players are preparing to go shopping.

Spotify, a music streaming platform, joined the conversation with a tweet, referencing the dismay upon finding out that two songs off CD 3 would be "CD only."

Duolingo, an internet-based language-learning software, joked that their "newest course" would be teaching fans "how to use a CD player," referring the fact that BTS' fanbase skews on the younger side.

Frustration aside, the consensus among the fans appears to be that “Proof” CD 3, based on the tracklist, is not to be missed, and is worth whatever technology is required to listen.