Grandpa buys enormous stuffed bear for 5-month-old granddaughter

/ Source: TODAY

Wait ... which one is the toy?

One grandfather is in the running for "Grandpa of the Year" after buying his granddaughter an SUV-sized teddy bear.

Little Madeline Jane's mom, Sabrina Gonzalez, said her dad bought the bear for her 5-month-old from Costco after she made a joke on Facebook about wanting one.

Grandpa didn’t take the request as a joke.

In the photo, Maddie looks like she's in heaven as she lies across her giant bear's leg.

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On a video posted on Twitter, we can see Maddie’s eyes light up every time she sees it.

Gonzalez said neither Maddie, nor her house, were big enough to have the teddy over just yet.

“The teddy bear is so big, it’s still at my parents' house," Gonzalez, who lives in San Jose, California, told TODAY. “Their house is huge, so it fits in perfectly.”

“When she’s a little older we will bring it to my place, maybe around Christmas," she said.

Good luck topping that one at Christmas, grandpa!