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January horoscope: See what the stars have in store for you this month

Check out your sign's January 2021 horoscope.
January Horoscopes
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Happy 2021 everyone! It is a new year and a new month, so let's take a look at what the stars have in store.

First up, we have a new moon in Capricorn on Jan. 13. The new moon occurs when the sun and moon meet in the same point in the sky, so there's no nocturnal visibility. The sky is completely dark. This means we have to look inward. This is an amazing time to set goals, and yes, maybe resolutions, for the year ahead. Next up, we have generous Jupiter forming a tough square aspect to innovative Uranus on Jan. 17. This means that we're going to get a little bit of pushback on what our big-picture goals are.

But don't get discouraged. Squares might be difficult, but they are the fuel that generate change. Two days later, on Jan. 19, we have the sun moving into Aquarius signaling Aquarius season. Happy solar return, Aquarius. We love you, we're inspired by you, you're so innovative and progressive and revolutionary. In conclusion, we stan.

Next up on Jan. 28, we have 2021's only full moon in Leo. This is amazing for tapping into your creativity, passion, artistic abilities and for basking in the spotlight. In this case, it's the moonlight. Okay, so please don't shoot the messenger, but on Jan. 30, the month concludes with Mercury retrograde. So I know. Mercury retrograde is extremely annoying. It causes miscommunications and technology meltdowns and traffic delays. But it's nothing that is going to have long-lasting implications. So if you got through 2020, do not worry about Mercury retrograde.

Now let's go through all 12 zodiac signs to see what January 2021 has in store.


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Aries, this is an amazing time for you to figure out how you're going to use your voice, your platform and your incredible charisma to advocate for others. You have built something amazing for yourself. Now it's time to share it with the world.


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Taurus, this is an incredible month for your career, so don't be afraid to launch a new business venture, talk to your boss about a raise or a promotion or kick a new idea off the ground. Is it a podcast? Is it a YouTube Channel? You do you, Taurus. You've got this. The stars are shining on you this month.


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In a perfect world, Gemini, I would be encouraging you to travel right now. However, I can't responsibly do that. So instead, I'm going to tell you to pick up a really, really good book and get lost in that. Yes, your passport is collecting dust right now, but that is OK because there are adventures in your backyard that have your name on it.


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Cancer, you're feeling a little bit sensitive this month. And honestly, we love to see it. We love sensitive crabs. So don't be afraid to lean into this sensibility. Take out your journals, catch up with an old friend or look through photographs. Feel all your feels and get lost in them.


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Leo, it is very likely you're going to be starting a new relationship this month. That could be romantic, it could also be professional or it even could also be a new relationship with yourself. Whatever it is, we have a lot of energy in your seventh house of partnerships, so don't be afraid to make a big commitment.


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Virgo, you're thinking about your schedule right now, you're thinking about your routines and your systems. And honestly, this is where you thrive. So you do you, Virgo. Enjoy being super meticulous about everything and set up really good habits and routines that are gonna pull you through the rest of 2021.


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Libra, you are so artistic right now, it is oozing out of you. You are feeling so much inspiration and so much creativity, so be sure to keep a journal nearby or keep whatever artistic tools you like to work with so you can just jot things down as they pop into your brain. Oh, also, you might be falling in love.


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I know we've been spending way too much time at home, but Scorpio, this month is about investing in your nest. So whether you're getting a couple of throw pillows or repainting a wall, or even looking for a new place to dwell, it's super, super important that you're comfy and cozy in your environment this month.


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Sagittarius, you are like a magnet for gossip this month. So you don't even really need to keep an ear to the ground, because all of the scalding hot tea is going to be splashing in your direction. Obviously, that sounds dangerous — it is. Be careful. You do not want to get burned.


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Capricorn, money is on your mind. I know, I know, when is it not? But here's the thing: You have an opportunity to really transform your relationship with resources this month. So take advantage of it. Also, happy birthday!


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Aquarius, your birthday season starts this month, which means we're all going to be taking a page out of your book. We're going to be innovative, progressive, revolutionary. We're going to wear mismatched socks. Really wild stuff. But this means that you need to be the trailblazer, the leader and the role model for all of us to look up to. So really tap into who you are, your innate core truths, and celebrate it. Happy birthday!


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Pisces, this next month is all about tapping into your psychic sensibilities, your intuition and your subconscious. Most other signs can't handle this, but you thrive in these conditions. So enjoy it! Dream, feel and sense that this is an amazing time for you to connect with your magical, mystical, mermaid powers.

So that's the astrology for January 2021. Be sure to follow me @AlizaKelly on all of the social media channels for more astral updates. Happy New Year!