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2024 horoscopes: A look at the year ahead for your zodiac sign

New year, new you, same sign.

What will 2024 bring, astrologically speaking? Considered an "eight year" in numerology, 2024 is poised to be a year of transformation as we enter into a new Age of Aquarius.

Below, we're recapping a few of the important dates of 2024 to keep in mind — at least, according to an astrologer — and providing a general forecast of what each zodiac sign can expect.

Eclipses within astrology are eye-openers, when truths are revealed. The four eclipses of 2024 fall on March 25, April 8, Sept. 17, and Oct. 2. These eclipses are going to force us to think about the directions our personal lives are hurtling in. Do we like what we're going?

We won't be free from Mercury retrograde, a transit thought to cause communication shakeups, in 2024. The new year will bring three Mercury retrogrades, with the first spanning from April 1 to 25, when the communication planet is in Aries. From Aug. 5 to 28, Mercury will be in backward motion in the signs Virgo and Leo. The final Mercurial backspin is from Nov. 25 to Dec. 15 in Sagittarius.

The Venus star point, an annual meet-up of Venus and the sun, occurs on June 4 in Gemini, giving us the strength to speak from the heart.

Action planet Mars will be retrograde from Dec. 6 to Feb. 3, 2025 in Leo, making us shift our behavior and think about attaining goals with kindness.

Lucky Jupiter enters Gemini in May for the first time in 11 years, bringing in good vibes and a chance to rethink our social circles. You may feel hungry for more conversation, learning and ... life! Nourish yourself.

Rebellious Uranus and expansive Jupiter link up in Taurus on April 20, encouraging us to evolve. Some shake-ups will occur at this time; remember, they're the necessary kind.

Pluto moves back into Aquarius on Jan. 20, returning to the end of March 2023, when the transformative planet first entered the innovative sign. Pluto will backspin into Capricorn from Sept. 1 to Nov. 19 and then move onward into Aquarius until 2044. This is going to allow us to seek new horizons and to embrace the community with a passion.


In the coming year, you have an opportunity to let go of the pent-up frustrations that have been holding you back. This will be a healing process that will help you realize just how unique — and frankly, amazing — you truly are. As you move forward, remember that this journey has taken time, so take a few moments to appreciate how far you have come.


You are going to experience changes that will aid in your personal growth from Point A to Point C. Although you might feel stuck at Point B, remember that progress is made through small steps. Take your time and appreciate each moment rather than rushing the process. By year’s end, you will be a whole new enlightened and evolved version of yourself.


As spring comes to a close, you will start to feel extra popular in your friend group (and that's saying something). Your focus will be on building a social circle with individuals who share similar values as you and can offer intellectual guidance. Your tolerance for pettiness and small-mindedness will hit a low, as you are more concerned with surrounding yourself with supportive people.  


Your relationships may feel more carefree and enjoyable than ever. Don't let comfort make you complacent, though. Deepen your connections with those who have supported you along the way. Express gratitude and affection to the people you've counted on. Keep them close and show them some extra TLC to ensure that they don’t feel taken for granted. 


You may want to give your all to another this year. But should you? Let this be the year you strike a balance (or try to). To ensure that your romantic life and other commitments thrive, find a way to manage your time effectively. Don’t let other distractions interfere with your relationship and your partnership get in the way of other commitments.


This year will be a reminder of your capabilities. As your career soars, give your ego a boost, too. You're allowed. If you’re considering a career change, making a jump be easier than expected. The only thing that will hold you back this year is your own self doubt or limiting beliefs.


Libra, this is your year to get serious about relationships. Read some books by couples therapists. Reflect on your own attachment style and relationship patterns. If you're scared to commit or make a change, arm yourself with experts' wisdom. Without it, you might make decisions out of fear, rather than bravery.


You have the opportunity to transform into the person you’ve always wanted to be. Finding the friend group that brings out the best in you, or people who make your inner child smile. A sparkly new social life may lead to positive changes in your family relationships, too. You don't have to go at it alone.


Get out of your own head this year, Sagittarius, and think about how to make other people feel special. You can do this by engaging in activities that bring you closer to your partner or friend, such as sharing hobbies or engaging in meaningful conversations. While it may seem overwhelming to deal with your own obligations and satisfy another person, you will come to realize that it’s possible with patience, generosity and smart scheduling.


Capricorn, you've never been one to shy away from a challenge. The new year is likely to bring more your way. As you continue to climb mountains, bring your friends and family along to a new zenith — one of emotional heights. Reciprocate the kindness you've been shown by being a good friend and listener.


You may find new causes to align with this year. In doing so, you will feel a spark of purpose you'd been missing. This is your year to create the change you know you're capable of. Don't worry about the scale of impact; only concern yourself with acting in the direction of your passion.


What's old is not new again this year, Pisces. You're longing for a change in scenery. That can be managed by simply changing up your home environment. Spruce up a room, or a corner, at a time until it matches your vision. As your space changes, your outlook will, too. Take photos of the journey from January to December and marvel at the changes you made happen.

Disclaimer: Astrology is not based in science. These posts are not intended to act as a directive.