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A pro astrologer picks the 22 most chill, luxe gifts for Taurus — no matter your budget

From snack boxes to the most luscious body butter on planet Earth.
Eagles Nest Outfitters; Etsy; Elviros

Very few signs, if any, appreciate a good gift like Taurus does. Taurus is all about the creature comforts — it’s a sign that prioritizes food, sleep and sensuality even more than the average person. Taurus can be a little bougie and sometimes hedonistic, but they can teach us a lot about self-care and appreciating both the simpler things and the finer things in life.

What do I need to know about Taurus?

The Taurus vibe is very steady and typically very even-keeled. When imbalanced, Taurus energy can be excessively stubborn, slow-moving and sometimes lazy, and can put personal comfort and convenience over all else, so they can also benefit from tools that help them find energy, momentum and ease in adapting to change. That being said, Taurus energy tends to be very consistent, stable, straightforward and reliable.

In Western astrology, people with a Taurus Sun sign are those who are born between April 20 and May 20. It’s important to know that no two Taureans are the same, as each individual has their own unique birth chart, but most people born during Taurus season share some key commonalities. These traits will be helpful when it comes time for gift-shopping.

How do I know what to gift a Taurus?

“Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, who is indulgent, decadent and playful,” says astrologer and contributor Lisa Stardust. So when looking for gifts for a Taurus, it’s best to keep the following themes in mind: quality, self-care, food and drink, handmade items, indulgence and at-home comfy vibes.

Although Taurus gifts can err on the pricey side, we’ve picked gifts from all different price points to make your favorite Taurus’s day. Keep scrolling to see all 22, or use the links below to jump to a specific gift category.

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Best food and drink gifts for Taurus

Sis Got Tea Mountain Summit Tea

This Darjeeling tea blend is earthy, grounding and floral while also being highly caffeinated, which can help give a Taurus the energy they often need.

This particular tea is sourced from the Namring Tea Estate in West Bengal, India, and it’s the perfect way to get an energy boost without overdoing it on the coffee.

Natural Wine Club Subscription from Mysa

People rave about this wine subscription because it’s very customizable — you can choose to get three, six or 12 bottles delivered monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.

It also features small, local biodynamic winemakers, the customer service is excellent, and each wine is personally vetted. What's more, there are lots of personal touches, like food-pairing suggestions and recorded video tastings.

Cocoa Dust Adaptogen Drink Blend

This powdered based blend is perfect in coffee or mixed with your sweetener and milk of choice. It’s made of Oregon-grown adaptogenic mushrooms and herbs such as chaga, cordyceps, ashwagandha, gingko, lion’s mane, reishi and more.

A mushroom drink may sound weird, but it’s actually rich and delicious ("like a warm hug," according to one five-star reviewer), not to mention extremely nutrient-dense.

Global Snack Box from Universal Yums

Taurus loves snacks more than any other zodiac sign, but they sometimes need help trying new things and getting out of their comfort zone. Universal Yums lets you send care packages — either once or on a subscription basis — full of snacks from countries around the world.

Best gifts for the outdoorsy Taurus

National Parks Pass

Taurus is an Earth sign that tends to love the outdoors, but sometimes needs a little motivation to leave the house and explore new destinations. This pass is the perfect excuse to go on an adventure, and if you’re lucky, they’ll share the adventures with you. This pass pays the entry fee for over 2,000 outdoor recreation spots across the United States, and it’s valid for 12 months.

Eno SingleNest Hammock

Hammocks are peak Taurus energy, and this camping hammock is lightweight, portable, breathable, easy to wash, quick-drying and so incredibly comfortable.

Whether your Taurus likes camping or not, this hammock is great for lounging outside anywhere you can find two trees that are vaguely near one another. It’s quick and easy to set up and take down, but also extremely durable and secure.

I’ve had the double version of this hammock for seven-ish years, and it’s still in perfect shape.

Soft Pack Cooler from RTIC

A wise Taurus I know once said, “You can never have too many coolers.” This one is comfy to carry, leakproof, floatable and ready for relaxing in your earthy loved one’s favorite outdoor spots.

It only weighs 2.4 pounds, but it’s pretty indestructible and great at keeping your cold stuff cold. It's also highly recommended by my Taurus partner for river floats in the summer.

Best self-care gifts for Taurus

Jade & Fox Crushed Velvet Butter Body Souffle

To say that this body butter is luscious is an understatement. It’s handmade from mango butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil and a blend of sweet orange, lemongrass and vanilla essential oils — the quality is unmatched. Keep your Taurus moisturized the way they were born to be.

This souffle will ship on April 30, according to the company's website, so if that's cutting it close, we also recommend this Eucalyptus Spearmint Ultimate Hydration Cream from Bath & Body Works. One of many "bath essentials" recommended by Shop TODAY SEO writer and Taurus Jannely Espinal, this luxurious-feeling lotion features soothing and floral scents reminiscent of the spa.

Deep Serum from NOTO

When in doubt, you really can’t go wrong with getting a Taurus some good skin care products. This serum has a cult following for its top-tier hydration and botanical ingredients, including green coffee oil, marula oil, sea buckthorn and carrot seed oil. It’s made for all genders and all skin types, but folks with dry skin tend to love this serum a little extra.

This potent oil is also available in a mini 1-ounce size for $36.

Lemon Custard Bath & Shower Gel

Lauren Witonsky, assistant editor for Shop TODAY and an unmistakable Taurus, says this is her current body wash. It doubles as a bubble bath and even a shampoo, smells amazing, is very moisturizing and is just the right amount of bougie.

“It’s perfect for Taurus who finds solace relaxing in a bubble bath,” says Stardust.

Hypervolt Go 2 Massage Gun

“A massage gun is a great way for Taurus to decompress,” says Stardust, and this one is a Taurus favorite.

It’s portable, compact, quiet and lightweight, but still powerful. Whether you have aches and pains or just want to relieve daily stress, people rave about this thing (it has an average star rating of over 4.6 stars across multiple retailers).

Elviros Hanging Toiletry Bag

For all those self-care items and for giving a Taurus more of an excuse to get out of the house, this bag is perfect (and my very Taurus partner brings it with her everywhere).

It folds up conveniently, hangs via a durable hook, is water-resistant and is made to contain any toiletry spills. It’s extremely well-made and can fit a lot of items at once — my partner has a full-size bottle of cologne, a full bottle of Black Wolf body wash, a full-sized toothpaste and so much more in there at any given time.

Best wearable Taurus gifts

Black Luxe Leggings from Girlfriend Collective

Comfy, simple and high-quality are Taurus virtues, and these leggings from Girlfriend Collective are an example of exactly that.

They’re versatile enough to be worn to the gym or dressed up to go out, and they’re both supportive and extremely soft. The fit is full-length and high-rise, the brand is sustainability-oriented, and frankly, everybody just loves these.

Handmade Sterling Silver Taurus Charm Necklace

Taurus loves handmade goods, and this gorgeous necklace features the Taurus bull. It says “for men” but it’s for anyone, and it pairs well with a wide variety of styles. It’s well-made, and the chain and clasp are very durable for standing up to daily wear.

Coyuchi Organic Air Weight Robe

“A beautiful robe to luxuriate at home is perfect for a Taurus who loves to chill,” says Stardust, and that’s every Taurus.

This robe feels like wearing a cloud; it’s made of 100 percent organic cotton that’s grown and woven in India under Fair Trade and Made Safe standards. A robe like this “makes me feel like I'm at a hotel anytime I wear it,” says Witonsky — and now it's half off on the brand's website.

For an even more affordable but equally plush option, fellow Taurus Espinal says she "definitely" needs this cozy pick from intimates brand Soma, which is now available for $30.

14k Gold Essential Chain from Atomic Gold

Quality gold jewelry is always a good bet for Taurus, but what type of piece to get them depends on their style — this simple gold chain is delicate but durable, and fits a wide range of different looks. It’s minimalistic and lightweight, so you can add charms or keep it simple. Even better, it comes from a sustainable brand that uses 100 percent certified recycled gold.

Sweet Ash Fragrance from Snif

“Luxury perfume will get hedonistic Taurus’s senses flowing,” says Stardust. This unisex fragrance is a blend of Juniper, bergamot, fir balsam, tonka, vanilla bean, white moss, and patchouli, so it’s earthy, silky and sensual. It also happens to be vegan, cruelty-free and made without parabens, preservatives, phthalates or synthetic dyes.

Best home and décor gifts for Taurus

Black Art Depot Love Note Art Print

When I polled a dozen Taurus friends about their favorite gifts to receive, art prints was one of the most popular answers. This one by Black artist and Brooklyn native Andrew Nichols is vibrant and evocative, but still very calming. Being able to enjoy beautiful art without leaving the house is the Taurus dream.

Gravity Weighted Blanket

We already recommended this on our Pisces gift guide, but Taureans tend to love weighted blankets just as much because they need to feel grounded and cozy.

This one is more attractive than your typical weighted blanket, since it’s a duvet style with a washable cover. It’s got a high thread count and weighs 15 pounds, which feels like a warm, calming hug. Better yet, it's currently steeply discounted, from $205 to $50!

Bright Black Signature Candle

“Candles are a great treat for Taurus to find their chill and calm” says Stardust, and this candle has an earthy, slightly citrusy scent, which is perfect for Taurus. It comes from a small business in North Carolina that uses a blend of vegan, all-natural coconut and soy waxes, wooden wicks and custom-blended scents. Their candles burn for a full 70 to 80 hours each and are perfect for a chill night at home, which is a Taurus’s true element.

High Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

One of the most common ways I describe the sign of Taurus to my clients is that they’re the sign most likely to spring for high thread count sheets. Taurus loves naps, a good night’s sleep, and soft and cozy vibes — this sheet set is exquisite for all of the above.

Fresh Bouquet from Danisa Flowers

“Fresh flowers are key to keeping Taurus at peace,” says Stardust. Go for a bouquet or bunch from Danisa Flowers, a mom-and-pop flower wholesaler that ships nationwide and allows you to customize your bouquet.

How we chose the best Taurus gifts

Katya Weiss-Andersson is a professional astrologer who specializes in Saturn return and birth chart readings. With the help of astrologer Lisa Stardust, assistant editor Lauren Witonsky, SEO writer Jannely Espinal and a trusted council of her favorite Tauruses, she hand-picked the gifts that best epitomize the chill, luxurious, vibes that this sign lives for, while still being unique and extra thoughtful.