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Whether they coach Little League or cheer from the couch, these gifts are perfect for sports enthusiasts

These thoughtful presents are sure to be a home run.
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Whether their weekends are spent analyzing how their fantasy football team is performing or coaching a Little League team, one hobby that brings most people together is sports.

If they're into all forms of athleticism or has a soft spot for pastimes like golf, tennis, basketball or skiing, there's a wide world of gift-worthy items that'll suit their interests. From specialized gear that'll elevate technique to compelling reads highlighting groundbreaking moments and matches, these thoughtful presents are sure to be a home run with any sports lover who loves the thrill of the game.

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Best gifts for Formula One fans

Logo Seat Cushion

For the lucky fan who gets to watch a race in person rather than on TV, gift them with this seat cushion so they can sit in comfort. Reviewers love this branded cushion because it's "lightweight and easy to carry."

F1 Metal Wall Art

For a subtle nod towards their favorite sport, gift them with this wall decor that is available in five different sizes, so it can either serve as a focal point or a hidden gem in a room.

"How to Build a Car," by Adrian Newey

An autobiography that offers insight to how F1 cars are meticulously designed and engineered, this book, written by Adrian Newey, an engineer and chief technical officer for an F1 racing team, gives readers an inside look at his 35-year career in autosports.

Paddock Club Hoodie

For fans who are, or one day hope to be part of the prestigious Paddock Club that grants you special access and privileges at F1 races, this ultra-soft sweatshirt still helps you show your passion on race day.

"Really great quality, and the designs are super fun and unique. I get compliments every time I wear it on race days," said one reviewer of this design.

Best gifts for tennis and pickleball fans

"All In: An Autobiography," by Billie Jean King

An intimate inside look into the career and life of Billie Jean King, gift this autobiography to the history buff who cannot seem to get enough of the news surrounding the U.S. Open or is curious to learn more about the sport. Whether they enjoy reading about women's sports, overcoming groundbreaking barriers or what life was like in the 1950s and '60s, this is a "must read" according to reviewers.

Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddles

For the person who prefers to play pickleball on a court, give them these wooden paddles and a set of balls to truly perfect their sport. According to one reviewer, this set has "excellent value and superb comfort for beginners," while another said that "this is a great starter pack for our family." Whether they've never step foot on a court before or want new paddles, rest assured in this set, which is also approved by the USA Pickleball Association.

US Open Collection 2023 T-Shirt

Celebrate Billie Jean King's impact on the sport of tennis and 50 years of equal pay with a T-shirt from this year's US Open tournament that honors both through its design.

Wilson Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper

Open the legs to create a standing method of storage, or fold them up to create a shopping basket-like method to carry and pick up stray tennis balls. With over 3,500 verified five-star ratings, Wilson proves yet again that they are a tried, true and trusted tennis brand. "I love the fact that it makes it so easy to pick up the balls instead of having to pick them up by hand," one reviewer said, adding "it’s sturdy, it was easy to setup and we were ready for the day!"

Best gifts for basketball fans

"LeBron: Life Lessons From the King"

Whether they're a die-hard Lakers fan or simply enjoy supporting individual players, gift them this book inspired by the 'King' himself, LeBron James.

Spalding Basketball

Measuring in at just under 30 inches, this basketball can be used by both tweens, teens and adults alike. "It is a good basketball for basic skills," one reviewer said, adding that "the colors make it easy to find." Turn to this red-and-blue rubber ball when playing pickup in the driveway or bring it to practice when you want to stand out among the sea of orange.

"Basketball (and Other Things)," by Shea Serrano

For the beginner who is looking to get all their questions answered or the pro who needs a little refresher from time to time, this informative (and hilarious) read from author and journalist Shea Serrano has it all. From off-kilter player profiles to rules of the game and analysis on who's truly the best of the best, this book will keep basketball lovers occupied for hours.

"How To Watch Basketball Like a Genius," by Nick Greene

Make sitting on the sidelines or watching your favorite NBA team more exciting by reading tips from astrophysicists, game designers and other experts on how the game is played. "[Nick] Greene has written on a broad range of topics and venues and is smart, thoughtful and analytical," said one reviewer, adding, "You will enjoy every page, whatever your age."

Nike Everyday Next Nature Basketball

With a paint splatter design and three different size options, this basketball not only looks fun, but it will help all their swishes come true on the court.

'47 NBA Ball Cap

For the fan who can't wait for basketball season to kick into high gear, gift them with a cap that can show their love for their team. This vintage-looking hat from the brand '47 is a "great fit" and "great quality" cap.

Best gifts for soccer fans

"One Life" by Megan Rapinoe

Read the story written by the GOAT herself, Megan Rapinoe. "This is very well-written," said one reviewer. "It is the story of a young white woman, a world-class athlete, bettering herself and those around her as much as she's able as soon as she understands what's needed."

"One Goal: A Coach, A Team and the Game That Brought a Divided Town Together"

Read the remarkable story on how Somali refugees and Maine locals unite over a shared love for the game of soccer in this novel. "Buy it, read it and buy more for your family and friends," one reviewer raved, adding, "Lastly, a great read for ALL ages. Teachers and parents can make it a read-aloud, middle schoolers and high schoolers will devour it. Enjoy!"

Adidas Unisex Training Soccer Ball

For the footie who always looks for opportunities to make it to the field and kick the ball around, gift them this Adidas soccer ball. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes to find the one that is perfect for their game.

Homage A.F.C. Richmond Tee

Whether they're a fan of a fictional team or one that plays IRL, this logo is recognizable to fans across the pond and here at home. Reviewers love tees from Homage because they're "soft and comfortable." What more could you want?

Best gifts for skiers and snowboarders

Casely "We've Peaked" Aprés Ski Phone Case

Remind them of the slopes they frequent with one glance at this durable phone case. Available in iPhone-compatible shapes and sizes, they'll be wishing they were skiing in fresh snow rather than cooped up inside.

Wall Mounted Ski Bottle Opener

Made from recycled skis, Dad can crack open a cold one with these bottle openers. Made for mounting in a man cave or elsewhere, he can make it a game by trying to catch the cap in an empty can that rests at a base at the bottom.

Sloping Ski Glasses

No, these aren't an optical illusion — the art on these glasses depicts skiers on a slanting slope. "These glasses are a perfect and unique gift for your ski loving friends," one reviewer said, adding, "They are wonderful conversation starters."

Best gifts for baseball fans

Baseball Legends Alphabet Book

It's never too early to coach a young sports fan on the basics of America's favorite pastime. Teach them the alphabet with prompts like "R is for Babe Ruth," or "D is for Joe DiMaggio."

Magnolia Babe Ruth Leather Sign

Sometimes we all need a little reminder to never give up, worded wonderfully by the late Babe Ruth. Gift this sign to someone who can hang this quote in their sports-themed office or in an area where they know they'll always need a positive pep talk!

Smallwoods "The Sandlot" Poster

A gift that is sure to be a home run no matter their favorite scene from "The Sandlot," this poster will serve as a reminder to follow their heart no matter what. "I ordered “The Sandlot” canvas print for my son-in-law as a Christmas gift," said one reviewer, adding that "it arrived on time and just as expected. The print is exactly as described and I’m very pleased with my order."

Baseballism "Sandlot" Hercules Snapback

For a subtle nod to one of the greatest baseball movies, gift them with this "Sandlot"-themed snapback, featuring Hercules, the oh-so-scary mutt who hoards baseballs.

MLB Ballpark Traveler's Map

If their goal is to visit all of the ballparks in the nation, gift them with this map that will help them track their progress and plan out which one to visit next. "Stickers are a great touch to identify when you travel to a new ballpark," said one reviewer, with another one adding that "this is a great way to track what fun is left to come."

Best gift for golf fans

"Sports Illustrated: The Golf Book"

A more budget-friendly pick for the golf fan in your life compared to a new set of clubs or a golf polo, this in-depth book from editors at Sports Illustrated discusses the history of the game, along with devotions and profiles on popular players from the past and present.

Land Shark Golf Ball Marker

Upgrade them from the pennies and tees they normally use to mark their ball to this shark fin, sure to cause some laughs on an otherwise quiet course. This is a "big hit with the golf fans," said one reviewer who gifted this to her son.

Titleist True Fit Golf Cap

Golf fans can sport a cap donning their alma mater's logo or turn to classic colors like blue, navy and black with these tried-and-true golfing caps. Popular with men and women alike, they also sell children's caps as well as visors.

Swig Life Golf Ball Tumblr

Gift the golf lover in your life with this tumblr to take to the office and sport some hot chocolate or coffee on especially cold days out on the course. Dimpled with golf ball-like indents, this gift is sure to be a hole-in-one.

Best gifts for runners

Medal Blocks Medal Display Frame

For the avid runner, gift them a unique way to display their medals. While most frames used to display medals are shadow boxes that have lots of leftover space, their race medal will fit perfectly in this 9x7 wooden frame.

Lululemon MacroPillow Ankle Running Sock

Prevent blisters and make running more comfortable with these "pillow"-like socks from Lululemon. Available in seven different colors and three sizes, these ankle-length socks are made with mesh to help make them breathable and cool.

Nike Slim Running Fanny Pack

Perfect for race days, running around the block or going on a walk and needing something light, this slim fanny pack is adjustable, so it can be worn over-the-shoulder, or sit comfortably at their waist. With enough room for keys, a phone and another basic item, this fanny will be their new favorite.

"The New York City Marathon: 50 Years Running"

A coffee table book that will have one itching to lace up their running shoes and set a new mile personal record, it offers a rich history of the race that has taken over the New York City streets for the past 50 years. "It is really fun to see how the NYC marathon has evolved over the years,'' one reviewer said of this photo book that takes readers through different eras and time periods.

Best gifts for football fans

NFL Retro Logo Pennant

Whether they host watch parties for every game or are the newest NFL fan on the block, gift them a classic piece of sports memorabilia that will match any room.

"The League," by John Eisenberg

If they spend their Sundays in front of the TV rooting for their fantasy football roster, gift them this book to read in the offseason that will help them learn how their favorite league came to be.

Smells Like An Eagles Win Candle

If Dad is superstitious, he may want to add lighting this candle as part of his pre-game ritual. With multiple teams such as Rams, Bills, Steelers and many more up for grabs, may they be so lucky to secure a win thanks to this candle.

Greatest Chief Plays Slate Coasters

Help them relive their favorite sports moments with these "best of" coasters. Choose from either their alma mater or their favorite NFL team, and slate or leather coasters for them to set their game day drink on. "These coasters were a birthday gift for my son, said one reviewer. "He was thrilled with the uniqueness of the gift as well as the quality."

Best Gifts for NCAA Fans

47th and Main Notre Dame Door Mat

For the Irish-obsessed, so much so that they can't be bothered during a game, gift them with this doormat that welcomes guests right in. "My whole neighborhood could read it from the street so my house is now always full on game day," said one reviewer. This door mat adds a touch of the gameday spirit without going overboard.

Catstudio Collegiate Dish Towel

With a multitude of colleges to choose from, from Alabama to Yale, it will serve as the perfect accessory over their shoulder while cooking game day appetizers and snacks. With an embroidered border based off the school's colors, this tea towel features designs, buildings and traditions unique to each school and team.

I Love You To Kinnick And Back Print

For decor that isn't so obviously NCAA-centric and fits in perfectly with other living room or TV room decor, this print offers a different aesthetic that any sports fan will love. Reminiscent of the Iowa Hawkeyes football stadium, this print is from a small business on Etsy, meaning your gift was handmade with care.

SEC Family Crew Neck Sweatshirt

For the southern gal who loves all things SEC, gift them this crew neck that showcases the mascots of each team, from the Florida Gators to Big Al from the University of Alabama. For the younger fans, this design also comes in a children's tee.

NCAA 5-Layer Stadium Wall Art

Gift them a view of the stadium they frequent every Saturday with this layered wall art decor piece. From Alabama to Yale, each wooden piece encapsulates the stadium to a T. "I would recommend this to anyone who likes college football and has a favorite team they want to showcase," said one reviewer. Numerous reviewers explained that this is a popular gift item for sports dens, man caves and watch rooms alike.

Baylor Bears Fleece Crew Neck

For a stylish take on the classic collegiate crew, opt for this fleece sweater from Barefoot Campus Outfitters, whose merchandise includes pairing fun patterns like cheetah print with collegiate logos.

Unique gifts for sports fans

9-Pocket Trading Card Binder

With 40 pages that can hold nine cards each, the collector in your life will have no excuses as to why their cards aren't organized.

mincl Protective Sports Glasses

If you know of someone who always leaves their all on the court or field (even if it means leaving with a couple of bruises or scratches), hook them up with these protective glasses. Use the provided clear lenses, or add prescribed lenses to see more clearly. Reviewers love them because they are "fairly comfortable" and provide "nice visibility."

Rawlings Non-Polarized Sunglasses

Sunglasses that are a bit more on the casual side, this pair from Rawlings are still impact and scratch-resistant, meaning one can wear them when in the outfield, on the fishing boat or while out on the slopes.

"Who Shot Sports: A Photographic History from 1843 to the Present"

With over 280 images featuring athletes both on and off the field, court or mat, historic games, matches and events, recipients can relish in this photographic history that will either have them reminiscent of a certain time period or in awe of what once was. "Even if you aren't a sports fan, or historian, or photographer, the power of these photos is incredible," one reviewer said.

Splurge gifts for sports fans

Recess Pickleball Paddle

If they're big into pickleball, gift him with a patterned paddle that will help him feel ready for summer play. With 24 colors to choose from, between solids to puppies, checkerboard and stripes, he'll never want to put a pause on the game!

Brooks Adrenaline GTS Running Shoe

Add a pop of color to their running regime with a colorful pair of running shoes from Brooks. With over 20 colors and patterns to choose from, you can be sure to gift them the pair that will help them reach a new mile time. Best known for their cushion support and ability to help runners achieve soft landings while running, these shoes are "very lightweight, and extremely comfortable," according to one reviewer.

Triumph Sports 4-Square Pickleball Lawn Sports Set

No need for a pickleball court when you can play in your backyard with this lawn game set. Pickleball has increased in popularity in recent years, so give the gift that is in high demand. With four wooden paddles, two balls, chalk and a four-way net, commuting is easy with the included carrying case.

Notre Dame Toiletry Bag

Upgrade their toiletry bag from drab to fab thanks to Country Club Prep. Featuring an embroidered pattern based on their favorite collegiate team, this bag also features leather fabric and handle for easy carrying.

Peter Millar MLB Quarter Zip

This quarter-zip from Peter Millar allows them to show support for their favorite team in a more professional setting, like to work or dressier events. Available in polos, crew necks, vests and other design options and an entire roster of teams, elevate their wardrobe with one of these picks.

NFL Customized Team Jersey

Instead of "Mahomes" or "Brady" on the back, customize a jersey with their last name and nickname on it. With every NFL team to choose from, it won't be hard to score a touchdown with this gift.

Oakley Flight Deck L Snow Goggles

Available in 19 different colors and meant for a variety of elements and forecasts, these large goggles are made to guarantee your eyes are covered and protection. Gift these to the snow bunny who cannot wait to ski or snowboard!

Boston Garden Floor Cufflinks

Give them a piece of their favorite court with these Boston Garden cufflinks, which feature a piece of the floor from the home of the Boston Celtics. If they're not into wearing button-downs or blazers on the regular, it's also available in watch, necklace, pen and bottle opener form.