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31 Halloween nails that are sure to scare up all the compliments

So simple, it's scary: Even beginners can nail these easy designs.

If you're anything like us, your love for Halloween knows no bounds.

And while you can always put your whole heart into your homemade costume or decor, there are so many other ways to express just how much the spooky season makes your heart sing.

Enter Halloween nails. Far less permanent than marking your body with some Halloween-themed ink, your nails are a blank canvas ready — and waiting — to be covered with the holiday's best (think: witches, ghosts and creepy creatures of the night).

The possibilities are endless: Paint a detailed design across your tips, stick with a single shade for an understated look or find a way to combine the two. Can't get enough of the holiday's thrills and chills? Go with blood-spattered nails or a design inspired by the scary movie "It." Or if you prefer cute over creepy, then opt for glossy black, orange and purple nails.

All of the Halloween nail designs below can be tailored to your skill level and nail length. Although some of the nail art looks complex, you'll find that all of these ideas are easy to recreate — but, by all means, go to a professional if you're lacking patience or polish.

No matter what you choose, be sure to post photos of your handiwork (pun intended) on Instagram along with one of these Halloween captions to score all the likes.

Checkered nails

Can't decide on ghosts, witches or pumpkins? You can have 'em all — along with a few black-and-white checkered nails for good measure.

Spider accent nails

It's all in the details. At first glance, you might miss the creepy crawlers on the accent nails — but once you see them, you won't be able to look away.

Friendly ghost nails

Like Casper, but even cuter. Opt for a pretty pastel base coat to play up the playfulness of the ghosts.

Haunted house nails

These moody purple nails paint a spooky scene with gravestones, flying bats and glowing jack-o’-lanterns.

Ghost nails

These nails won't get boos from anyone — unless, of course, that's your goal.

Spiderweb nails

These chic Halloween nails pair perfectly with a classic witch or cat Halloween costume. The spidery design speaks for itself, so don't hesitate to wear a simple black dress and call it a costume.

Glam bat nails

We're positively batty over these nails. Just because it's Halloween doesn't mean you have to go with orange and black, so pick a base color that suits your style.

Bloody nails

If you're hoping to get a vampire's attention this Halloween (say, Edward Cullen?), these nails will do the trick.

Intricate Halloween nails

Spiders, stripes and webs! These nails have it all, while putting the signature Halloween colors on full display.

Crime scene nails

Whoa, someone call forensics! A little red splatter goes a long way in this killer look.

"It" nails

You'll be, uh, floating on cloud nine wearing this "It"-inspired nail design. Pennywise the Clown has never looked scarier.

Elegant black and orange nails

Understated but elegant, this simple design is a great way to express your love for Halloween without going overboard.

"Beetlejuice" Halloween nails

It's showtime! You're sure to have a blast in this life or the afterlife wearing these "Beetlejuice" nails. The green, purple and black motif is an excellent tribute to the Tim Burton classic.

Third-eye nail design

The eyes definitely have it with this cute yet creepy nail design! If you feel like you're being watched, it's probably your fingers keeping tabs on you.

Pink and black Halloween nails

Go for the unexpected by trading orange for pink. With a different Halloween image on each nail, this design is hauntingly good.

Black widow nails

Halloween nails don't have to be over-the-top to impress and this elegant spider design is the proof. The black tips are a delightful departure from the same ol' look and if you're doing nails at home, all you need is a bottle of black nail polish to get the job done.

Halloween scene nails

Talk about short and sweet! Little moons, stars, ghosts and spider webs set against a sparkly black background scream Halloween.

Creepy eyeball nails

Someone's got their eye on you! This creepy eyeball nail design has got us shaking in our shoes — but in a good way.

Cat eye nails

Start with a glossy black base before adding a yellow eye to each nail. Place each eye in a different spot to really up the creep factor.

Moon and stars nails

Turn the sky orange with this detailed design. The crescent moons and stars really stand out against the matte orange base.

Jack-o'-lantern nails

Since the jack-o'-lantern is Halloween's unofficial mascot, why not incorporate it into your nail design? Save time by painting pumpkins on an accent nail and sticking with sleek orange tips on the other nails.

Skeleton nails

This black-and-white nail design is sure to tickle your funny bone or, at the very least, give you a leg up on everyone else this Halloween.

Spooky ghost nails

From the sparkly black polish to the ghostly apparitions, these nails put the boo in boo-tiful.

"The Nightmare Before Christmas" nails

"The Nightmare Before Christmas" fans, this one's for you. Coat a few nails in the movie's signature colors, then save Jack Skellington, Sally and Oogie Boogie for accent nails.

Chic Halloween nails

Black, orange and ... mauve? Not your typical Halloween colors, but that's exactly what gives this look such a contemporary feel.

Monster mash nails

Go all in and paint a different monster on each nail. They're all so clever, it's hard to decide which one we like best. The purple people-eater is spooky fun, but our vote goes to the mummy.

Vampire nails

Sink your teeth into this bat-acular nail design. The red tips and tiny bats are a great addition to any Count Dracula or vampiress costume.

Cat and ghost nails

Toss all the folklore about bad luck right out the window because black cats are the sweetest, especially when paired up with little ghosts and other signs of the season.

"Scream" nails

These nails are a total scream. If you're a fan of the movie, then be sure to paint one nail on each hand to look just like everyone's favorite serial killer Ghostface.

Classic Halloween nails

Keep it classic with the exception of an accent nail, featuring a ghost, bat and jack-o'-lantern. The variety of colors and design make this one completely spooktacular.

Seasonal splendor nails

These nails sum up the season to a T. Paint 'em while sipping on a pumpkin spice latte to really get in the mood.