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How to get a Jill Martin-approved Ambush Makeover at home

You don't have to visit the plaza to experience your own Ambush Makeover!

Every Thursday, TODAY welcomes two guests into the studio to experience an Ambush Makeover transformation.

The tradition brings joy, excitement and surprise to each guest — so to keep spirits high, TODAY lifestyle contributor Jill Martin and celebrity hairstylist Louis Licari are bringing an Ambush Makeover to you.

"It's very easy to want to stay in bed all day, not get dressed, wear mismatched outfits and eat poorly when you're staying at home," said Martin. "But right now, more than ever, it's about being your own best friend."

The style duo joined forces to provide some easy-to-follow tips on how you can Ambush yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Home and Style Tips

1. Make your bed

It's important to set a schedule for yourself — whether you do or don't have kids. Making your bed establishes a routine that can make you more productive throughout the day.

"We've been saying by 10 o'clock, we can watch the news — but then we need to be out of bed," Martin said about the schedule she established with her fiancé. She noted that this is a great way to stay motivated.

See her picks for creating a cozy environment at home.

Extra Soft Faux Fur Throw Blanket

This fluffy lightweight blanket has a plush shaggy texture that's soft to the touch. It can serve as a decor item or a cozy throw to snuggle with during a movie.

Antizer Flameless Candles

Bring some relaxation into your home with this nine-pack of candles. They look real, but they're flameless so you don't need to worry about blowing them out.

Faux Silk Orchid

Can't keep plants alive? The MyGift Faux Silk Orchid will bring a lively look to any room without water.

2. Shower

Since days may seem like they merge together when you're constantly indoors, you'll want to make sure you're sticking with your regular shower routine. "Shower. You will feel better," said Martin.

Pottery Barn Teddy Bear Robes

Cozy up on the couch in this ultra-comfortable robe from Pottery Barn. We won't judge if you lounge in it all day!

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter

Martin loves this argan oil body butter for tackling dryness, dullness and uneven texture.

3. Get dressed in a feel-good outfit

Martin recommends getting dressed in an outfit that makes you feel good. "It is extremely nuanced, but if you feel good you will make better decisions throughout the day," she said. "I have been putting on my cozy black leggings that have a waistband so the cereal bowl doesn't win... our favorite jeans work too."

Here are her at-home style choices.

Commando Classic Control Leggings

The Commando Classic Control Leggings will slim your tummy and legs without sacrificing comfort. They are perfect for doing chores around the home or for playing with the kids.

Chaser Tie Die Raglan Sleeve Hoodie

This lounge-ready hoodie will brighten your day. You can get it shipped to your door and Nordstrom is currently having a sitewide sale.

Upstone Velvet Scrunchies

Throw your hair back and get to work. These vibrant scrunchies will help!

4. Organize

Feeling a little unproductive? Establish a project you can tackle each day. Whether you need to organize your closet, jewelry drawer, dresser or have another chore in mind, a little goal can go a long way.

Need some inspiration? Martin organized her closet to provide some purpose to her day.

See her organizing favorites.

Amazon Basics Velvet Clothing Hangers

Feeling the need to organize your closet? These hangers will save you space due to their thin velvet design.

Clear Acrylic Small Stackable Trays

Organize jewelry, knick-knacks or accessories in this small stackable tray.

Acrylic Earring Organizer

If you've taken to cleaning your home recently you may have encountered a few earrings laying around. Hang them on this organizer so you won't lose them in the future!

Our Shoe Box

Store shoes and more in these compact boxes. Since they're clear you will always know what's inside them.

5. Move

Make sure to get out and move for at least 30 minutes per day, says Martin. "I have an at-home workout that a trainer taught me. It may seem silly but Erik and I were actually sore from doing the workout yesterday 2 times!"

You can even use common household products to work out as Martin showed us in her fitness video.

For more of her home gym essentials, read on.

MailPix Yoga Mat

Martin loves her personalized yoga mat and uses it during her at-home workouts. Give it as a gift or craft one for yourself!

Amazon Basics Dumbells

Keeping a set of dumbells on hand for your home gym can open up so many opportunities for new exercises.

TheraBand Resistance Band Loop Set

Another at-home gym favorite are these resistance bands. This set comes with four three-inch-wide loops.

At-Home Color Tips

1. Do a deep treatment

Having healthy hair is a great foundation for any hair color and Licari notes that now is the best time to give yourself a deep conditioning treatment.

"Almost any instant conditioner that you already have in your shower can be used as a deep treatment," said Licari. Though expensive options may be tempting, he says that the most important thing when it comes to the effectiveness conditioner is the method of application.

To do a hair treatment you'll want to start by shampooing your hair (making sure to blot out excess moisture) and following with your favorite conditioner. Apply it throughout your hair and wrap your head in a one-minute microwave-heated towel.

After waiting 15 minutes, rinse your hair and experience soft and smooth locks.

L'Oréal EverPure Shampoo & Conditioner Kit

Licari recommends using this set if you have thin hair. The products are sulfate-free so they're safe to use on colored hair.

2. Give yourself a root touch-up

If you can't make it to the salon you may notice your roots are starting to peek through. "The root touch-up kits are the best option for this problem," said Licari. They have easy-to-use applicators and only take about 10 minutes from start to finish.

Licari followed with a helpful tip: "Only apply the color around your hairline and on your part. This will give the illusion of a fresh touch up."

You should be able to use an at-home hair coloring kit about three times before having to go into the salon for a full touch-up. Licari also noted that your at-home color will blend easily so finding a perfect match isn't necessary!

Madison Reed Root Reboot

Licari loves Madison Reed for hair color and this touch-up kit is easy to use.

3. Do a complete color treatment

If you're feeling adventurous you may want to try a complete color treatment at home. You'll want to pick a color that is fairly similar to your current hair color because dramatic changes should only be done by a professional. Though Louis says to stay away from a drastic alteration, he ensures that your color treatment doesn't have to be boring.

"Pro-tip: Buy two shades from the same (color) family. Apply the lighter color a quarter-inch around your hairline. Use the darker shade on the rest of your hair. The result is a salon-quality gorgeous touch-up," Licari explained.

To keep your hair in tone, Licari recommends two steps: "Apply color to your roots only for 30 minutes. Work the color through for only the last 3 minutes only if your hair is brassy or extremely faded." Follow by using shampoo and conditioner as you usually would.

Aveeno Scalp Soothing Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

Deep clean your scalp with this apple cider vinegar blend shampoo. If you have thick hair, Licari recommends buying this one.

4. Brighten your hair

Feeling dull? Brighten your hair in just a few minutes. "Mix one part light blond tone, one part developer and one part shampoo. Stir the mixture together and simply massage into your hair for three to five minutes," said Licari. The result is a sunk-kissed version of your natural color!

5. Prep for no mess

Hair color can get messy which is why Licari advises wearing gloves and taking precautions. "Now dig in your makeup kit and find your lip moisturizer. Place this all around the skin next to your hairline," he said.

This simple step will help you avoid any hair color stains on your skin. After, you need to gather all your old towels and protect your shoulders and workspace.

Licari left us with one last piece of advice: "Take your time. A neat touch-up is the best touch-up. Good luck and have fun discovering the world of at-home color!"

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