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Best weighted blankets of 2021 for a better sleep

Experts share the amazing benefits of weighted blankets.
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Who doesn’t like to be snuggled when they sleep? If you're sleeping solo or simply want to feel a little cozier at night, a weighted blanket may be a good option. Plus, they've become a popular way to release stress and snooze more soundly.

What is a weighted blanket?

Filled with materials like glass beads or poly pellets, weighted blankets are simply blankets that weigh anywhere from seven to 25 pounds. They are meant to help people relax, though you should ultimately choose a weighted blanket that's around 10% of your body weight, according to the Sleep Foundation.

What are the benefits of using a weighted blanket?

Adding one to your bed can offer a sense of calm to your nighttime routine. “Many people like the feeling of pressure against their body and do find this pressure to be quite relaxing,” said Lynelle Schneeberg, a sleep psychologist who is also a fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. She likens it to a hug or massage and compares it to why we swaddle newborns. “Lying under a heavy blanket can, indeed, be very soothing,” she added.

While there is preliminary research that weighted blankets can help increase sleep time, Schneeberg said that it’s unlikely to be the magic bullet for insomnia. Buy one to bliss out, but see a doctor if you're having struggles with sleeping.

What should you know about weighted blankets for kids?

You might consider a weighted blanket for your little ones, too. “Kids who experience stress or anxiety in different situations, or who struggle to fall asleep at night, may find a weighted blanket useful,” said Heather Forst, an occupational therapist at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The pressure they offer may help children with ADHD remain focused when doing schoolwork, and might aid those diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, she added.

If you’re thinking about buying one, Schneeberg recommends huddling up under a pile of blankets or quilts to test out how much you like the heavy sensation.

Best weighted blankets, according to experts

YnM Weighted Blanket

Hayden C. Finch, a licensed psychologist based in Des Moines, Iowa, recommends this bestselling weighted blanket on Amazon. It's filled with glass beads and wrapped in a breathable fabric to improve temperature control. (After all, no one likes to sweat while they sleep.)

Baloo Weighted Blanket

Sleep specialist Dr. Raj Dasgupta likes Baloo for its quality products and said this is a good option when you’re looking for comfort from a blanket that provides a feeling of warm cuddles. (If you’re grappling with pain, a weighted blanket may also soothe discomfort, he added.)

Available in 15- and 20-pound weights and measuring the top of a queen-sized bed, it’s made with breathable fabric and can be tossed into the washing or drying machine. The quilted sections also keep the fill balanced, so it can properly lay on the pressure points of your body.

ZonLi Weighted Blanket

Finch also recommends this well-priced option. "This one’s great because it comes in a range of sizes and weights for folks with different needs," she said. Finch also advises that blankets should be big enough to cover your body (but not necessarily your entire bed).

Brooklinen Weighted Comforter

This option sets itself apart from the pack for combining the comfort of a weighted blanket with the function and look of a comforter. Though Finch hasn't tried it herself, she told us that "its specifications are consistent with recommendations for how much the blanket should weigh."

Sweetzer & Orange Weighted Blanket for Kids

The Minky cover offers softness anyone would love to cuddle with as they sleep. Plus, it comes in kid-friendly 5 and 7-pound sizes, suitable for little ones who weigh more than 42 pounds. If you’re using one for kids, you should always consult your child’s pediatrician first, said Finch.

Best weighted blankets, according to shoppers

Therapedic Weighted Cooling Blanket

Take it from the sleep experts at Therapedic to make a high-quality cooling weighted blanket for the masses. Made with comfortable materials like a rayon-viscose blend, Bed Bath & Beyond shoppers can't get enough of how calming and soothing it is right off the bat.

Gravity Weighted Blanket

Made to feel like a literal hug, the Gravity Weighted Blanket uses a science-backed design to promote "deep touch pressure stimulation" to achieve a quicker, deeper sleep. Just take it from one of its five-star reviewers to justify the price point: "This has changed my sleeping habits completely. I feel held nightly, secure & safe."

Bearaby Tree Napper

Hot sleepers, take note! Combining coziness with sustainability, Bearaby's weighted blanket is an excellent alternative for those who prioritize aesthetics in their sanctuary. It's constructed with natural eucalyptus fibers, which has been shown to have a comforting cooling effect while you slumber. Plus, this option is available in six modern colors and three weights.

Tranquility Weighted Throw Blanket

This consistently well-rated 12-pound option from Target is available in two neutrals — gray or ivory — and is a small throw size, making it ideal to keep in your living room to snuggle up with on the couch.

Luna Weighted Blanket

This bestselling Luna weighted blanket is made with seven breathable layers that evenly distribute the weight across your body. It comes in a variety of weights and colors, so you'll have no trouble finding an option that matches both your sleep needs and bedroom aesthetic.

Degrees Of Comfort Cooling Weighted Blanket

Whether you're a sweaty sleeper or get chilly at night, this affordable option has you covered. The blanket comes with two duvet covers, a cozy fleece and a microfiber cooling material that you can easily swap out.

Comma Home Faux Fur Weighted Blanket

Faux fur gives an extra soft feel to this chic option. The 15- or 20-pound blankets are made with glass beads and are washing machine-friendly for easy cleaning.

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This article was originally published on Feb. 15, 2019.