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These Lego gifts are perfect for the beginner or experienced Brickmaster in your life

Bring out your loved one's creative side with these gifts starting at $5.
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These gifts will be a huge hit with any Lego fanatics that you have in your life.Kara Birnbaum/ TODAY; Amazon; Target

There's something so satisfying about building with Legos. Completing a Lego set takes time and patience, so when you've finally finished, it feels like quite the accomplishment. As an added bonus, these projects inspire people to bring out their creative side, too.

From building the New York City skyline to Ariel's underwater castle, there’s always a new and exciting set to purchase — the possibilities are endless! We’ve created a curated list of unique gifts and Lego sets that anyone will love, from creative kids to nostalgia-loving adults.

For kids | For adults

Best Lego sets and gifts for kids

Lego Muppet Minifigures

Pieces: 1 (minifigure only) | Good for ages: 5+

A mini action figure that makes the perfect "just because" stocking stuffer gift for kids, an iconic Muppet is a delightful addition to their existing Lego collection. Gift one or multiple so they can collect each character, such as Ms. Piggy, Kermit, Animal, along with others.

The Mandalorian and The Child Brickheadz

Pieces: 295 | Good for ages: 10+

If your child wants cool decor that they built themselves, look no further than the Brickheadz collection. Kids can build The Mandalorian and The Child (also known to fans as Baby Yoda) and put them on display or play with them through hibernation season.

"Frozen 2": Elsa and the Nokk Storybook Adventures

Pieces: 125 | Good for ages: 5+

This Lego set, inspired by the hit movie "Frozen 2," is shaped like a book, and when it folds out, kids can build the icy palace, decorate it with stickers, play with Elsa, Olaf, Nokk and the Earth Giant and take the play set on the go.

Lego Duplo Classic Brick Box Building Set

Pieces: 65 | Good for ages: 1+

This Lego set is perfect for toddlers starting to learn essential developmental skills. This box includes a two children figures, along with pieces that can be built into toy houses, cars, trains and more.

Lego Dreamzzz Dream Village

Pieces: 65 | Good for ages: 7+

Inspired by the brand's hit television series, this set immerses children into a fantastical dreamscape filled with heroes, villains and whatever else their imagination concocts.

Lego 2K Drive

Good for ages: 10+ | Available on: Nintendo Switch; PlayStation 4 and 5; Xbox One, Series X and Series S; Microsoft Windows

Adrenaline seekers, start your engines! This new whimsical racing game — the first for Lego — is set in Bricklandia, where they can drive on land, offroad, on open waters or anywhere else where they feel the need to speed. They can also customize the vehicle of their dreams with the creation tool.

Friends Heartlake City Park Cafe

Pieces: 224 | Good for ages: 6+

The Friends line is adorable because they provide detailed miniature figures, cute animal companions and the accessories that make it feel part Lego, part already-constructed play set. With sweet details like toy food and decorative stickers, this set is a charmer from start to finish.

Lego "Encanto" The Madrigal House

Pieces: 587 | Good for ages: 6+

If you're tired of hearing "We Don't Talk About Bruno," occupy them with something different that doesn't include the hit song you've begrudgingly memorized. This three-story house includes Antonio, Abel and Mirabel action figures, as well as several references and nods to the Disney movie. "My daughter loves and enjoys putting Lego sets together and couldn’t wait to build this one. The instructions are easy to follow and kids of all ages will have fun with this Encanto Lego set," according to one reviewer."

Lego Avengers Advent Calendar

Pieces: 243 | Good for ages: 7+

Young fans of the popular Avengers franchise will love this interactive Advent calendar, if not more, because they'll unveil holiday-themed characters and pieces to create a festive setting. With 24 days of accessories to open, they can mix and match with characters from other Marvel sets to expand upon their universe.

Ninjago Dragons Rising: Sora's Transforming Mech Bike Racer

Pieces: 384 | Good for ages: 8+

Ninjago is an incredibly popular line of Legos that has spun off movies and television shows. Kids can recreate the fun of the television show by building this posable, accessory-loaded mech set, which also doubles as a ninja bike.

Adventures with Mario Starter Course

Pieces: 231 | Good for ages: 6+

This Lego set will bring the world of Super Mario to life. Gamer kids can build the huge, battery-operated Mario and Bowser Jr. characters that can change their expression and make sounds. After players use the pieces to create a course, they race around, touching interactive items like the “?” brick to gather coins. The set comes with a free, interactive app, as well.

Lego Disney 100 and Pixar "Up" House

Pieces: 598 | Good for ages: 9+

Perfect for both children and adults alike, tap into nostalgia or feed into their love for the movie "Up" with this Lego set. Familiar characters such as Doug, Russell and Carl, this set was created to celebrate 100 years of Disney. The set also features the squirrel from Doug's most famous one-liner.

Lego Friends Sea Rescue Center

Pieces: 376 | Good for ages: 7+

Kids can create an animal clinic where they can care for animal figurines with this fun Lego set. They'll save the stranded otters after riding their jetskis with various rescue accessories, including a bottle! "Not only did we love the fun details and interactive elements, such as the rotating platform, working doors, and hidden treasure chest, but it also served as an excellent platform to discuss important topics like marine life and conservation," one recent shopper added about the "captivating playset."

Lego Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica

Pieces: 806 | Good for ages: 9+

Mini speedsters will love building a complex vehicle like this Lamborghini, complete with realistic detailing including functioning steering and a V10 engine with moving pistons. They can also use the Builder app to zoom in and rotate their in-the-works masterpiece during the construction stage.

Team Spidey's Mobile Headquarters

Pieces: 187 | Good for ages: 4+

Fans of the web-slinging superhero can hang with five miniature figures (including Miles Morales and Ghost-Spider from "Across the Spider-Verse"), build multiple vehicles and play out scenarios using cool accessories including an egg blaster for impromptu food fights.

Lego Fish Tank

Pieces: 352 | Good for ages: 8+

No water, no problem! With this fish tank set that comes with five fish, a submarine, underwater plants and coral, kids can set up their aquarium however they want with this three-in-one building set. An easel and treasure chest set are also included, which can be used as decor inside the aquarium or outside with other kits. Reviewers love this product because it kept the children in their life "busy" and they "thoroughly enjoy" it. Take it to the next level with these LED lights that give it an authentic aquarium feel.

Lego Build Together Set

Pieces: 1,601 | Good for ages: 5+

With a rainbow assortment of brick pieces including shades of pink and gray, this kit also includes accessories like a yellow banana, red guitar, a green dinosaur and many more colorful figurines. The box itself doubles as storage, with spots to sort the bricks based on color. "This set is great for casual fun building as a break from the more-serious scale modeling and technical modeling," said one reviewer.

Lego "Jurassic World" Dinosaur Attack

Pieces: 810 | Good for ages: 9+

Recreate the action-packed final scene of the most recent "Jurassic World" movie, an attack between two dinosaur breeds: the giganotosaurus and therizinosaurus. Complete with each character, a helicopter, two buildings and the dinosaurs themselves, "The dinosaurs are realistic and kept [kids] entertained for hours," noted one reviewer.

Best Lego sets and gifts for adults

Lego Valentine Lovebirds

Pieces: 298 | Good for ages: 8+

Anyone Lego-obsessed in your life will appreciate this lovebird-themed building set. It also makes a great couples' gift!

Lego Succulent Plant Decor Kit

Pieces: 771 | Good for ages: 18+

For the self-proclaimed horrible plant parent (we see you, we hear you, we are you), gift them with this succulent that will never perish, is good to leave be on long vacations and provides an activity for a "relaxing day off," as it did for one reviewer.

Lego Flower Bouquet

Pieces: 756 | Good for ages: 18+

Because real flowers wilt and perish within a week, gift the brickmaster in your life with these Lego flowers that will always provide a fresh look to their entryway table, coffee table or kitchen island. For even the most forgetful plant lover, there's no need to worry about watering these flowers. "Love the vibrant colors and definitely makes a statement piece when put in any room," said one reviewer.

Lego Architecture: New York City

Pieces: 598 | Good for ages: 12+

Lego fans can build the iconic New York City skyline with the Flatiron Building, the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, One World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty. It'll be a stunning addition to your Lego collection.

Lego Ideas BTS Dynamite

Pieces: 749 | Good for ages: 18+

Recreate BTS's "Dynamite" music video with this set, which is based off the award-winning single. With the entire band included, the backdrop features a strip that homes a donut shop, record store and disco, complete with an ice cream truck in the parking lot. Let their music be the soundtrack to a day full of putting together this summery music video.

Lego Vespa 125

Pieces: 1,106 | Good for ages: 18+

For the friend who can't stop daydreaming about their honeymoon or study abroad stint where highlights included riding a Vespa down cobble roads, gift them with memorabilia that will have them reminiscent of that time. "This set is a pleasant surprise as it embraces the spirit of the Vespa brand and what makes Lego stand out in their industry. It was a quick and fun build," said one reviewer.

"Friends" Central Perk

Pieces: 1,070 | Good for ages: 16+

Adults will get a kick out of recreating their favorite "Friends" characters on the iconic Central Perk set. The coolest part is that it was a “Lego Idea,” meaning a fan submitted the set to Lego and got it made.

Lego Ideas A-Frame Cabin

Pieces: 2,082 | Good for ages: 18+

Get outdoorsy views from the comfort of your apartment with this A-frame cabin set. Fall foliage and a canoe set the scene outdoors, while the interior looks exactly how you picture a cozy cabin to be — with hues of brown and green complementing one another. With four characters and over 2,000 pieces, you'll be wanting to escape to the forest in the foreseeable future.

Lego "Back to The Future" Delorean

Pieces: 1,872 | Good for ages: 18+

Great Scott! If they're both '80s- and Lego-obsessed, gift them with the Delorean, the famous time-traveling vehicle from the "Back to the Future" series. Complete with Marty and Doc action figures, this set pays great attention to detail, with the opening gull doors and hoverboard accessory, among others. One reviewer raved about this set, which is "a blast to build and a joy to display."

Lego Jazz Club

Pieces: 2,899 | Good for ages: 18+

Ya like jazz? If the answer to that question is yes, then this nearly 3,000-piece set will keep you occupied for hours to come. Not only does it come with a clubby atmosphere for you to piece together, but it also includes an Italian restaurant, because the greatest jazz songs are all about a-pizza pies.

Lego Typewriter

Pieces: 2,079 | Good for ages: 18+

Inspired by a typewriter that one of Lego's founders used way back when, this vintage-inspired set includes a keyboard that has imprinted letters, space to spool a piece of paper through the roller, a carriage that moves as you 'type' on the keyboard and so many more details that contribute to the piece that make it "one of the coolest sets I've ever owned," according to one reviewer.

Hogwarts Icon Collectors Edition Lego Set

Pieces: 3,010 | Good for ages: 18+

For the more advanced muggle, gift them with this "iconic" collectors set, that features artifacts and gems from the book and movie series, including Hedwig, a Hogwarts Letter, Harry's notable glasses, potions, textbooks, a Chocolate Frog and more. "I absolutely love how it looks and how simple the directions were," said one reviewer, adding that they "can't say enough good things about this set."

Lego "Home Alone" House

Pieces: 3,955 | Good for ages: 18+

Make your family disappear and dedicate some serious time to building this set that models the McCallister house from "Home Alone." With details including the Wet Bandits, Nero's Pizza Box, the Oh-Kay moving van, plus the overflowing ice cream bowl and Michael Jackson cardboard cutout, one family noted that they "will use this completed set as a Christmas decoration for years to come."

Lego Motorized Lighthouse

Pieces: 2,065 | Good for ages: 18+

Yes, you read that right — this Lego set is motorized! The light at the top mimics an actual lighthouses light, guiding boats at sea. Different doors on the lighthouse open and close, so you can see inside the cylindric building. "This set is definitely one of the coolest Ideas sets I’ve ever built. It is extremely detailed and has to many cool features," one reviewer said, adding that "the motorized features work extremely well and are very easy to connect and to turn on and off."

Lego Icons "The Lord of the Rings": Rivendell

Pieces: 6,167 | Good for ages: 18+

Consider this the ultimate splurge gift for the person who can't get enough of Middle Earth. Featuring 15 minifigures from the iconic trilogy like Frodo, Samwise, Aragorn, Legolas and Gandalf the Grey, they'll nerd out immersing themselves in scenes from the Fellowship's epic quest. Builders who love a challenge will also obsess over the fact that this is currently one of Lego's biggest sets ever made, according to the brand.