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37 best gifts and toys for 7-year-olds in 2021

The kid in your life will love these expert-approved presents.
The 37 best gifts and toys for 7-year-olds 2020
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The best toys and gifts for 7-year-olds help them write stories, draw detailed pictures, build and create.

Seven-year-olds are noticeably better at fine motor skills that help them write and create than they were at age 6, said Dr. Amanda Gummer, founder of Fundamentally Children in the United Kingdom.

Crafts, sports equipment and building materials are among the top toys for 7-year-olds, noted Susan Kambrich, head of the Woodland Hill Montessori School in Rensselaer, New York, and treasurer of the Board of Directors for the American Montessori Society.

At age 7, kids are also becoming more confident readers, ready to explore the world through graphic novels, nonfiction books and more sophisticated chapter books — though they will still get plenty of satisfaction from picture books, too. Here, we've found the best gifts to help your favorite 7-year-old hone their developmental skills while also having fun.

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Bestselling gifts from this article:

Bestselling gifts for 7-year-olds

1. Klutz Lego Chain Reaction Kit

"Building can engage children in higher-level thinking and creative problem solving through hands-on design and construction," said Kambrich. Any Lego kit will be a hit for 7-year-olds, but this one promotes STEM skills along with construction.

2. National Geographic Geode Kit

Break open 10 geodes to discover the cool world inside and learn about rocks and the earth.

3. Donkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board

A magnetic dart board is great for motor skills and competition, without the danger of real darts.

4. Style.Lab Magic Sequin Reveal Pouch

Flip sequins are all the rage. Give them something to keep art supplies or collectibles in.

5. Crayola Color Chemistry Lab

This kit includes 50 different colorful experiments, from an erupting volcano to "rubber goo."

Best crafts for 7-year-olds

1. Make a Fox Friend Craft Kit

Seven-year-olds are ready for more intricate crafting, including sewing or knitting.

2. Kid Made Modern Over the Rainbow Craft Kit

From pom poms and fuzzy sticks to tons of googly eyes, this chromatic craft kit has everything your colorful crafter could ever want.

3. Lulu Jr. Illustory Bookmaking Kit

Put them on the path to their first Pulitzer Prize with this bookmaking kit.

4. Ooly Oh My Glitter Notebooks

These journals are the perfect place to write stories, practice drawing or start a diary.

5. Ooly Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens

Try these sparkly, scented pens for art projects (and homework assignments) that are good enough to eat.

6. Cool Maker KumiKreator Friendship Bracelet Maker

Friendship bracelets are great for building social networks and fine motor skills.

7. Elmer's Snow Slime Kit

Make slime that has the texture of snowballs with this new kit from Elmer's.

8. Klutz Sew-Your-Own Unicorn Bunny Slippers

These cozy slippers are a fun craft project and a nice way to stay cozy during remote learning.

9. Grandparent Pen Pal Kit

What better way to get a 7-year-old (and their grandparents) excited about writing?

Best games for 7-year-olds

1. Twister

Get the whole family in on the fun — and the twisting and turning and bending and snapping.

2. ThinkFun Laser Maze

This logic game promotes STEM skills. Try the junior version for kids who might appreciate a more approachable challenge.

3. Uno Card Game

This classic game appeals to a 7-year-old's sense of competition and fair play. "Learning to lose and win is an important skill to gain," Gummer said.

4. Bananagrams

Like an entry-level Scrabble, Bananagrams is fun and helps with spelling.

Best toys for 7-year-olds

1. Everest Toys Crazy Forts Glow in the Dark Set

Kids can create their own one-of-a-kind play space with this award-winning kit. Coolest of all, it glows in the dark!

2. Plus-Plus Go! Street Racing Super Set

Plus-Plus connecting tiles give Lego lovers a new way to build, and this set allows for both instruction-following and open-ended play.

3. Lottie Doll

These diverse dolls include accessories such as cochlear implants and hobbies like star gazing or fossil hunting.

4. Lego "Harry Potter" Triwizard Challenge

Combine Lego love with "Harry Potter" love and you might get magic.

5. Binoculars

Gear like these binoculars, backyard tents and walkie talkies encourage outdoor play and exploration.

6. Pop-Up Soccer Goal

Sports are becoming more rewarding to 7-year-olds as they gain strength and stamina. "Gifts that help children gain confidence in their abilities can really help this age," Gummer said.

7. Rock and Roll It

This rainbow keyboard rolls up for easy storage.

8. Mudpuppy Amazing Insects Glow in the Dark Puzzle

Puzzles help with fine motor skills and problem-solving, and this one includes a geography lesson, too.

Best books for 7-year-olds

1. "Dog Man: Grime and Punishment," by Dav Pilkey

Seven-year-olds will drool over the newest book in the "Dog Man" series from creator Dav Pilkey.

2. "Highlights Book of Things to Do"

This activity book is encyclopedic. With crafts, recipes, science projects, brain teasers and games, it makes for an easy answer the next time a child complains there's nothing to do.

3. "Dory Fantasmagory: Outside the Box," by Abby Hanlon

This boxed set brings together the first four books in the popular chapter book series.

4. "Mac B., Kid Spy: The Sound of Danger," by Mac Barnett

The latest book in the series about the adventures of a young spy finds Mac B on an undercover mission in the heart of enemy territory.

5. "Your Place in the Universe," by Jason Chin

How does a child fit into the vast universe? This beautiful, painstakingly accurate picture book shows how a child would stack up to a giraffe, a redwood, the Eiffel Tower and the entire universe.

6. "No Reading Allowed: The Worst Read-Aloud Book Ever," by Raj Haldar and Chris Carpenter

From the creators of "P is for Pteradactyl" comes this playful look at homophones. Seven-year-olds will appreciate the funny difference a little change in spelling or punctuation can make.

7. "Cat Ninja," by Matthew Cody and Yehudi Mercado

Kids who spent quarantine getting to know the Epic! reading app may already know and love Cat Ninja, a crime-fighting kitty who masquerades as a mild-mannered house cat.

8. "Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Immigrant Women Who Changed the World," by Elena Favilli

The third edition of the Rebel Girls series features familiar names like Rihanna and Lupita Nyong'o along with activists, athletes and other women who made their mark.

9. "A Place Inside of Me: A Poem to Heal the Heart" by Zetta Elliott and Noa Denmon

This poem explores a Black child's feelings in the aftermath of a police shooting, from fear and anger through pride, peace and love.

10. "I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic," by Lauren Tarshis, Haus Studio

The popular "I Survived" chapter book series is now in graphic novel form, making it accessible to a younger reader excited to see history come alive.

11. "The Complete DIY Cookbook for Young Chefs," America's Test Kitchen

From the team behind the best-selling "The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs" comes this DIY guide that shows home cooks how to make staples like ketchup and peanut butter, as well as healthy snacks and delicious treats.

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