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51 captivating gifts your favorite 8-year-old will love — starting at $10

Your third grader will love these shopper-approved presents.
8 year old gifts
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The best gifts for 8-year-olds help them engage in elaborate fantasy play or bury their noses in good books.

It's an age when children are developing their physical skills and social identities, and some may start to identify as “athletic” or "artistic," said Dr. Amanda Gummer, founder of Fundamentally Children, a toy testing and parent consulting company in the United Kingdom.

At the same time, 8-year-olds are becoming more physically adept, independent and sophisticated in their problem-solving. Imaginative play may now stretch over days or weeks and involve friends.

That means they’re ready for more complicated games and middle-grade novels, along with graphic novels and picture books. And as their writing and drawing skills improve, they'll want plenty of time with their own notebooks.

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Best gifts for 8-year-olds

Bubble Fidget Spiral Notebook

This journal has an interactive pop-it cover to keep kids entertained, even when they're stumped about what to draw or write next.

Sweetheart Smencils

Pair a special notebook with these scented pencils from Scentco. They’re made from recycled newspaper, and the scent can last for up to two years.

Mini Pom-Pom Pets

Adorable pom-pom pets are great for keeping and trading with friends. Kids can make their own furry friends using this kit and a fork from the kitchen.

Super Joy Over the Door Hoop

Sports equipment lets kids engage in competition, which is important at this age. "Learning to lose and win is an important skill to gain," Gummer said.

Nintendo Switch Sports

Get your gamer out of the chair with Nintendo Switch versions of volleyball, soccer, tennis, swordplay and more that react to a child’s movements as they swing and kick. Accessories shaped like rackets or swords can make this even more life-like.

Bill Nye's VR Space Lab

A standard science lab gets a virtual twist with VR goggles included to help kids visualize what they're learning from the included book.

FujiFilm Instax Mini Instant Camera

Your 8-year-old is developing an artistic eye and may want to capture special moments and friends. Satisfy your photographer-in-training with this retro-inspired instant camera from FujiFilm.

Best toys for 8-year-olds

Rubiks Cube Phantom

The Rubiks Cube gets a tech update with the “Phantom” model, which responds to touch to temporarily reveal each square’s color — then fades to black again. Can your brainy 8-year-old solve it in time? Or choose the original or an easier 2-by-2 cube, depending on the child's tolerance for frustration.

Ideal Magic Suitcase

Abracadabra! Eight-year-olds are developing the memory and fine motor skills needed to pull off magic tricks, making this gift perfect for your Houdini wannabe.

Material The Kids Set

Inspire them to get crafty in the kitchen with this set that comes with a mini whisk, mini spatula and a cooking card game.

Lego Hogwarts Magical Trunk

While "Harry Potter" fans can't have a full-size magical trunk of their own, they'll have a blast putting together this small Lego version. It has over 600 pieces, including the perfect accessories to fill the trunk: potions, a cauldron and a potion-making book.

Tamagotchi Pix

You might recognize this nostalgic toy from your own childhood. It still has the same features you loved about it way back when; kids can care for their Tamagotchi and make friends with others to have virtual "playdates." This modern version also features a camera so they can take pictures with it, too.

Best arts and crafts for 8-year-olds

Klutz Make Your Own Mini Erasers

Making cute erasers is an unusual craft activity for young sculptors. Plus it has a useful end product — erasers to use for writing and art projects.

Spirograph 3D

Spirograph is a classic toy for a reason. Spinning pens through gears creates beautiful patterns that make hours of mesmerizing fun. With this 3D update, designs jump off the page. Special design pads, blue and red pens and 3D glasses give depth to traditional Spirograph designs.

Ooly Chroma Blends Watercolor Brush Markers

Add water to these markers for a traditional watercolor effect, or use them like a regular brush marker without water.

Craft-tastic All About Me Empower Flower

Teach them to celebrate all of their best qualities while nurturing creativity with this craft kit. By the end, they'll have décor they can proudly hang up and an encouraging reminder whenever they look at it.

Shakespeers Printed Book

If you often find them immersed in creating their own worlds and characters, they'll be honored and inspired to keep creating when you gift them their latest stories as a real book. Shakespeers encourages kids to stay creative by giving kids an age-appropriate safe space to publish their works and comment or follow along on other stories.

Woobles Penguin Crochet Kit

Crafty kids can learn to crochet with this fun kit that makes the lifelong skill accessible for beginners. They'll create their own cuddly penguin, and if they need help, they have access to video tutorials and virtual crochet office hours.

Toybox Deluxe 3D Printer

For the kid who wants to make their own toy, this 3D printer is as simple as using an app. Kids can choose from more than 4,000 toys in the digital catalog, allowing them to print anything from their favorite Marvel character to musical instruments. Better yet, they can design their own toys in the app, or upload their own designs to help their imaginations come to life.

Best games for 8-year-olds


Improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills with this game that features more than 200 brain-teasing challenges. Starting with shapes in place, a child must figure out how to fill in the rest of the puzzle.

Bop It

Bop, pull and twist with the Hasbro Bop It. This classic toy from the '90s plays music and then gives a command, which you respond to by pushing, pulling or twisting the correct button. Kids can play alone or compete against friends for extra fun.

Pictionary Air "Star Wars"

The classic game got a cinematic update with a R2-D2 pen that sketches through the air. Sometimes even the artist isn't sure what they've drawn, making this extra challenging — and silly.

Apples to Apples Junior

In each round of this debate-driven game, a "judge" puts out a card with a description (say, "sticky") and each player looks at their hand to find an answer that makes the most sense. Kids judge the best answers, making for lively discussions that will be fun for years to come.

Project Genius Chroma Cube

This beautiful brain teaser and logic game gives clues on puzzle cards to determine how the blocks should be arranged. It's a logic puzzle to fill in the blanks — for example, black sits next to cobalt and coral and magenta are in the same column. The finished product is beautiful enough that you won't mind when they don't put away their toys.

What Do You Meme? Family Edition

Families compete to make the best meme in this game that provides 65 funny photo prompts and 300 cards with captions that may or may not make sense with the photos. Each player offers a card to "caption" the photo, and a judge decides on the winner. Funniest answer wins.

Throw Throw Burrito

This dodgeball card game will be fun for the entire family. Try to find matching pairs of cards all while dodging and throwing squishy burritos.

Shashibo Battle Shapes

The shape-shifting Shashibo puzzle is a bestseller, with millions sold in 2022. Now, it turns into a game to see who can create a shape faster. The game comes with two matching special-edition Shashibo magnetic puzzle cubes and a deck of cards with shapes to recreate. If they have trouble, each card has a QR code that links to an instructional video.

Best STEM and educational toys for 8-year-olds

4M Crystal Growing Experiment

Science is beautiful with this crystal growing kit. It's a favorite of Marie Conti, head of The Wetherill School in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania, and a board member of the American Montessori Society.

Lego Gear Bots Activity Kit

Little inventors can make their own robots with this STEM kit that will appeal to tech lovers and Lego lovers alike. Using bricks and papercraft, they'll get a kick out of building their own kinetic creatures while learning about engineering along the way.

Thames & Kosmos Ooze Labs: Soap & Bath Bomb Lab Science Experiment Kit

Your little scientist can make soaps and bath bombs, all while learning the basics of chemistry.

Steve Spangler Science STEM Success Kit: Bubblology

What kid doesn't love bubbles? Now, they can make their own in different shapes and strengths (yes, strengths).

Sphero Mini Soccer Ball

This golf ball-sized robot lights up and can navigate obstacle courses, thanks to a gyroscope and accelerometer that make it easy to drive and code with a free app. Your 8-year-old can learn serious coding and have fun doing it with Sphero, which was a hit on TikTok.

National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbler Kit

This rock polishing kit turns rocks into beautiful gemstones that they can proudly display or turn into jewelry.

Active toys for 8-year-olds

Bunch O Balloons

Up for a water fight? Perfect for the summer lover who spends the majority of the season playing outside, you can fill up to 100 self-sealing water balloons in less than a minute, according to the brand.

Tosy LED Flying Disc

A tech-forward update on the classic Frisbee, this bestselling rechargeable disc stays lit up to 90 minutes on a single charge and comes in a dozen different colorful options.

Pro-Spin Portable Ping-Pong Set

This all-in-one table tennis set makes any table a place for ping-pong. Attach the net to play in your dining room or on a flat outdoor table for a game that will have them exercising as they strategize. No need to commit to a full table in the basement — this set is easily packed up to stash away, bring to a friend’s house or even on vacation. Choose between two- and four-paddle sets.

Niupipo Pickleball Set

Pickleball is having a moment, and this set lets the whole family get in on the action, with two adult paddles and two paddles sized for kids 12 and under. It's a fun physical activity the family can enjoy together.

Best dolls for 8-year-olds

Barbie Color Reveal Neon Tie-Dye Doll

They won't be able to take their eyes off of this color-changing Barbie that comes with surprises from head to toe.

Creatable World Deluxe Customizable Doll Character Kit

Looking for a Barbie without the baggage? These dolls can be styled in any number of ways and are more anatomically realistic.

American Girl Hogwarts Collection

For "Harry Potter" fans, American Girls can cross the pond and put on a Hogwarts uniform. Accessorize with the trunk that includes a wand (of course), an owl, a chocolate frog and other wizarding essentials. (Doll not included.)

American Girl Claudie Doll

Each year, the new American Girl tops many wish lists. The latest American Girl, Claudie Wells, is growing up in Harlem of the 1920s surrounded by writers, artists and musicians.

Best books for 8-year-olds

“Absurd Words,” by Tara Lazar

This vocabulary-building book introduces wacky words and their meanings — perfect for breaking from the worksheet and making language fun.

“The Tryout,” by Christina Soontornvat and Joanna Cacao

What’s it like to try out for the cheerleading squad in front of the whole school when you’re not exactly popular? Christina Soontornvat shares her true story, full of relatable details the kids might call “cringe.”

Graphic novels are a great tool for developing readers as they use pictures to boost comprehension. "It engages literacy in a different way. All reading is good reading," said Lindsay.

“The Vanderbeekers on the Road,” by Karina Yan Glaser

The latest book in this Read with Jenna Junior favorite series has the Harlem-based family on a road trip across the country. (Those new to the series can start at the beginning with “The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street.” )

"When kids find a series they like, that’s something they can practice with," said Nina Lindsay, president of the Association for Library Service to Children.

"The Universe in You: A Microscopic Journey," by Jason Chin

Jason Chin's previous book, "Your Place in the Universe," gave a sense of how small humans are in the vast expanse of space. This one looks inside, down to the molecules and particles that make up every part of the universe — and you.

“Witchlings,” by Claribel A. Ortega

Budding witchlings must find their covens and work together to save their magic in this new fantasy that will appeal to fans of “Harry Potter.”

“Wildoak,” by C.C. Harrington

A child who has trouble talking to humans finds a companion in an abandoned snow leopard in this novel for fans of “Pax” and “The One and Only Ivan.”

“Killer Underwear Invasion!” by Elise Gravel

This fun graphic novel-style book is a primer on how to spot “fake news” and disinformation, an important lesson for kids consuming YouTube or other sources of strange “facts.”

“Mysterious Benedict Society” boxed set, by Trenton Lee Stewart

This bestselling series is now a Disney+ series in its second season, so readers can instantly see the screen adaptation.

“The Baby-Sitters Club: Good-Bye, Stacey, Good-Bye,” by Ann M. Martin and Gabriela Epstein

The graphic novel adaptations of the beloved “Baby-Sitters Club” series is catnip for young readers. In this 11th book of the series, Stacey is saying good-bye, leaving the club wondering how they can go on without her.

"I Survived" Graphic Novels Boxed Set

Eight-year-olds should read a mix of fiction and nonfiction. These graphic novel adaptations of Lauren Tarshis' popular "I Survived" series put kids in the middle of historical events, including the sinking of the Titanic and 9/11.

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