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They won't be able to 'herb' their enthusiasm with these 22 gardening gifts

Green thumbs unite!
Woman holding the Strawberry Field Case in front of her face and a  Copper Plant Markers
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Let's admit it: Nothing beats the satisfaction that comes with making a dish with ingredients grown from your own backyard over a period of time. Whether you have avid and experienced gardeners on your list or someone who is looking to start tapping into their green thumb, these 23 gifts are perfect for both beginners and novices alike.

Space is no issue when it comes to these gifts, meaning they don't have to have the largest garden on the block to indulge in and put these gifts to use.

From indoor LED gardens to cookbooks that feature recipes with ingredients straight from the garden, green thumbs everywhere will appreciate these 22 gifts.

The best gifts for gardeners

Seattle Seed Gardener's Hand Soap

Each and every ingredient in this organic hand soap was carefully added with intention. It uses coffee grounds and apricot for a clean scrub that washes away any and all dirt and grime, and its citrusy scents will help rid hands of the rubbery smell gardeners are all too familiar with.

Fiskars Gardening Shears

Perfect for tending to your garden when weeds or branches get in the way, these sharp shears will help get rid of anything that stands between your gardener and growing their vegetables.

Foam Kneeling Pad

Deemed as one of the most important essentials a gardener should have, this budget-friendly foam mat is available in six different colors, or you can grab a multicolor three-pack. Reviewers highlight that it's thicker and wider compared with other kneeling mats, making it easier for every gardener to work on their knees for longer periods of time.

Stainless Steel Garden Tool Set

For either the gardener just starting to plant their roots in the hobby or the pro who's been at it for more seasons than they can count, you can't go wrong with this well-rounded tool kit. Complete with six essential tools and a tote to store and transport them, one reviewer praised these tools because they "are so ergonomically made and make it so easy for me to do my garden work without any soreness or pain."

Foldable Garden Seat

This garden seat, which is made out of foam and boasts four deep pockets to store tools, seed packets or other gardening essentials, also collapses down to a kneeling pad. It's even got convenient handles to make gardening easier and more comfortable. "This is a sturdy and well-constructed garden tool. I couldn't do all my flower and veggie beds without it," said one reviewer.

AeroGarden Sprout Seed Pod Kit

If they don't have the real estate for the garden of their dreams or want to try their hand at the hobby before indulging in a large outdoor gardening space, gift them this. The AeroGarden Sprout provides just 10 inches of grow height and comes with an LED light so the gardener in your life won't even need a window. The water indicator that lets you know when the water port needs a refill. One reviewer raved about its simplicity, saying they've "never been good with gardening, so this is perfect! Comes with everything you need to start growing your own herbs."

The best apparel gifts for gardeners

Anthropologie Canvas Gardening Apron

Made with a thick canvas material that won't diminish or deteriorate when covered in dirt, soil or water, this gardening apron from Terrain is not only affordable, but it also features enough pockets to hold tools and seeds alike. One reviewer loves that this apron is "functional and cute in a plant nerd sort of way," adding that it "makes gardening even more enjoyable by cutting down on trips to and from my garden toolbox." It also comes with a slim pocket so your gardener can store their phone.

Crocs Men's and Women's Classic Clog

The Classic Clogs are available in a ton of colors, and you can deck them out with garden-inspired shoe charms to really make the message clear about what these shoes are for.

Gardening Is My Therapy T-Shirt

Doesn't spending time outside gardening make everyone a little bit happier? You're recipient will sport this shirt proudly while they're out back.

The best garden-inspired gifts

Don't Hate, Propagate Sticker

For the friend who is always stopping by with stems or pieces of their beloved plants in little glass jars, gift them this sticker that perfectly encapsulates their feelings towards letting a plant wither.

Midwestern Prairie Flowers Tea Towel

Featuring drawings of pollinators and prairie flowers, the gardener in your life can use this tea towel when cooking up the food grown in their garden or even as a guide to figure out what plants to keep an eye out for in their backyard.

Standing Indoor Plant Pot

While this may look like a normal pot from the back, your gardener can turn it around and find a smiley face waiting to brighten up their day. This positive pot also stands on its own, so there's no need to worry about it tipping over. One reviewer raved that it "brightens up the house in a really fun way," and added that they've "gifted these to several people and everyone loves them!" Strawberry Field Vase

This strawberry-inspired vase from will look appropriate and oh-so-cute in their kitchen, on a bookshelf or in their at-home office. Made from porcelain and outfitted with dimples that resemble seeds, this vase "holds a large bouquet perfectly" and is "super adorable," reviewers said.

Best gifts for gardeners turned home chefs

Ferry Morse Kitchen Herb Kit with Self-Watering Planter

This indoor herb kit from Ferry Morse has everything they need to start growing their own herbs right in the kitchen. The next time a recipe calls for basil, they won't have to run to the store.

"Plant, Cook, Eat!" by Joe Archer and Caroline Craig

For the young gardener who is just adopting a green thumb, gift them with this cookbook that will help them take their seeds from garden to table with healthy and delicious recipes, from bacon spaghetti to basil feta pizza.

"The Garden Chef" by Phaidon Press

"From plant to plate" is this cookbook's tagline, and aptly so, as it features recipes and stories from over 40 chefs who themselves have green thumbs. Reviewers love that it combines the interests of both cooks and gardeners, and your gardener will likely walk away with a new favorite dinner dish once they're done combing through it.

PlantOGram Live Olive Tree

If they could use a new addition to their garden, this olive plant will enable them to punch up all of their dishes (and it was included as one of Oprah's Favorite Things of 2022).

Unique gardening gifts under $50

Gardening Logbook

For the more logistical gardener or one who wants to start tracking how much water their plants require for a successful season gift them this tracker. With specific fields that accommodate details like plant name, location, and how much light and water they're receiving, gift this must-have to the data-driven gardener in your life.

Copper Plant Markers

With phrases like, "Hi there," "happy birthday," or "happy holidays," not only do these copper plant markers double as gift tags, but they can also provide a cute little detail to the succulents on your shelves.

The Month-by-Month Gardening Guide

For the gardener who is curious about which month is best for their tomato crops or how much sunlight specific houseplants should be receiving, gift them this month-by-month guide that lays out all the planting need-to-knows.

Spotted Wellies Garden Ducks

For a fun garden accessory that will look even more adorable in the rain, opt for these ducks, which can be shopped as individuals or in a trio. One reviewer who gifted these spotted rainboots-sporting ducks noted that the recipient has them watching over her flowerbed; another noted that they make a "delightful addition" to any garden or outdoor space.

Lego Succulents Building Kit

For the friend who tries and tries but can never seem to keep their succulents alive, gift them this Lego set that requires no actual maintenance. With its realistic look, this Lego set is sure to make up for the fact that the aspiring gardener in your life currently lacks a green thumb.