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The best gardening kits to grow produce and herbs at home

Herbs, fruits, and veggies are all easy to grow with these kits.
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Spring is the perfect time to try your hand at edible gardening — the sun is out, but it's still cool enough to comfortably be outside. Luckily, growing herbs or even an entire salad mix can be accomplished in whatever area you have to work with. Whether you have a spacious backyard that can have multiple raised beds and pots of herbs, or you live in a tiny apartment in the city where open space is at a minimum, there’s a gardening kit for you.

The Shop TODAY team has rounded up our favorite choices for spaces of all sizes. Most include everything you need to get started like soil, seeds and containers. There is some assembly required on most of the picks, but we promise it will be worth it when you’re munching on fresh vegetables you grew or topping dishes with freshly picked herbs.

Indoor and countertop kits

1. Herbal Tea Indoor Garden Seed Starter Growing Kit

This is for the herbal tea lover (or mixologist). With this kit, you can make your own blends with peppermint, lemon balm, chamomile and clover. The kit includes soil disks, biodegradable pots, plant markers, a tea strainer, scissors and instructions on how to grow and maintain each plant.

2. AeroGarden Black Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Growing your own produce for salads and sandwiches is a breeze with this countertop gadget. You can grow up to six different plants all at once, and because there’s no soil, it won't make a mess when planting. Instead, you just pop in the pods and the hydroponic light will help it grow. The control panel will also let you know when you need to add more water to the base, a helpful addition for forgetful gardeners.

3. AeroGarden Gr Harvest 360 with Heirloom Salad Greens Seed Pod Kit

AeroGarden also has a more compact option. While it still grows six different plants, the rounded base measures only nine inches in diameter, so it won't take up much room in your kitchen. The kit contains the salad greens pod, but can be used with the brand's other veggie or herb pods. Because the garden sits on your countertop there’s no need to worry about the outside weather or animals getting to your freshly grown produce.

4. Window Garden Self Watering Herb Starter Kit

If you have a windowsill that gets a lot of sunlight consider this herb garden kit. It includes five self-watering planters, plant markers, soil and herb seed packets for basil, parsley, sage, chives and dill, along with instructions. Just be sure not to fill past the water line in each pot to prevent soil and water spilling over.

5. Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Growing Kit

If you’ve ever seen beautiful oyster mushrooms at the farmers market and wondered how to grow them yourself, this kit is a good start. It comes with soil that already has mushroom spawn mixed in. This kit does require a little extra upkeep by misting the plant twice a day but it's worth it for delicious home-grown mushrooms.

6. Lettuce Grow The Farmstand

For a garden kit that doubles as home decor, this pricey pick is perfect. The striking vertical grower comes in three sizes — extra small, small and medium — that can grow from 12 to 30 plants. The self-watering tower fits into any sunny corner in your home, or outside. Though, it should be noted the seedling pods are sold separately.

Patio and balcony kits

1. Organic Vertical Hanging Herb Garden Planter Kit

Vertical hanging gardens take up little space and are great on balconies or outdoor patios if you live in an apartment or a home with a small yard. Just hang it up with a few heavy duty screws and you’re set to grow. The kit includes the hanger, soil and basil seeds, but other seeds are available. Once your herb is ready to pick, the culinary options are endless.

2. Exotic Vegetable Garden Seed Starter Growing Kit

Growing vegetables might seem daunting but this kit makes it easy and fun. There are five different seed packets included with veggies like watermelon radish, rainbow chard and lemon cucumber. The biodegradable planting pots are just the right size for an outdoor patio or backyard. Once the plants get larger they can be repotted into a raised bed.

3. Herb Garden Starter Kit

This kit includes six different herbs, pots and soil. Place it on a windowsill or outdoor balcony where the sun will shine on the plants for part of the day. Herbs can be tricky to keep alive so watch these carefully as they grow to be sure they are getting enough sunlight and water.

4. Herb Garden Seed Starter Kit-Herbal Tea Growing Kits

If you really want to take your herbal tea growing to the next level, this gardening kit includes four different types of tea, four burlap bags to grow your plants in, soil disks, a tea infuser and more. We like this one for outdoors because the plants can get pretty big in the burlap bags and quickly take over a countertop.

5. Buzzy Organic Grow Kit

This can be used outside or indoors. The kit comes with an 11-inch galvanized basin, which is ideal for an apartment balcony or larger windowsill. The kit has three different herb seeds that will grow quickly with proper sunlight and watering. One unique thing about this kit is that recipe ideas for the herbs are also included to take the guesswork out of meals.

6. Plant Theatre Funky Veg KIT Gift Box

For those looking for a little more variety in their gardening kits consider this funky veg kit. It includes seeds for purple carrots, yellow courgettes, striped tomatoes, red Brussels sprouts, and rainbow Swiss chard. Each seed gets its own biodegradable pot and marker so you know what’s growing. (They also have a hot pepper kit for those who like the heat.)

7. Garden Pepper Seed Starter Kit

People who love spicy dishes will love this pepper garden kit, which comes with everything you need. Each kit includes four different hot pepper seeds, scissors, a wooden planter box and drip tray, plant markers, fabric growing bags and instructions. We love that once the plant gets too large for the bags they can easily be transferred to the box planter. You’ll be growing habanero and jalapeño peppers in no time.

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