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17 essential tools that'll help you cultivate the perfect garden

Because your garden isn't going to plant itself.
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Now that spring has arrived, you're probably ready to get some fresh air and tend to your yard. After family game night, tackling 1,000-piece puzzles and organizing every room in your house, it's time to get outside and brush up on your gardening skills!

Whether you’re growing spring flowers or yummy fruits and vegetables, maintaining a bountiful garden requires some work. If you consider yourself a beginner gardener and you’re just getting started, you’ll want to make sure you have all the proper tools and products to make it a successful project.

To consolidate your shopping list, we gathered together the best gardening tools that every gardener should consider owning.

Best gardening tools for your yard

1. KXT Thumb Knife for Gardening

This thumb knife is perfect for when you want to quickly pick a few pieces out of your garden. It comes with a five-layer, cut-proof protective sleeve for your index finger to help avoid any accidental nicks.

2. Grampa's Weeder Stand Up Weed Puller

Gone are the days of having to get on your hands and knees to pull weeds. With a 45" bamboo handle and a steel four-claw head, clearing your garden of pesky weeds has never been easier.

3. Garden Tools Storage Bucket Bag

When you're done working on your garden and it's time to store everything, this bucket bag is a must-have. It features pockets around the outside that you can easily slip your tools into along with a large center that can fit a bucket or watering can. The long handles make this bag easy to carry and especially useful for use while picking from your garden.

4. Ozero Leather Gardening Gloves

A sturdy pair of gardening gloves is essential for things like turning over the soil in your vegetable garden or digging a hole to plant a shrub. Either way, these heavy-duty leather work gloves from Ozero are great for both men and women and they're lined with cowhide, so they’ll absorb any sweat that accumulates while you're hard at work.

5. Wilcox 12" All-Pro Digging Trowel

A trowel can help you with different tasks in the garden including digging holes, breaking up soil, mixing fertilizer and transferring plants. While this one from stainless steel one from Wilcox is definitely on the pricier side, it's worth splurging at when you start to avoid dealing with cheaper plastic models that break within a few uses.

6. Felco F-2 Classic Manual Hand Pruner

Hand pruners like this one are great for cutting roses, shaping plants and removing dead wood. The Felco F-2 Classic Manual Hand Pruner has a revolving handle for extra comfort and a screw-mounted anvil blade for reliable clean and precise cuts.

7. Corona Bypass Lopper

Loppers are another great cutting tool to have in your gardening collection. They're basically long-handled pruners that you can use to trim hard to reach areas and cut thicker branches. These Corona bypass loppers are known for being extra precise.

8. NeverKink 100’ Water Hose

If you're going to buy a hose, you're better off investing in a good quality one that's not prone to kinking, cracking and splitting. Look for one like this Neverkink option that has rubber with cast brass couplings instead of vinyl with plastic couplings. Then base the length you choose on the size of your yard and opt for a 5/8-inch width.

9. Melnor 33 in. Watering Wand

If you always have a difficult time watering those hard to reach places, like hanging flower baskets or the back of your flower bed, a long-handle nozzle delivers water where you want it without straining your muscles.

10. Gardenite Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

When leaves and debris fall into your garden, a handy rake is a great way to clean up the area. This adjustable rake from Gardenite has over 1,600 positive reviews on Amazon and a 4.6-star average rating. It's 63 inches long and has an adjustable head that expands from 7 inches to 22 inches. This rake is also super lightweight, easy to use and has a zinc-coated handle to prevent rust.

11. Ames Welded Garden Hoe

Gardening hoes are useful in preparing garden and flower beds and cutting down weeds. This best selling hoe from The Home Depot has a serrated steel blade for clean cuts and has a strong hardwood handle with a cushion grip.

12. Behrens Steel Watering Can

A watering can is always great to have on hand since you might not always have time to whip out your gardening hose. This Behrens steel watering tin is has a classic design and you can use it for garden and house plants.

13. True Temper Wheelbarrow

This True Temper Wheelbarrow is a bestseller at The Home Depot and has over 1,500 glowing five-star reviews. It's rated highly for its durability and value. It also has low maintenance flat-free tires, steel handles and is super easy to assemble since it includes all hardware and parts.

14. Fiskars 47-Inch Steel D-Handle Garden Fork

A garden fork looks like a pitchfork with straight, thick tines and is essential for spreading mulch and mixing compost into your soil. It’s also great for lifting bulbs, dividing perennials and aerating compacted soil.

15. Espoma Plant Tone All-Natural and All-Purpose Fertilizer

Most plants grow better with supplemental fertilization, but new gardeners often overdo it and end up with severely damaged or dead plants. Organic fertilizer, like this one from Espoma, are much less likely to burn plants or pollute groundwater.

16. Abco Tech Garden Kneeler And Seat

If you suffer from back pain or simply have trouble getting up from your knees, this gardening product will be a game-changer. This convenient garden kneeler and seat will make garden bed maintenance so much more bearable! It comes with a soft foam padding to provide extra cushion for your knees or it and can be flipped over as a personal bench.

17. "New England Month-by-Month Gardening" by Charlie Nardozzi

While this isn't a traditional tool in the sense, a regional gardening book can be extremely helpful when trying to maintain your garden.

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