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20 of the best 1,000-piece puzzles for adults 2021

These jigsaws are perfect for cozy, lazy weekends at home.
Illustration of two people working on a 1000 piece puzzle and a GIF of a woman working on Rise & Shine
TODAY Illustration / Getty Images / Piecework Puzzles

If your eyes are glazed over from too much television, or your hands are in pain from doomscrolling on your phone, you may need a reset from all the technology. Jigsaw puzzles are a beautiful distraction from the world around you and can be enjoyed by almost anyone.

Here are 20 gorgeous 1,000-piece puzzles to keep you busy at home.

Location-themed 1,000-piece puzzles

Hokusai: The Great Wave

Travel to Japan in your mind and look at this epic wave. Japanese artist Hokusai created this iconic design in 1831, and it's appeared on everything from T-shirts to phone cases ever since. Also, can you spot a tiny Mount Fuji in the background?

London Map

If you miss London or simply have never been, you’ll love putting together this map puzzle. Build and learn about London’s amazing landmarks from Big Ben to Royal Albert Hall. The art style is illustrative without being cartoonish and has a great amount of detail.

Michael Storring’s Paris

Michael Storring is known for creating dense and delightful illustrations. Admire all the tiny people you’ll get to build in addition to the Parisian streets and the Eiffel Tower. We can almost smell a freshly baked French baguette from here.

Charley Harper’s The Rocky Mountains

Charley Harper does an amazing job creating the plants and animals found in various locations. We love looking at the cute birds and fish in this homage to the Rocky Mountains. This puzzle would be excellent hung up in a study or a living room.

Canine Couture Puzzle

This puzzle is a reproduction of a famed New Yorker cover, featuring some stylish and expressive dogs. If you’ve ever been to the Big Apple, you’ll know the parks are filled with cute pups, and we hope you get some joy from assembling the puzzle pieces.

Pop culture-themed 1,000-piece puzzles

Andy Warhol Selfies Puzzle

Andy Warhol basically invented the selfie, and his pop art style is always a colorful and joyful addition to any puzzle collection. This would be a perfect gift for an art enthusiast or an aspiring photographer.

"Animal Crossing: New Horizons"

"Animal Crossing" was a huge hit last year. Its combination of an adorable art style and a relaxing play style was a balm for our mental health. Fans will love putting together their favorite characters and items from the popular game.

"The Simpsons" Cast of Thousands

Simpsons stans will love putting together the thousands of characters from the classic cartoon. We couldn’t even count how many yellow people appear in this one. How many characters can you name in this puzzle?

"Harry Potter" Film Poster

A forever fave, the "Harry Potter" movies were iconic and special for many people’s childhoods. This is a great puzzle to assemble with your kids and talk about their favorite moments of the series.

"The Office" Sunday Afternoon

Fans of "The Office" and art alike will love this puzzle, which features the cast of the hit show in the classic painting "A Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte" by Georges Seurat. Who doesn’t wish they were relaxing with Jim and Pam in a park?

Nature-themed 1,000-piece puzzles

Foxgloves & Finches

This puzzle has a ton of visual depth and gorgeous birds painted with tons of verdant green. If you’re missing walks in nature and communing with animals, you will enjoy putting the flora and fauna of this work together.

Birds of the World

A wonderfully playful puzzle, you can build 15 beautiful birds on stamps. We love that it’s horizontally oriented, has many soothing colors like pastel purple and blue and teaches you a little something about species across the globe.

Wendy Gold’s USA State Flowers

Ever wondered what Oklahoma's state flower is? You can learn ‘em all with this exciting puzzle. Put together a map of the United States and see which state is bursting with your favorite flowers. We love the pretty butterflies surrounding the map, as well.

The Coral Reef

What’s more relaxing than a coral reef filled with peaceful fish? Charley Harper creates angular, stylized fish that bring vibrants colors to this puzzle.

Monet Waterlillies

Monet’s famous waterlilies are brought to life in this 1,000-piece puzzle. Sink into the impressionism of the gorgeous flowers and mentally travel to your favorite museum. This puzzle would also make a lovely poster if you preserved it.

Design-focused 1,000-piece puzzles

Nowhouse by Jonathan Adler Vertigo

Jonathan Adler’s very popular furniture and home accessories are modern, visually sharp and a little trippy. All of those aspects are reflected in this cool puzzle, which would really pop once hung on a living room or bedroom wall.

Rise & Shine

A perfect puzzle to hang in a kitchen, this puzzle features a vibrant breakfast tablescape, bedazzled and bedecked with flowers and gems. The gorgeous photography, coupled with fun breakfast foods like bagels and lox, make this a standout. Hungry for more puzzling? Piecework's Forbidden Fruit is also a savory option.


Random yet cute objects like birthday candle and dominoes make up the majority of the puzzle, which will be fun to assemble. Like Rise & Shine, the photography is stunning and the colors sparkle on the pieces.

Cacti & Succulents Vintage Puzzle

Everyone seems to be going through a plant phase right now, and this reference chart-style puzzle shows off cool plants that you may even have in your bedroom. You can learn the scientific plant names at the bottom of the puzzle, as well.

Areaware Gradient Puzzle

While it’s one of the most difficult puzzles on this list, this gradient puzzle is one of the most gorgeous. Cool blues slowly change colors into deep purples, and putting the puzzle together can be an incredibly relaxing and vibey experience.

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