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Bored at home? These puzzles will help you pass the time

The clear jigsaw puzzle will put your skills to the test!
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With the omicron variant on the rise, many of us are once again spending more time inside. So to prevent cabin fever from sinking in, you might be thinking of all the activities you and your family can do at home.

If you've already exhausted your go-to options, like playing a board game, having a movie marathon or reading your favorite books, you can pass time by doing a challenging puzzle. In an effort to help you decompress and get your mind off things, we’ve created a list of popular puzzles for adults.

From the destination-themed puzzles to a nostalgic "Friends" word search book, we’ve got you covered with more than enough options.

The list below has puzzles by category. To quickly jump to a specific section, click the links below or keep scrolling to check out all 27 of our picks.

Bestselling puzzles for adults

Moruska 1,000 Piece Gradient Rainbow Jigsaw Puzzle

The 1,000-piece circular puzzle comes with letters on each piece to help reduce difficulty by section. It's the perfect challenge to get the family working together.

Gray Malin 500 Piece Snow Jigsaw Puzzle

This Gray Malin puzzle features two birds-eye view photos taken from a doorless helicopter over a snow-capped mountain. One side has a magical winter wonderland, while the other has an array of colorful skiers on white snow.

Ravensburger "A Paris Stroll" 1,500 Piece Puzzle

Transport yourself to Paris with this charming and romantic Ravensburger puzzle with a scene of the iconic Eiffel Tower.

Galison Full Bloom World Map Puzzle

This 1,000-piece puzzle puts a colorful twist on a world map. Piece together the flowers and butterflies to complete the beautiful picture.

New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle

For another personalized option, try this custom puzzle featuring the front page of the New York Times from any date (you can go as far back as 1851!). The 500-piece puzzle makes for a thoughtful birthday or anniversary gift.

Jigsaw puzzles for adults

Galison Houseplant Jungle

Plant lovers will have a blast piecing together the 1,000 pieces in this puzzle to create a colorful "jungle" of houseplants.

Jiggy Puzzles Brushstroke_100, EttaVee

Jiggy makes "puzzles worth framing." That's why each of its puzzles comes with a tube of glue and a spreading tool, so you can keep your masterpiece displayed long after you finish putting it together.

Areaware Gradient Puzzle

This striking puzzle is as vibrant as it is challenging. The ombre shades of pink, orange and yellow will capture your mind and the end result is so satisfying.

The Impossible Clear Jigsaw Puzzle

The name says it all — and we can't think of anything more challenging than a clear jigsaw puzzle. Starting at $11, this difficult puzzle is designed for those with all the patience in the world. Are you up for the test?

Piecework Puzzles Meta Puzzle

It doesn't get more meta than a puzzle of someone putting together a puzzle!

Printworks Sky Series 500 Piece Puzzle

Whether you prefer dawn, dusk or night, Printworks has a gorgeous sky puzzle for you. The 500-piece jigsaw puzzle features gradient shades that beautifully capture the outdoors.

Piecework Puzzles Life of the Party 1,000 Piece Puzzle

Have your cake and eat it too! This 1970s-inspired puzzle has bold pops of color from the decadent cake to the bright confetti and candy.

Galison Astrology 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Any astrology lover will immediately want to dive in to this 1,000-piece puzzle. Each of the zodiac signs is inlayed with gold foil for a cosmic sparkle.

Buffalo Games Coffee and Donuts 300 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Do you love coffee and donuts? If so, you might find it difficult to complete this puzzle without making a Dunkin' run!

Golden Girls 1,000 Piece Puzzle

Grab a piece of cheesecake and your best gal pals to put together this perfectly nostalgic puzzle!

Location-specific jigsaw puzzles

Michael Storrings The Great White Way 2,000 Piece Puzzle

Dreaming of the bright lights in Times Square? This colorful puzzle is a fun take on New York City's most popular tourist destination.

Amalfi Coast Cinque Terre Italy Scenic Summer Jigsaw Puzzle

Enjoy the beautiful and scenic view of Cinque Terre while you sip on wine around the fire.

Custom Hometown Map Puzzle

Go the custom route with a map puzzle of your hometown. This personalized piece is a great gift option, too!

Other puzzle games for adults

Geode Puzzle

While traditional jigsaw puzzles are fun, sometimes it's even more fun to mix things up a little bit. This challenging and beautiful geode puzzle is both easy on the eyes, and super challenging for the brain.

Educational Insights Kanoodle Brain-Twisting Solitaire Game

This puzzle is so popular, the brand behind it has already sold over three million units. The 2D and 3D puzzle is only 12 pieces, but with over 200 challenges, it's a brain teaser both kids and adults can enjoy.

540 Colors 3D Puzzle

This 3D puzzle doubles as home decor once it's complete. With over 500 different colored pieces and almost every color imaginable, the whole family will enjoy putting this puzzle together.

Ravensburger Chrysler Building 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

3D puzzles for adults have become quite the trend over the last few years! This Chrysler Building puzzle is a perfect option to get started with if you're new to this style of puzzle.

Night Sky Wooden Puzzle

This wooden puzzle is truly a work of art! The handmade brain teaser is a nighttime view of the starry Milky Way galaxy that kids and adults can enjoy piecing together.

Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Puzzle Book

Crossword puzzles are another popular choice for relaxing after a long day. This Simon & Schuster Mega crossword puzzle book has over 300 tasks, offering hours of stimulation for problem solvers of every level.

"Friends" Word Search Book

If you can't seem to stop watching reruns of "Friends" and enjoy word searches, this book is definitely for you! This book features so many fun moments with puzzles related to the show's locations, characters and actors.

"Ultimate Mind Games" Puzzle Book

This "Ultimate Mind Games" puzzle book is complete with over 400 brain teasers for adults that will keep your mind in tip-top shape.

Rubik's 5x5 Brain Teaser

Forget the classic Rubik's cube! This 5x5 is the most challenging Rubik's ever made and has more combinations than any other puzzle in the world.

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This article was published on January 7, 2020.