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You won’t need to roll the dice on these perfect gifts for game night

Loser is on clean up duty!
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What better way to liven up a Friday night with the family or a festive evening out with friends than by gifting your loved ones a fun party game? You may be shocked to find that your brother-in-law has a crazy hidden talent or your mother is an incredible singer.

From "Friends"-themed Monopoly to a millennials vs. boomers trivia game, we’ve got some of the hottest games that'll have the entire room laughing into the morning.

Best games

Party games for adults

Relative Insanity

It’s an unknown truth that every family has that one quirky character, right? With Relative Insanity, one player reads a set-up card then the others choose a punchline card to finish the phrase for optimum fun and laughter. Created by comedian Jeff Foxworthy, this party game currently dons 9,000+ verified five-star ratings on Amazon.

Actually Curious: Happy Hour Edition

Like Jimmy Buffet sang in his classic song, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. This Happy Hour Edition card game is the ultimate activity for your next girls’ night in. Pocket-sized and portable, you can easily fit this game in your purse and can carry to all your get-togethers. This 52 magenta-colored card deck includes questions that explore dreams and ambitions, so get ready to feel inspired.

Hot Seat

Find out how well your friends know you when you enter the hot seat. You’ll be surprised by some of their wild answers, like with the question “What is something about me that would surprise my grandma?” Numerous customers said it leads to lots of laughs!

Who's Most Likely to...: A Party Game

Relive your high school days filled with yearbook superlatives with this fun party game that asks you to decide who in the group is “most likely to” do something. An Amazon’s Choice product that is the ideal game for your childhood friend who was once voted “best eyes.” One reviewer raved, “Such a fun game. Had us laughing the whole time.”

The Hygge Game

According to the box, Hygge is a Scandinavian word for the good things in life. This thought-provoking party game includes 300 questions to spark meaningful conversations amongst participants. It’ll be perfect for the deep thinker in your life who studies Plato & Socrates on their free time.

Hitster: The Music Party Game

Associate editor Kamari Stewart knew Hitster would be perfect for her next game night even before opening the box. "I played it with friends over the weekend and we had a blast! It was fun to test our knowledge not only about the years songs came out, but about specific titles and artists."

The best part? There is the ability to steal a card if you think your competitors have placed it in the wrong spot on their timeline, which Stewart says, "really cranked up everyone’s competitive spirit."

Stir the Pot

For the funny person in your life who is always getting told they should do stand-up, Stir the Pot gives you permission to roast all of your friends and family. One verified Amazon reviewer said it “definitely stirred some pots and ruffled some feathers after a few drinks,” but try not to have any hard feelings when you wrap up.

Game that Song

For the music lover in your life who can't stop talking about the latest music festival, find out how well you know the musical taste of your friends and family with this memorable card game.

Telestrations After Dark

Get your Monet on with Telestrations After Dark. The game is simple: Draw what you see and then guess what you saw! Rated five stars by nearly 9,000 verified Amazon shoppers, we recommend putting the kids to bed early for this game night.

Who Can Do It

For the friend that is an adrenaline-driven daredevil, this party game contains 250 action cards for friends to challenge opponents to see "Who Can Do It." Disclaimer: this game is not for wallflowers as you may be asked to “tell the story of your first kiss” or swear in a foreign language.”

Hot Ones: Truth or Dab

This game is fire! Time to get in the hot seat as competitors answer deeply personal and embarrassing questions… or face the last dab. Yes, this game contains actual hot sauce so be ready.

Cards Against Humanity

For those who do not own this game yet, get with it. Deemed a “party game for horrible people,” this adult card game is sure to liven up (or darken) any party. If your friend or family member is already a lover of the game, feel free to check out their newest expansion pack.

Bits and Pieces Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

"I gave this to my best friend (and big fan of puzzles) for her birthday a few years ago and she loved it," says commerce writer Danielle Murphy. "We used it every day and it was really helpful to separate pieces and store away when we needed a break."

Murphy says this puzzle organizer is rather large, so you'll need someplace big enough to store it when you aren't using it.

Party games for kids and teens

Spot It!

Test your observational skills and reflexes with Spot It!, a visual game which is guaranteed educational fun for the whole family. This card game is the perfect gift for the child in your life as it helps develop focus, visual perception, speech and fine motor skills, according to the brand. Plus, 91 percent of Amazon reviewers rated the game five stars, with one happy customer raving “I play this game all the time with both adults and children, very fun and competitive game. Warning: this is not a quiet game, prepare to get very intense and loud!”

Weird Things Humans Search For

Have you ever glimpsed at your friend's Google searches and wondered what was going through their head in that moment? Now you can find out! Recommended for ages 14+, Weird Things Humans Search For gives players the first half of an internet search and their opponents must fill in the rest. Get ready for lots of laughs!

I Dissent: A Game of Supreme Opinions

For your girlfriend who quotes RBG on the regular or is obsessed with “Legally Blonde.” Become Elle Woods by presiding over the Court of Public Opinion in this game that allows you to vote on today’s hot topics of conversation.

Charty Party

For the driven accountant or salesperson in your life who swears by bar graphs and charts, this uniquely hilarious party game is the perfect purchase for the geek in your life. Yes, we said it. This game is also a great gift for teachers — many happy customers bought it to play with their middle & high school students in class.

Game of Phones

For the friend or family member that is glued to their cell phone. We will allow it for this one… Use your smartphone as a scavenger hunt tool to compete with your friends. Game of Phones includes 150 cards and is best with three or more players.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

"This game is so much fun for a group, but may end friendships," jokes associate editor Shannon Garlin. "It’s a game of deception where you have to guess who the werewolf is out of the villagers. There’s lies, there’s yelling, there’s laughs!"

Just Dance 2024 Edition

“Spin that record, babe.” It’s time to get up and get down! Perfect for the dancer or fitness guru in your life, this Nintendo Switch game will everyone sweating by the third song. This version includes hits like “Titi Me Pregunto” by Bad Bunny and “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus.

What Do You Meme? Bigger Better Edition

Meme lovers, get ready. We’ve got the game for you and it’s even bigger and better. Players compete to create the funniest memes by using one of the dealt caption cards to caption the chosen photo card. With 38,000+ verified five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers, we bet you’ll be in stitches all throughout the night.

Board games to gift

Hues and Cues

Brighten someone’s day by gifting them this vibrant party game that will test your color knowledge and challenge players to make connections with words. Recommended by 93% of Target shoppers, Hues and Cues has earned ample raves for its broad age appeal and fast-paced nature.

Blank Slate

For the person on your list that is into tarot cards and crystal balls, Blank Slate is the game of addicting predictions. A whopping 99% of Target shoppers have recommended this award-winning game for its versatility amongst generations and how quick it is to play.

"Friends"-Edition Monopoly

For the friend that is always there for you. Spend the evening with Ross, Rachel and more in this "Friends" edition of Monopoly. The game board includes memorable moments from the classic sitcom such as Phoebe’s grandma’s taxi and the holiday armadillo. Let’s hope there’s no left falange…


Get ready to create a beautiful pattern without a sewing machine or a needle. Patchwork is a two-player board game for creative youngsters ages 8 and up where participants work to create a beautiful quilt out of the available patches.

The Game of Life Generations

Stewart loves playing this game with friends and says it has become a staple for her game nights. “This version of the game of life also allows you to play as a Boomer, The Greatest Generation, Gen X, a Millennial or Gen Z," she explains. “Different from the OG game, this one has action steps at every turn which keep you more involved and get you excited for your next turn.”


Compete to build Renaissance Europe’s most prestigious jewelry business. Yes, you read that right. In the game of “Splendor,” players vie for control of gem mines and more to become the best-known merchant.

Trekking The World

If your friend is a total wanderluster, this is the game for them. “It’s quick, it’s entertaining and you can learn a little on the way,” says social media video producer Anita Chomenko. “Your character treks the world to different destinations and collects tokens along the way. The player to collect five destination cards signals the end of the game. Tally up the points and see who is the winner!”

“The cards have beautifully illustrated art that reminds you of a postcard and they have blurbs on the back with facts about the destination. I’ve played this with my fiancé and with family members over the holidays!” she says.

Candy Land Vintage Bookshelf Edition

If you grew up playing Candyland like me, you'll love the modern take on a classic. Designed for two to four players, this game features a full-size vintage board that easily folds up inside a sophisticated bookshelf case.

Scrabble Deluxe Edition

“I really love Scrabble,” shares senior editor of partnerships Francesca Cocchi Zabloudil. “In fact, my husband proposed to me during a game! When it came time to build my wedding registry, I added this deluxe edition so we could upgrade the basic set we’ve had for years.” This set comes with wood tiles, four tile racks, a scorebook and more.

“It’s one of my favorite gifts we received. I appreciate the chic colorways, the built-in turntable and the hidden storage. It’s a splurge for sure, but would make a great gift for someone who loves the game and may not treat themselves to such an elegant version,” suggests Cocchi Zabloudil.

Trivia games to gift

Ultimate Pub Trivia

Bring the bar to you with this ultimate pub trivia game. It includes over 1,000 original trivia questions that cover six different categories including sports, pop culture and more.

80's 90's Trivia Game

Whether your friends grew up in the age of Guns N’ Roses or 'N Sync, this trivia game is the answer. Answer super gnarly questions about the ‘80s and ‘90s that will magically transport all players back to their heyday. One five-star reviewer said it’s “lots of family fun!”

Millennials vs. Boomers Trivia Game

‘Tis the season to pit millennials against their boomer parents with this hysterical modern trivia game. In the words of The Who, “This is my generation, baby.” Get ready for lots of lively discussions and playful arguments with this one. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Trivial Pursuit Generations

Stewart also can’t get enough of Trivial Pursuit Generations where you can play as one of five generations. “We love to play as anything but Gen Z because the questions are harder and they make for some great laughs as we try to come up with an answer. I’m likely going to be gifting it to a few people this year so I don’t have to lug my set around anymore.”