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From card games to sneakers, these 48 gifts will be a hit with any 14-year-old

If you're stumped on a great gift for your teen, check out these options.
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Shopping for a 14-year-old can be tough. They’re just at the start of high school, so you'll want to give them something both cool and useful. To make this mission a bit easier for you, we pulled together a list of gifts that will tickle your 14-year-old's budding interests, whether that's music, crafting, sports, making TikToks, photography or beauty.

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Trending gifts for 14-year-olds

Spotify Gift Card

A Spotify playlist is the modern day equivalent of making mixtapes or burning CDs for any and every occasion. Teens nowadays are always plugged in to the latest (or oldest) hits thanks to TikTok's everchanging trending sounds. This gift card will help them enjoy everything from Kate Bush to Harry Styles without having to sit through pesky ads.

florence by mills Avas Mini Essentials Kit

This travel-sized kit has all of the mini essentials she needs to achieve the latest trendy "clean girl aesthetic" from face wash to lip gloss.

eXtremeRate PlayVital 3D Studded Edition Anti-Slip Silicone Cover Skin for PS5 Controller

Elevate your 14-year-old's gaming experience with these unique silicone covers for PlayStation controllers. It comes in 19 different colors and patterns so you can find the one that best matches their style.

Cloud-Shaped Magnetic Clock Alarm

Swap out your teen's cellphone alarm for this cute illuminated alarm clock that comes in the shape of a fluffy cloud. It has an LCD display that shows the time, temperature and date.

Tabletop Cornhole

Leave your teens to play or get the whole family involved in this tabletop cornhole game. Players will have tons of fun launching miniature beanbags onto their opponent's board. Plus, the handmade piece is nice enough to keep out around the house all year long.

PaintNumbers Ocean Moon

This paint by numbers kit is great for the artsy teen. It includes an acrylic paint set, one linen canvas, three paint brushes and a hanging kit. They'll enjoy painting their own picture and hanging it up in their bedroom once finished.

NewNova Flying Spinner

Claiming to "perform incredible acrobatic tricks and stunts," this flying spinner is great for the daredevil teen in your life.

ADashofChic Personalized Bucket Hat

Teens across the internet are rocking bucket hats, so get your teen in on the trend with a personalized one! This hat is an Etsy bestseller and this Etsy shop has over 2,700 five-star ratings.

Sphero Specdrums Musical Rings

Compatible with an app on your teen's phone, these portable music-making rings allow them to produce songs with the tap of their fingers. There are hundreds of sounds, instruments and loops to play with.

DIY Raindrop Cake Molecular Gastronomy Kit

Raindrop cakes took TikTok by storm — no pun intended. Give your teen all the ingredients and instructions they need to try the trend for themselves.

Ring Light with Extendable Tripod Stand & Phone Holder

Speaking of TikTok, if your teen is a budding Youtuber or TikToker, they may want a ring light, which is a circular ring LED that creates consistent, bright lighting. This particular ring light comes with an extendable tripod stand that ranges from 13.6 inches to 59 inches.

Riwbox Bluetooth Headphones

These fun headphones are perfect for the teen that likes standing out from the crowd. They have over 9,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, so you can buy confidently knowing your teen is going to be impressed with their quality.

The Cookie Joint "Fries Before Guys" Gift Basket

Relationships? Not quite yet. Fries? Always. These cookie fries are as cute as they are tasty and they give your teen a great excuse to play with their food again.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Video games are always a good gift for teens. For just less than $200, you can get them one of the hottest gifts from Nintendo.

Best gifts for 14-year-old girls

Birdie Personal Safety Alarm

At 14, she'll want some more independence and the ability to go places like the movies or mall with friends alone. Keep her safe (and give yourself some peace of mind) with this personal safety alarm system that can clip onto her keys, backpack or fit in her pocket. It has a loud siren and flashing strobe lights to deter an attack and alert others in their surroundings of a potential emergency.

Altar'd State Smiley Earrings

This gift will invoke a smile on her face that will match the ones imprinted on these earrings. They're an easy, fun and playful way to add some personality to a simple outfit.

Smoko Tayto Potato USB Mouse

Spruce up your teen's classroom experience with this computer mouse shaped like an adorable potato. It's compatible with any laptop or computer with a USB port.

Le Mini Macaron Cocooning Time 3-in-1 Spa Pedicure Set

Let your 14-year-old treat themselves to an at-home spa day with this pedicure set. It includes three lavender foot bath bombs, a foot brush and shea foot butter.

Lay-n-Go COSMO Cosmetic Bag

If your teen is an up-and-coming makeup connoisseur, gift them a place to organize their growing makeup collection. It lays flat to store items and pulls closed with a drawstring, so they won't lose any of their items on the go.

ImprintedMemories Birthstone Necklace

Give your teen a gift they'll cherish for years to come, like this bestselling personalized letter necklace with their birth charm. Extra props to you if their birthday month is during the holidays.

Fenty Skin Start'r Set

Teens are getting into skin care earlier than ever before, and Rihanna's got them covered with this starter routine set. It includes a pore-refining toner serum, a coconut-kissed cleanser and a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30.

Glossier Balm Dotcom Trio

If your teen is just getting into makeup and wants a lip balm with a slight tint and beautiful packaging, this is the perfect gift. Balm Dotcom is one of Glossier’s top products and it’s easy to see why. The lip balms come in a variety of “flavors” with great scents and they contain hydrating ingredients like lanolin and beeswax. It’s the ultimate statement lip balm.

Boba Ambient Light

Perfect for doing homework, this little boba tea shaped light sits on your teen’s desk, giving them a sweet little smile. The light just requires three AAA batteries to run, and it’s super portable for work and play around the house. And at $22, it’s pretty cheap for a light that will add spunk and ambience to their space.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

Polaroid-style physical photos are tons of fun to take and use as wall decoration. This camera comes in fun colors, with automatic exposure, and even has a “selfie mode.” You can also buy film with cool designs, cute carrying bags and other accessories to make this their go-to camera.

Tulip Mermaid Tie Dye Kit

Tie-dye is a big clothing trend right now and tie-dyeing clothes is a fun event for your teen to spice up their clothes. With pretty colors like lavender, turquoise and sea green, this kit gives your family everything they need to have a tie dye party.

Lush Sweetest Thing Gift Set

Lush is known for their luxurious bath products that smell divine, are fun to look at and are easy to use. This set contains a peach-scented bath bomb that contains soothing davana oil; a bar of soap that smells like candy and packed with moisturizing cocoa butter; and a sweet lip scrub that'll leave their puckers as smooth as silk.

Joyora Scrunchie Holder Stand

Scrunchies are a super fun hair accessory, but a vanity can feel a little messy with tons of them laying around. Enter: the Joyora Scrunchie Holder Stand. It can fit up to 24 scrunchies without damaging them and the stand is easy to clean. Plus, the scrunchies look so cute when they’re neatly stacked in one place.

Kikkerland Lloyd the Llama Succulent Plant

Succulents are a great way to decorate a teen’s room, providing a little greenery. This affordable and cutesy succulent planter will sit pretty on their windowsill and it’s leak-proof, so even if they accidentally overwater their plant, you won’t end up with a mess.

Doodle Crate

Crafty teens will be into Doodle Crate, a subscription box that sends over materials for a fun monthly craft. Make everything from soap to felt succulent plants to faux leather portfolios. A great way for them to get off their phone and make something they can be proud of. There’s a ton of flexibility in this box, too — your crate gets shipped two days after you sign up and you can cancel easily.

Pet-Shaped Pillow

Does your teen have a furry friend they love to hang out with and take care of? If so, you can get them a pillow that looks exactly like your pet! Upload a photo of your pet and you’ll receive the cutest animal pillow to place on your teen’s bed, the living room or a basement couch. They come in a variety of sizes, from 20 cm all the way up to 100 cm.

Best gifts for 14-year-old boys

Gatorade Gx Limited Edition Bottles Kit

Upgrade his sports equipment with one of these limited edition Gatorade sport bottles. You can even personalize it with their name and sport team number. The kit also comes with your choice of Gatorade pods so they can stay hydrated wherever they go.

Major League Ballparks Scratch-Off Chart

If he's a big baseball fan, this scratch-off chart is sure to get him excited. It's even something that the whole family can get involved with by taking trips to visit each park on the chart.

RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

Take your 14-year-old's skateboarding to the next level with this electric option. It can reach speeds of up to 12mph and includes a wireless remote to control the momentum. Just remember to pair it with a helmet to ensure your loved one stays safe!

Shocktato Party Game

This game will give your 14-year-old and their friends hours of laughter — trust us. Here's how it works: Each player holds a handle, the machine revs up while you listen to suspenseful music and then when the red light turns green, the players must press the trigger button as quickly as possible. If you're the last to react, you get an electric shock.

Minger LED Strip Lights

Also known as “TikTok lights” because of how often they’re used on that social media app, these are a set of small lights your teen can hang in their bedroom and program them to give off a wide variety of colored light. You can cut the light strip to fit your teen’s walls and they give off a rich, pigmented color. Perfect for recording videos or simply setting the vibe in their room.

Casemate Creatures AirPods Pro Case

If your teen wants an Airpods Pro case that is funky, but will keep their device safe and charged, the Casemate Creatures is a great option. Choose from an array of funny looking monsters, and know that their headphones will be protected with their scratch-proof technology. They’re wireless charging compatible, come with a one year warranty and are well-reviewed, too.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Did you play Mario as a kid? Three of his best titles from Nintendo 64, Gamecube and Wii have been remastered into one exciting package on the Nintendo Switch. Reminisce with your teen about getting your first Nintendo and you can even listen to the soundtracks from each iconic game.

Settlers of Catan

This strategy-based board game was released in 1996, and is still wildly popular today. Up to four players can indulge in the world of Catan, a game where you manage and trade resources to build your own society. Your family will enjoy trying to outsmart each other and your teen will learn important skills like game strategy and tactical skills.

Game of Phones

Game of Phones is a card game using every teen’s favorite possession...their phone! Players grab a card and use their phones to answer prompts like: draw an emoji masterpiece or show off the last photo you took. It’s a fast and exciting multiplayer game that’s great for both families and for friends groups.

X Rocker Pro Gaming Chair

This is a functional and well-designed chair that is perfect for relaxing in their room or the den. There are speakers on either side so your teen can feel immersed in their music or games. Its rocking features ensure they can sit in a variety of poses while they’re gaming and the chair can hook up to your television or a stereo.

SoundBot Water-Resistant Bluetooth 4.0 Shower Speaker

Teens who can’t get enough of their music or podcasts can enjoy them in the shower using this speaker. Use the suction cups to stick it to the shower, and blast their favorite tunes for up to six hours. It’s lightweight and has volume control as well.

Spikeball Game

Spikeball is an engaging outdoor game, perfect for the beach or your backyard. Players stand around a net, trying to spike the ball onto the net in each other’s direction. It’s great for teens to get exercise and work together in teams. If your teen becomes great at the game, there have even been tournaments all over the country.

Vans Old Skool Shoes

The Vans Old Skool are vintage-feeling shoes that are amazing for skateboarding or just walking to class. They’re durable, sturdy and have a style that’s effortlessly classic. Your teen will have no trouble pairing these iconic shoes with anything else in their wardrobe.

Teens Cook: How To Cook What You Want To Eat

Both aspiring chefs and teens who have never picked up a spatula will enjoy this book. If you’re sick of cooking and they’re sick of microwaving, they’ll enjoy learning how to make healthy dishes that are easy and enjoyable to create.

Creation Crate

Programming and computer science are lucrative jobs these days. Your teen can learn how to program monthly projects with this subscription box. They receive components to put the project together and online instructions and videos to help them create. They can build functional and cool items like a mood lamp and an FM radio tuner every month. For $105, you can keep new projects arriving at their doorstep for the next year.

LapGear Lap Desk

If your teen likes to do homework all over the house, they’ll need a lap desk to get everything done comfortably. They can place their phone or tablet in the included media slot, and strap pencils and pens in with the desk’s elastic. All these features ensure an ergonomic lap desk experience wherever they go.

Acoustic Guitar for Dummies Starter Pack

The classic “For Dummies” brand gives teens everything they need to start learning guitar. The box includes an acoustic guitar, a “Guitar Basics for Dummies” book and CD, a tuner, guitar picks and a carrying case.

Humble Bundle Game Subscription

If your teen is on Steam more than any other app, they’ll appreciate the Humble Bundle Game subscription. They send you 10 PC games a month and you can choose nine to keep. There’s a diverse range of games and your teen can download additional games from Humble Bundle’s vault to keep their gaming going.

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