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Is this year's hottest accessory the oversized water bottle? Here's why it might be

Brands like Stanley, Owala and more have been popping up all over social media.
Vivian Le / TODAY

One of the hottest accessories of the year just so happens to be a pretty useful one. Yes, we're talking about oversized water bottles.

From the beloved Stanley Quencher to the more recently released Owala FreeSip, a number of tumblers and water bottles have been making a splash on social media and across the internet. On TikTok, the "emotional support water bottle" tag has racked up 237 million and is filled with videos of the above water bottles and plenty of other must-have hydration vessels.

One thing that many of the most popular options have in common is their oversized design, many of them are upwards of 30 ounces — meaning, they're pretty helpful for reaching your water goals for the day.

Below, we're sharing some favorite picks from TikTokers and editors. Plus, we're also adding some accessories, in case you want to take your hydration game a step further.

Viral water bottles and tumblers

Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler

Stanley's 40-ounce Quencher is perhaps the most buzzed-about option out there right now, with more than 108 million TikTok views. There was a time when it was selling out so often, it was nearly impossible to get your hands on. In fact, at one point, it had a waitlist of 150,000 people. It has a narrow design that's made to fit in cup holders and features double-wall vacuum insulation to keep your drinks hot or cold.

Associate SEO editor Kamari Stewart says that she loves hers "because it holds so much and I don't have to get up constantly to refill it. Plus, I end up drinking two or three bottles full in a day which is great for my hydration goals."

Owala FreeSip Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

This colorful water bottle from Owala has more than 65 million TikTok views. It's designed with a push-to-open lid and a carry loop that doubles as a lock.

“It's got a sip and straw function, it also comes with a really easy to open locking lid that I personally love because having an exposed mouthpiece always grossed me out,” says Shop TODAY page Casey Dawson, who owns the 24-ounce version. “This was the game-changer for me because I love having a straw feature but I haven't found a water bottle that protects the straw at the same time. And twist off lids always felt annoying to keep fiddling with, so the pop-open lid (with a lock) is so convenient. It comes in lots of colors, is easy to clean and is really affordable compared to other competing water bottles. I also used it in 100-degree weather in Austin out at the pool in the sun, and the ice inside didn't melt for hours!”

Owala 40-Ounce Stainless Steel Tumbler

Owala has also released its own 40-ounce tumbler, and editor Vivien Moon says that hers is “next to me at all times.” “It has a splash-resistant lid that makes drinking from the straw at an angle easy and doesn't leak which is super helpful because I know some competitors don't have that design element.”

Frank Green Ceramic Reusable Bottle

Founded in Australia, Frank Green is known for creating reusable home solutions, such as food containers, coffee cups and water bottles. And the brand has taken off on social media for its water bottles in particular. The “Frank Green” tag has more than 342 million TikTok views. The bottles have a sleek and minimalistic design and are designed to be splash and spill-resistant the brand says.

Hydro Flask 32 oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle

Hydro Flask has long been a favorite of anyone looking for a sturdy and long-lasting option. In fact, editorial assistant Sierra Hoeger shares that she’s had hers since 2019, “and it hasn't let me down yet!” “Sure, it has a couple of dents in it, but the quality hasn't deteriorated and it's moved with me to college, NYC and travels with me wherever I go — day trips, vacations, work, etc. I love that I can personalize it with stickers too, making it uniquely my own, and the paint doesn't chip if I want to remove the stickers.”

Hydro Flask 32 oz All Around Water Bottle

Hydro Flask also recently released its own tumbler. And it’s already so popular, the 40-ounce version has sold out multiple times (it’s currently out of stock right now). You can still grab the 32-ounce version in a handful of colors. It’s made to be dishwasher-safe and features a splash-resistant straw lid.

QuiFit 1 Gallon Water Bottle

Motivational water bottles like this have been popping up all over the internet over the last few years, and we’ve even spotted some celebrities carrying them. The extra large water bottle (it holds 128 ounces) has motivational time markers along the side to keep you on track throughout the day.

Water bottle and tumbler accessories

Holikme 8-Pack Bottle Brush Cleaning Set

To keep your water bottle in pristine condition, you really should be washing it every day. Thankfully, this set comes with multiple brushes that promise to make that process easier. Each brush is designed for a different vessel — you'll get one with a longer handle for narrower bottles, one with hard bristles for metal bottles and more. Plus, there are four straw brushes so you can clean that often-forgotten area too!

Homdsg Silicone Spill Proof Stopper

If you love everything about your tumbler, except for the fact that it’s not completely leak proof, this is for you. Designed to be compatible with the original viral Stanley Quencher, it’s said to make the cup completely spill-proof, so you can feel better about taking it on the go.

Flaskars Protective Silicone Boot

Hoeger says that she uses a boot on her water bottle to help protect against dents and scratches and cover up the ones that are already there. She adds that it also helps reduce noise when she puts the bottle down on surfaces. This boot is designed for a variety of Hydroflask and Stanley tumblers and bottles.

Smooth Trips AquaPockets Water Bottle Carrier Bag

Want to take your water bottle on your daily walks but don’t want to have to deal with carrying it? Try this bag, which is designed to fit a 16- to 32-ounce bottle.

Yopria Water Bottle Pouch

Belt bags are all the rage, and now you can get one for your tumbler, too! According to the brand, it can fit on almost all water bottles up to 40 ounces and can fit headphones, money, cards and other assorted items.