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I solemnly swear I’m ... not going to keep these Harry Potter gifts to myself

Potterheads of all ages will want to get their hands on these magical gifts
Kitsch; American Girl

Not receiving your Hogwarts letter as a child was the equivalent of a college rejection in your high school years. Years (OK, maybe decades) later, many Harry Potter fans are still reeling from the blow. To cope, some re-read the books, others watch the movies on repeat, but then there are the ones who use their wallets like a wand to "magically" build up their collection of Harry Potter nostalgia.

If you're trying to help your favorite Potterhead add to their ever-growing collection, look no further. We've got you covered with the best Harry Potter gifts for every type of fan.

They may not ever step through the doors to the Great Hall, but you can certainly help them surround themselves with collectibles that will make them feel like less of a Muggle. Whether they're a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin, these Harry Potter gifts are sure to put a smile on any witch or wizard's face.

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Harry Potter beauty gifts

Harry Potter x Kitsch Body Wash Sampler Set

"Chocolate frog" and "marshmallow jelly bean" might not be the first scents in mind when thinking about body wash, but they'll long forget the name once they feel how you feel how smooth, nourished and brightened their skin looks.

Fyoudis Metal Wand Makeup Brush Set

If only we had the ability to wave a wand and have a perfect face of makeup appear. (But that would take away some of the fun, wouldn't it?) These magic-inspired brushes are an enchanting consolation.

Glamnetic Hogwarts™ Nails

If they prefer a more minimalist way to show their obsession with the Boy Who Lived, surprise them with a magical manicure. Glamnetic just came out with Harry Potter-inspired nail art that may not give you powers, but they are powerful enough to last up to two weeks, according to the brand.

ColourPop Noble History Graphix Ink Liner Set

With these precise liners, you can draw a cat eye that even Crookshanks will envy. You can even choose the color that matches your House.

SheGlam Harry Potter™ Full Collection Set

For the makeup guru in your life who treats their makeup bag like their very own Chamber of Secrets, this beauty collection will stop them in their tracks. The full set comes with four mini eye shadow palettes, multiple lip glosses, a wand brush and more.

Harry Potter fashion gifts

Harry Retro Fall Coffee Sweatshirt

Until the holidays come around, we'll be enjoying spooky PSL season. And now that we've seen Harry as a pumpkin, coffee cups in Quidditch gear and Hedwig coveting a latte, we're going to need this sweatshirt in our hands ASAP.

Harry Potter Baby Clothes Multipack

For every Potterhead parent, the choosing of the Houses is a rite of passage — says the internet. Honestly, it's just really cute watching a little one crawling towards their forever color. See which one the kiddo in your life chooses by gifting them this onesie multipack!

Pura Vida Seeker Fidget Ring

This unique ring features a spinning band (branded with adorable Harry Potter-inspired symbols) with a base that stays in place. What's better? For every ring sold, Pura Vida will donate 5% of the purchase price to the World Literacy Foundation.

H&M 2-piece Sweatshirt and Skirt Set

They'll be the trendiest witch at school while wearing this cute set. The sweatshirt features the Hogwarts crest, while the matching skirt is decked in a plaid design that we're sure Hermione would approve of.

Sally Rose Harry Potter Gold Plated Charm Bracelet

Give them the gift of charm — no, not that kind of charm. But this charm bracelet that offers just as much magic in the form of style, chicness and a touch of gold.

Harry Potter Floral 12 Days Of Socks Gift Set

If they're just as happy to see socks in their stocking as Dobby is, we found the perfect gift for them. Packaged inside a Deathly Hallows-shaped box, you'll find a dozen different pairs in two styles — crew and no-show — that you can open up during the last 12 days of the season.

Disney Harry Potter Marauders Metallic Print Shoulder Bag

You may not be a Marauder, but you can show your undying support for them (well, most of them), by toting around your essentials in this spacious bag. It features the names of well-known characters and astrological signs, all printed in a bright metallic gold.

Alex and Ani Harry Potter Mischief Managed Locket Necklace

Is your giftee seemingly always up to no good? This statement necklace might be the perfect gift for the mischievous person in your life.

Harry Potter™ Play Pack

If you thought belt bags couldn't get any cooler, try giving it the Harry Potter treatment. It's made with vegan leather and a stain-resistant inner lining that is designed to look like the Marauder's Map.

Loungefly Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Elder Wand Sage Handbag

Dumbledore fans will get a kick out of this bag — or maybe just those who prefer more storage space. The spacious double compartments aside, we can't get over the Slytherin green shade, gold accents and the Elder Wand fastened to the handle.

Fossil Limited Edition Gryffindor Nylon Watch

Not everyone can enjoy the benefits of a time turner, so to ensure you're always on time (and looking good doing it), this stylish watch is perfect. And don't worry, it's also available in the colors of the three other Houses.

Harry Potter home and kitchen gifts

Owala Harry Potter FreeSip Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Even wizards get thirsty. Instead of trying to conjure drinking water from thin air, this Owala bottle will ensure you have a refreshing beverage on hand at all times. Plus, you can choose an option in your preferred House colors.

BauerGiftsCo Personalized Wizard Witch Wand Night Light

If your Potterhead needs a nightlight or just wants to add a new Harry Potter decor piece to their collection, this customizable light makes a great gift for any age.

Harry Potter™ Cookie Cutter Set

We found the secret to conjuring up a few bewitched looking sweet treats in time for the holidays (and beyond!). As for their taste, you'll have to find your own potion— we mean, recipe for that.

Nefso Decorative Bookends

Showing off your Harry Potter collection sometimes feels just as good as a re-read, doesn't it? Well, now you can keep the series front and center with the help of these Harry Potter inspired bookends.

Homesick Harry Potter Slytherin Candle

Now there's a way to make their space feel and smell like they're lounging right in the middle of the Slytherin common room. A few key fragrance notes include lake water, clove, oakmoss and suede.

Harry Potter™ Snitch Ice & Glass (Set of 2)

Thankfully, you won't have to do much chasing to catch this snitch. But instead of it being golden, it's ice and paired with a sleek glass and your favorite cocktail.

Harry Potter Map Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Whether it be your teen's bedroom, a classroom or your home library, this Harry Potter wallpaper is sure to put its magical touch on any interior.

Kitsch Harry Potter x Kitsch Collector's Bundle

They're sure to dream about chocolate frogs, secretive chambers and a few Nargles while resting their head on this enchanting satin pillowcase.

Pottery Barn Teen Harry Potter™ Nagini™ Clock

While no doubt sneaky and venomous looking, there's no denying how cool this decor piece looks.

Harry Potter™ Patchwork Baby

Attention, Potterhead parents! Gift your little one a snuggly quilt with Harry Potter patchwork stitched into it. You'll love it when they start asking what each logo means!

Harry Potter™ Enchanted Night Sky Jet-Set Recycled Carry-on Luggage

Whether you're traveling by plane or broomstick, good luggage is a necessity. This starry sky and owl carry-on is stylish, spacious and eco-friendly, as it's made from 100% recycled polyester and plastic bottles.

Harry Potter toys, books and game gifts

Scholastic Harry Potter Coloring Book

Who said coloring books were only for children? We can't think of a better way to relax and tap into any dormant creative energy. (To make this artsy experience even better, re-read your favorite book on audio!)

Theory11 Harry Potter Playing Cards

It will be hard to keep a poker face while staring at these playing cards. Honestly, how else are you supposed to react to Hermione "Queen of Hearts" or Dumbledore "King of Diamonds"?

4D BUILD Harry Potter Hermione Granger Model Kit Puzzle

Leave it to Hermione to take puzzles to the next level. Only the smartest of witches and wizards can solve this 4D model ... just kidding — the brand says it's easy to assemble (no glue needed!) and is durable enough to stand on your shelf on display.

Squishmallows Harry Potter 10” Ravenclaw Raven Plush Toy

Now you can add a little wizardry to your Squishmallows collection with this plush Ravenclaw Raven. It's said to be made from high-quality, soft material, making it perfectly squeezable and fun to play with.

"Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard" by Tom Felton

Draco Malfoy may be the villain of our favorite story, but the man behind the character is anything but. If you're a fan of Tom Felton, get the chance to learn more about the actor as he details the joys and hardships of growing up in the magical spotlight.

New York Puzzle Company Mirror of Erised

For a more traditional puzzle, they'll love this illustration of one of the story's most touching scenes. Better yet, it's done in a linen-style finish that is designed to reduce glare, according to the brand.

Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts: Room of Requirement Building Set

The beauty of Lego is that there's no age limit as to who can derive joy from building them! Which makes this super-detailed set an amazing gift for just about anyone this season.

WB Games Hogwarts Legacy PlayStation 4

Gamers and Harry Potter fans alike will be clambering to get their hands on this adventure game. Players can experience Hogwarts at its beginning, where you'll learn spells, battle villains and even discover "a hidden truth from its past."

Mattel Creations Harry Potter Design Collection Doll

You can finally get your hands on this new collectible! In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Warner Bros., Mattel Creations is releasing a special edition doll, wearing his famous pajamas and Invisibility Cloak.

American Girl® Gryffindor™ Quidditch™ Uniform

On the other hand, for those who prefer a sportier collectible doll, American Girl just released an entire Harry Potter collection, which includes models in Quidditch gear!

Harry Potter The Illustrated Collection (Books 1-3)

If you're going to introduce a young reader to the world of Harry Potter, do it the right way with the insanely beautiful illustrated versions!

Cool and unique Harry Potter gifts

Corkcicle Harry Potter Stemless Glass

Keep your butterbeer and pumpkin juice perfectly chilled for up to six hours (or your warmer brews at the right temperature for up to three hours) while using this special Corkcicle cup.

Custom Names in Harry Potter Font

Unless they hate the idea of bent book pages, this custom literary decor is just the gift the reader in your life is looking for. We recommend they place it among their bookshelves to serve as a fun conversation starter for those perusing your selection.

Harry Potter™ Advent Calendar

Make December (or which ever month you choose) that much more magical with this 24-day Advent calendar. We won't spoil it for you, but you can expect to find a few of the characters' favorite sweets hidden inside including lemon sherbets, butterscotch drops and more.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Explosion Box

No, thankfully this is not a Howler — it's something way more fun (and not as loud!). Surprise the giftee with what looks like a normal gift box, but actually explodes with fluttering house crests when opened. Inside, they'll find a spinning chocolate cake adorned with an edible Hogwarts letter and sprinkles.

The Noble Collection Rubeus Hagrid Umbrella

Only the biggest fans (and Dudley Dursley) will know what this pink umbrella symbolizes in the Harry Potter world. Gift them with it, and you might just impress them...

Juniper Books Harry Potter Series Castle and Owl Book Jackets

The biggest HP fans probably have more than one set of the series on their bookshelves. Now, you can give them a new and improved look with the many options over at Juniper Books. Our favorite is this black and white owl version, which is printed on high-quality paper and is hand-folded for easy assembly.

Pottery Barn Floating Candle String Lights

Create a little magic right in your own home with these "floating" candle lights. Use your wand (aka, the included remote) to power them on and off — and they'll even last on a six-hour timer.