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22 eclectic gifts that are quintessentially Gemini, chosen by a pro astrologer

We made sure our picks are on-the-go-friendly, obviously.
On Holiday Pickleball; Prose; Hiyo

Alongside Scorpio, Gemini is one of the most maligned signs of the zodiac, but Geminis make incredibly fun friends and loved ones. People with a Gemini Sun sign (people born between May 21st and June 21st, according to Western astrology) tend to be curious, intellectual, social, witty, sharp, adaptable, fun and open-minded.

What should I know about Geminis?

Fellow astrologer Lisa Stardust puts it this way: “Geminis are the communicators of the zodiac. Ruled by Mercury, they’re always on the move and have high energy — they are the facilitators of information.”

The reason Geminis get a bad reputation is because imbalanced Gemini energy lacks integrity and follow-through, which can look like duplicitousness, superficiality, flakiness and/or inconsistency.

To counter this, Geminis often benefit from anything that helps them ground themselves, get in touch with their feelings, and connect with their deeper and more consistent sense of self.

How do I know what to gift a Gemini?

With the above in mind, gifts that help Geminis slow down can be incredibly helpful — but that doesn’t mean you can’t also get them gifts that let them live into their wild card nature. After all, what is Gemini energy about if not duality?

Since Geminis are original and multifaceted, they tend to love gifts that are unique and personalized rather than cliché. We curated this list to be a mix of the practical-but-still-fun, the nerdy-but-still-cool, and the meaningful-but-not-corny.

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Best tech gifts for Geminis

Belkin Phone Power Bank

Stardust, who is a Gemini herself, says, “An external Phone charger is essential for communication.” This convenient and compact USB charger allows you to charge multiple devices at once, and offers a 10,000 mAh capacity that can go anywhere you go.

Fujifilm Instax Instant Camera

A great way to gently pull out a Gemini’s sentimental side is to get them an instant camera for making memories, and these Instax cameras are all the rage lately. They’re fun, easy to use and a major upgrade to the bulky Polaroid cameras of the 80s and 90s.

As an alternative, you could get them this Instant Photo Printer that lets them easily print any photo they take on their phone. It’s compact and doesn’t require any ink, which makes it fun and convenient.

Moft Snap-On Phone Stand and Wallet

This minimalist accessory holds up to three cards and folds out to hold your phone in portrait, landscape or floating mode, but doesn’t add bulk to your phone. It’s durable, made from fiberglass and vegan leather, and it magnetizes to the back of your phone with secure MagSafe technology.

Just note that it’s only compatible with certain phones, so if your Gemini doesn’t have a newer iPhone, this may not be a good choice.

Tribit Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A good Bluetooth speaker is a Gemini essential for listening to their favorite music, podcasts (Geminis tend to love podcasts) and audiobooks wherever they want. Portable speakers are also great for parties and social events, making them even more Gemini-friendly.

This speaker is waterproof and has great sound quality for its price point.

Best self-care gifts for Geminis

B. Yellowtail Journal and Pen Set

Journaling is an incredibly helpful practice for Geminis because it allows them to keep track of their own narrative over time, which builds integrity and consistency in their self-awareness. It also helps them connect to their emotions, which can be challenging but crucially important work for them.

This gorgeous journal and pen set features a design influenced by traditional Cheyenne and Apsaalooke artwork.

Kaike Green Tea Mask and Scrub

Geminis tend to love their face masks, and this one is extremely high-quality. It’s made of just French green clay, matcha and bentonite clay, and it's exfoliating (without the use of microplastics), hydrating and safe for sensitive skin.

Green tea is so quintessentially Gemini, and this mask is the perfect invitation for a slowed-down self-care moment.

Juvia's Place Nubian Loose Highlighter

If your loved one is even vaguely into makeup, this champagne/gold-tinted highlighter is iconically Gemini. It’s silky, high-quality, long-lasting and luminescent without being overbearing, and it looks incredible on a wide range of skin tones.

It’s buildable, so you can create a subtle glow or a bold sparkle, and it’s also vegan and paraben-free.

Bean Products Zafu Meditation Cushion

The last thing most Geminis want to do is sit still, which is exactly why learning to become comfortable with stillness is so important.

Meditation can be challenging but so incredibly worthwhile, especially in helping Geminis get grounded into a sense of self, a sense of depth, a sense of connectedness to their own emotions, and a sense of consistency. Creating a comfy, welcoming space for a meditation practice helps to make that practice more consistent.

Prose Haircare Essentials Kit

Geminis love really personalized gifts, and Prose is a line of completely personalized and high-quality haircare.

Your formulas are created based on your answers to an online consultation where all sorts of details are taken into account, from your hair texture to your lifestyle to the environmental conditions of your zip code. People really seem to love their formulas, all of which are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, GMOs and animal testing.

Best activity gifts for Geminis

ErPils Pickleball Set

On Holiday Build a 2 Paddle Set

Pickleball is incredibly popular lately because it’s easy to learn, very social, good exercise without being too demanding and friendly for all ages and levels of athletic activity.

Geminis benefit from having a physical outlet for their energy, but that physical outlet has to be social. The Erpils four-paddle pickleball set, which is the No. 1 bestseller in Amazon's racket category, is great for new and experienced players; it also comes with four balls, four cooling towels and a carrying bag.

Or, if you can splurge, you can check off both the "customized" and "active" boxes with On Holiday's customizable two-paddle bundle. You'll choose from six funky patterns for each paddle, and the gift bundle comes with three balls (either in yellow or orange).

We're Not Really Strangers Friendship Edition

We recommended We’re Not Really Strangers on the Aquarius gift guide, but the Friendship Edition in particular is perfect for Geminis because it helps them build deeper relationships with friends and loved ones.

You can play with two or more people, and there are no complicated rules to learn — just intriguing questions to ask and answer. Gift Card

Almost all Geminis love books, but choosing a book for them is risky because they often have eclectic interests and are likely to have read your selection already. is a fantastic online retailer that carries a huge selection and supports small, local bookstores by creating an online storefront for them. You can put any amount between $10 and $1,000 on the gift card, and it never expires. When in doubt, this is the most foolproof Gemini gift option.

Southwest Airlines Gift Card

When I asked a group of Geminis to describe their ideal gift, the majority answered that it would be something to do with travel or a new experience.

An airline gift card allows your Gemini to take their pick of dates and destinations, and if you’re lucky, they’ll bring you along with them. You can load any amount on the gift card, and there’s no expiration date.

Best food and drink gifts for Geminis

Birch Bark Coffee Co. Light Roast Coffee Beans

Do Geminis need coffee? Probably not. Do they want coffee? Yes.

This is possibly the most perfect Gemini coffee out there; it’s a deliciously sweet and lively light(ish) roast with brown sugar and roasted almond notes, finished off with vanilla and citrus.

It comes from a small Ojibwe coffee company that roasts to order and works to help Indigenous families access clean water.

Ohza Canned Classic Mimosa

These ready-made canned mimosas just scream Gemini — while regular mimosas aren’t the most portable, these particular ones are, perfect for the on-the-go Gemini attending any alcohol-friendly picnics or social events.

They’re delicious and not overly sweet (they actually have up to 80 percent less sugar than a DIY mimosa), which will help your Gemini to not get too wired. They also have red and white sangria options, which are delicious, too.

Hiyo Social Tonics Variety Pack

For a Gemini who doesn’t drink or wants to reduce their alcohol intake, these are perfect. They’re delicious, low in sugar and packed with adaptogens and nootropics, and they’re a great option to bring to social events where you don’t want to drink alcohol but still want to have a fun beverage.

They also look like hard seltzers, in case you don’t want to draw attention to the fact that you’re not drinking.

YumEarth Choco Yums Chocolate Candies

Sometimes a Gemini just wants candy, and this is my favorite brand of candy and gummies that taste like childhood favorites but have simpler ingredient lists. These Choco Yums taste exactly like M&Ms, but are free of dairy, 8 other top allergens, artificial dyes, etc. If your Gemini loved one has food allergies or is a kiddo in an allergen-friendly classroom, I can say that everything I’ve tried from YumEarth is a great choice.

Rebecca's Herbal Apothecary Yin Time Tea

A Gemini friend of mine introduced me to the teas from this small-batch apothecary, and this particular tea blend is perfect for the Gemini who struggles to wind down from racing thoughts at any time of day, especially around bedtime.

It tastes lovely and is a super-comforting ritual for helping to ground down and calm the mind.

Gemini Boho Insulated Tumbler

A Gemini needs a good tumbler to take on the go and revitalize their energy throughout the day, and this dishwasher-safe, BPA-free, lidded thermal cup features a gorgeous Gemini zodiac design.

Best wearable gift for Geminis

Gemini Baseball Cap

This cotton hat comes in 14 colors and features the Gemini symbol — it’s simple, stylish, versatile, and lets your loved one express their Gemini pride without being tacky or over-the-top.

The cap is also breathable, adjustable and comfy, and it can fit a wide range of styles.

How we chose

Katya Weiss-Andersson is a professional astrologer who specializes in Saturn return and birth chart readings.

With the help of Gemini astrologer Lisa Stardust, Shop TODAY commerce editor and Gemini Sun Vivien Moon, Shop TODAY associate commerce editor and Gemini Rising Fran Sales, plus a gaggle of helpful Gemini friends and her own Gemini Mars placement, Katya carefully curated this list to suit the many facets of Gemini wants, needs and personalities.