Blood Orange Mimosa
Blood orange mimosa is a perfect addition to brunch
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When it comes to brunch there’s only one other acceptable drink besides the beloved Bloody Mary, and that’s Champagne, in all its glorious pours. The standard mimosa is a mix of orange juice and bubbly but if you want to up your brunch game you must give this blood orange mimosa a sip. 

Two ingredients and you’re one cocktail away from a very happy start to your day. You can either use fresh squeezed blood orange juice or bottled. Bottled typically is a little sweeter and is the easier option. Either way, you want to be sure to strain your juice before you put in your glass or in an ice tray like this recipe calls for. Unlike the Bloody Mary, we don’t want to chew this cocktail. Straining keeps any pulp from floating in your glass or getting stuck in your teeth.

Here,  I freeze the blood orange juice into cubes and simply add one to each Champagne flute right before guests arrive. Then pop a bottle and top off each glass. Here’s to winning brunch. Clink!



    • 1 bottle of chilled Brut Champagne, Prosecco or Cava
    • 1 ¼ cup blood orange juice, strained


Pour your strained blood orange juice into an ice cube tray. A standard size ice cube tray makes 1-ounce ice cubes. Freeze overnight or until completely frozen into cubes.

Right before you are ready to serve pop your cubes and place one into each of your glasses. Top each glass with chilled bubbly wine and enjoy.