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I'm an astrologer and an Aquarian — these are the 18 Aquarius gifts I recommend

Your gifting cheat sheet for the most hard-to-gift-for sign.

If you know someone whose birthday is between January 20th and February 18th, they have an Aquarius Sun sign, according to Western astrology. Aquarius energy is the weirdo of the zodiac: It’s unique, rebellious, critical-thinking, intellectual, enigmatic, humanitarian, independent, innovative and justice-oriented. Aquarius is also known as the water bearer, but it’s an air sign, which makes Aquarians big thinkers and communicators.

While no two Aquarians are exactly the same (because everyone has their own unique birth chart filled with much more detail than just a person’s Sun sign), there are some helpful things to keep in mind when it comes to getting them gifts.

Aquarians are very eclectic and oriented towards authenticity, so they tend not to be into anything that’s corny, basic or cliché. Aquarius is also not a very materialistic sign, or one that tends to wear its heart on its sleeve. Still, thoughtful gifts tend to be very meaningful to them.

In a nutshell, astrologer and contributor Lisa Stardust says, "Aquarius like presents that are fun and allow them to embrace their truest selves."

If all that makes the thought of gift-giving for an Aquarius sound intimidating, we’ve got you. Read on for the 18 best gifts for this hard-to-gift-for sign — chosen by an astrologer who's also an Aquarius.

Best Aquarius gifts for self care

The Underbelly Yoga Subscription

Aquarius can be such a heady, cerebral sign that people with prominent Aquarius energy often need support in connecting with their bodies and their emotions. Jessamyn Stanley is a master teacher, and her Underbelly app has three different tracks of inclusive, high-quality and beginner-friendly class offerings to choose from.

Papier Aquarius Notebook

Aquarian minds tend to be full of hot takes, clever insights and big ideas, but that mental activity can get overwhelming when not put down onto paper. Journaling is a fantastic activity for Aquarians, and astrologer Stardust agrees: "They're an air sign and like to express themselves and collect their thoughts," she says. This beautiful journal shows off their Sun sign.

Lush Deep Sleep Salt Cube

Baths are great for getting Aquarians out of their heads and into a slower-paced vibe. These Lush bath bombs with lavender and magnesium are ideal for anyone who needs some help winding down for the evening and settling into deep, restful sleep.

If you want to gift your bath-lover an entire set of bath accessories, Stardust recommends the brand's Relax gift set.

S'Well Periwinkle Stars Water Bottle

Aquarius is the water bearer, but they can often get behind on basic self care acts like staying hydrated. This is a great-quality water bottle with excellent insulation — and a very Aquarian design and color scheme.

Adagio Tea Aquarius Tea

For some caffeine that’s energizing but not overwhelming, this delicious tea blend is handcrafted for Aquarians. It’s a black tea base with hazelnut, vanilla, cacao nibs and blue cornflowers. Aquarians tend to love tea, and this one is next-level.

Best Aquarius gifts for home vibes

Society6 Aquarius Zodiac Aura Print

This print from a Seattle-based artist features a cool, ethereal and calming Aquarian color scheme with a description of the sign at the bottom. “Aquarius is the sign of astrology,” says Stardust, so they’re more likely than other signs (looking at you, Capricorns) to appreciate astrological décor.

Zodiaque Moon Aquarius Lavender Candle

This gorgeous artisan candle has a lavandin, cedar, sea buckthorn, and vanilla fragrance from natural essential oils. Astrologer Stardust helped to make these with the essences of Aquarius, and they burn for 55 hours.

Aquarians need reminders to slow down and enjoy some grounding time, and this candle evokes exactly that.

Birthdate Candle

These long-burning candles are tailored to your loved one’s exact birthday, and every birthday’s candle has its own unique scent and label displaying its description, ruling tarot card, strengths and weaknesses, and more.

Astrology, numerology and tarot were all used to create the insights featured on each candle, and they smell amazing.

Best Aquarius gifts for their nerdy side

MasterClass Subscription

Aquarians are big lifelong learners, and MasterClass offers high-quality, immersive courses led by prominent experts from around the world. There are 180-plus classes and 11 categories available, so the learner can choose among subjects from bread-baking to business management and go at their own pace. Audiobook Credits

You’ve heard of Audible, but many Aquarians you know may be trying to moderate their patronage of Amazon and similar big-box, multinational retailers. Why not turn to It's another incredible audiobook subscription service, and its credit bundles allow the recipient to choose among over 275,000 audiobooks, regardless of price.

The Astrology Deck

This is a fun and digestible way for anyone to learn more about astrology — it’s ideal for anyone with a beginner-to-intermediate knowledge base. Astrology is so complex and multi-layered that it can be intimidating, but these beautiful cards present each concept in an accessible and illuminating way.

Editor's note: This item is from Lisa Stardust's own product line.

Danielle Noel The Moonchild Tarot

Great for beginner to experienced tarot practitioners, this stunningly ethereal tarot deck includes the traditional major and minor arcana with a few added major arcana cards specific to the deck. Tarot is a great tool to connect to your intuition, cultivate a spiritual practice (or not) and seek clarity, and it can be practiced solo or with others.

Best experiential Aquarius gifts

We're Not Really Strangers Card Game

Aquarians may not be the first ones to open up, but despite often appearing closed-off or aloof, they’re actually very community-oriented and devoted to their friendships.

This game is essentially a series of questions that helps people open up and deepen their connections or make new ones. The original game is suitable for two or more people with any type of connection to one another, but there are great expansion packs for couples, families, self-reflection, breakups and more.

Airbnb Gift Card

Second to Sagittarius, Aquarius is one of the most adventure-loving signs of the Zodiac. An Airbnb gift card allows them to pick any destination and time frame to take the trip of their dreams.

Typical amounts given are $100 to $500, so it's a splurge — but if that’s beyond your budget, you can load the card with any amount you choose, and it will no doubt be appreciated.

Best gifts for of-age Aquarians

Aquarian Soul Full Moon Body Oil

In the vein of helping Aquarians slow down and connect to their bodies, this high-quality body oil is great for massages, moisturizing and/or celebrating the full moon (if that’s your loved one’s thing). It’s a cruelty-free, unscented blend of organic almond, sunflower and jojoba oil, infused with clear quartz.

Artisanal Aquarius Chocolates

These gorgeous handmade chocolates are a mix of milk and dark chocolates, all made from fair-trade cocoa. On the inside, there’s a vanilla sea salt caramel center that’s super creamy. They come from a chocolate shop in Maryland that focuses on hiring neurodivergent staff, and the treats are decorated with gorgeous Aquarian designs.

The Spirit Guild Aquarius Cocktail Kit

From the renowned Spirit Guild in LA, this kit makes four cocktails each, and they’re all incredible. The Aquarius cocktail is vodka- or gin-based (your choice) and is made with coconut syrup, blue spirulina powder, dehydrated star fruit and citrus.

Best Aquarius gifts for kids

"A Taste of the World" by Beth Walrond

Aquarian kids are as curious as Aquarian adults, if not more so — they tend to love learning about other people and ways of life. Food is one of the best means of learning about different cultures, and this kids’ book is a fun and engaging look into different global cuisines, cultures and celebrations.

How we chose the best Aquarius gifts

Katya Weiss-Andersson is a professional astrologer who happens to have an Aquarius Sun, rising, Mercury and Saturn (in other words, she’s a very Aquarius-y Aquarius). With the help of astrologer and frequent contributor Lisa Stardust, Katya picked these gifts based on their uniqueness, thoughtfulness and cohesion with typical Aquarius wants and needs.