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Cancer compatibility: How the water sign gets along with each zodiac sign (or doesn’t)

Loyal and loving, Cancers are known to take their commitments seriously.

Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign of the zodiac and the first water sign. The cardinal sign values relationships — so if you're looking to get serious with a Cancer, chances are they've already gotten serious with you and you're just catching up.

Before going into compatibility with each sign, let's go over Cancer's approach to love and relationships.

What are Cancers like in relationships?

Cancers are known to be emotionally mature and super intuitive, able to connect with people before a word is even exchanged. When it comes to relationships of all varieties, beyond romantic, they look to their gut feelings to guide them.

If a Cancer chooses you, then you're been picked for life. The crab is one of the most faithful and loyal signs in the zodiac. If and when they do leave, it’s to preserve their sense of safety and security (which is important to them, given their shell).

But, even then, Cancers will try to work out matters and remain on good terms. Their genuine kindness and sincerity makes them tender-hearted and nurturing to those they care about. Emotions run deep with Cancers — but they lean toward positivity. They overflow with good will and generosity toward their loved ones.

At times they can use their pincers to defend themselves, hold onto relationships, and the past. Since the crab walks side-to-side, instead of marching forward, Cancers make their own rules and decisions when it comes to love.

Here's how Cancers get along with each zodiac sign

Cancer and Aries

When these two cardinal signs connect, they both take immediate action towards cultivating a relationship. The only foreseeable issue is that they can both be a bit ... bossy. Flexibility is key and essential to make the connection work. Cool down, then talk.

Cancer and Taurus

This is a softer and easier pairing for Cancer than Aries. Taurus offers the crab a chance to be seen through creative endeavors and communication. The conversation will never run dry. These homebodies will spend hours upon hours talking, and even more unwinding.

Cancer and Gemini

These celestial neighbors approach life differently. Gemini is quick to talk; Cancer steps back and surveys before diving in. Both, however, are fun-loving and appreciate the other's approach toward cultivating a good time. They make for fast friends.

Cancer and Cancer

Two crabs together means endless affection and sweet cuddles. They’ll adore each other and offer the other the exact emotional support they need. At times, though, their intensely emotional connection can make their relationship feel murky. One member of the relationship will have to step up and start seeing things more clearly.

Cancer and Leo

Leos don't hesitate. They go for it, trailing charm and fiery energy. Their approach will motivate Cancer to leave the self-doubt behind and try out confidence for a change. Both will help the other move towards their dreams. The caveat is that Cancer might need a nap after a long day with Leo. 

Cancer and Virgo

Cancer and Virgo make for excellent friends and lovers. They're a sound, well-balanced couple — a duo that just makes sense (and keeps a neat house). They are unfailingly upfront and honest with each other, and will be extremely loyal and trustworthy to the other in the relationship. 

Cancer and Libra

Cancer and Libra are both relationship-oriented, and will take to partnership quickly. Sometimes Cancer will crave more of a deep commitment than what Libra can always offer. But their inclination toward harmony means they're willing to have conversations and push past obstacles.

Cancer and Scorpio

When these two water signs get together, the fun never ends. Whether they go to a play, out for cocktails, or talk for hours — they’ll share laughs and inside jokes nonstop with the other. As long as one don’t try to assert dominance over the other, they'll have a positive relationship. 

Cancer and Sagittarius

Cancer and Sagittarius share a connection that some may find peculiar. Sagittarius likes to be free, while Cancer prefers to have weighty connections. However, they can bond over their shared interests, from travel to food to a fascination with people.

Cancer and Capricorn

Opposites don’t attract here, as these two juxtaposing zodiac signs have a challenging time understanding each other. Cancer is open with their emotions, while Capricorn is more austere. It will take time for these signs to open up to each other on an emotional level and form a trusting bond.

Cancer and Aquarius

This is one of the tougher astrological connections. Idealistic and lofty Aquarius is on a whole other planet compared to intuitive and emotional Cancer. Tender with their hearts, Cancer may shy away from revealing themselves to Aquarius and risking judgment.

Cancer and Pisces

These two water signs bring out the best in each other and — if we dare say it — are a lucky pair. There is nothing that Cancer and Pisces cannot achieve when they join forces. Sharing their lives and emotions will be a rewarding experience.