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What your Moon sign says about your love life

Astrologers say the Moon sign rules the birth chart, not the Sun sign.

On first dates, you've probably have had discussions about your Sun sign, trying to suss out a person’s character.

But I’ll let you in on an astrologer’s secret. Many astrologers, myself included, say the Moon wills the birth chart. Within astrology, the Moon — one part of the astrological "big three" — represents your inner self. Your first reactions. Your truest desires, the ones you don’t speak to others.

Other people may not pick up on your Moon sign's characteristics immediately, as they don't rise to the surface as fast as your ascendant or Sun sign. But you'll feel their effects.

The closer you get with someone, the more they'll see the effects of your Moon sign. As a result, the Moon sign plays a role in our closest relationships, dictating how we approach love almost as much as our Venus sign. Read on to find out how.

What is a Moon sign?

The Moon changes signs ever 2.5 days and cycles through the 12 signs of the zodiac every 12 days.

The Moon is a sensitive point in our chart, representing our emotional natures — the parts of us that we cannot readily express with words. Since it is such a powerful and potent part of our lives it’s no wonder that we would look to it to define our love lives. 

How do I find my Moon sign?

To find your Moon sign, plug in your birth details to a website that offers free natal charts.

Here's how your Moon sign affects your personality and approach to love


Impulsive and passionate are words that describe the Aries Moon’s fiery vibe. Always one to jump headfirst into a romance, the Aries Moon will always express their need for autonomy even when partnered. It’s important for the combative Aries Moon to do things in their way and on their clock.


The Taurus Moon is extremely indulgent and decadent — not only towards themselves but to their S.O. as well. Kisses, cuddles, good food and wine, along with satin sheets will make their heart skip a beat. However, that doesn’t compare to the undying desire and love they give and expect.


The Gemini moon is witty and charming and seeks out a cure for boredom through romance. They want to be stimulated by their relationship. Their dualistic nature means that there is more to love, as they’re often in need of twice the attention. Communication is key between a Gemini Moon and their partner.


As the unconditional nurturers of the zodiac, one can rely on the Cancer Moon as a shoulder to cry on. They are the most comforting and loving to those they love. Cancer Moons will stand by their S.O. through thick and thin. Their unwavering hearts say it all without hesitation. 


Leo Moons require an extra dollop of attention and adoration from others. They also shower their partners with the same amount of TLC that they’re given. Loyalty in relationships is important to them and they will fight for what they want or who they love to show that they care.


The Virgo Moon strives to understand their partner’s needs in order to fulfill them. Nit-picky at times, the Virgo Moon shows and expresses love by analyzing situations and aiming to improve them. Sometimes, though, it can feel like criticism. On the flip side, they are caring and giving.  


The Libra Moon is extremely relationship-oriented and will do anything to make partnerships work. At times they can intellectualize their feelings and be unsure as to how to express their innermost sentiments. Overall, the Libra Moon is cool, kind, smart and diplomatic. Once they make a commitment, they'll stick with it.


This lunar sign can be deep and intense. Because the Moon in Scorpio wants to cultivate meaningful and lasting relationships with others, they combine desire and love fast in order to feel the passionate connection that they hope will transcend time.


The Sagittarius Moon is adventurous and spirited, making their approach to romance exciting and jovial. The Sagittarius Moon aims to understand their partner’s emotions and is quick to remedy issues. They do not hold grudges and like to laugh more than argue about matters due to their fun-loving nature.


No one values the work that relationships need to sustain themselves more than a Capricorn Moon. Always ready and willing to improve a partnership, the Capricorn Moon often shows their emotions through the effort and tenacity given to every and any situation. Also, they won’t ever give up on love.


The Moon in Aquarius can come off as emotionally distant at times due to their airy disposition — they may treat their partners like close friends. Their lighthearted and sincere nature appears at the forefront of their hearts to those they care about and bring joy to their squad. 


The lovely Moon in Pisces is imaginative, intuitive and dreamy, which means that those born under this lucky sign escape through their artistry. They are known to send poetry and gifts to their crush/significant other as a way to open their hearts and souls to another’s with ease and tenderness.