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16 Easter desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth from carrot cake to cookie cups

Who needs an Easter basket when you can make all of these fun Easter desserts?
/ Source: TODAY

Easter isn't quite as indulgent as Halloween, but chances are the Easter bunny is going to leave you a lot of candy in your basket. While you're munching on marshmallow Peeps and chocolate bunnies, why not make some dessert to add to the sugar rush? Whether you're a master baker or looking for something sweet and simply, your guests will be seriously impressed with any of these fun Easter desserts.

Make Easter extra fun this year with creative desserts and easy crafts.

Whether you like your carrot cake plain or with all the mix-ins, this recipe has you covered. Serve this sweetly spiced dessert with walnuts, raisins, coconut, and pineapple — or keep it simple with only shredded carrots in the batter. A luxurious layer of cream cheese frosting is the perfect finishing touch.

TODAY's Ultimate Banana Bread

This is going to be your new go-to recipe for banana bread. Browning your butter before adding it to the batter gives this banana bread and extra nutty kick of flavor. Customize your bread with walnuts, chocolate chips, or both!

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Al's Strawberry Shortcake

What better way to celebrate spring than fresh strawberries? The secret to taking this strawberry shortcake to the next level is a little bit of lemon curd in the whipped cream. The tartness cuts through the rich cream beautifully.

Coconut Bliss Cake

Coconut Bliss Cake

Seton Rossini

Seton Rossini, author of Deceptively Easy Desserts, adds a decadent chocolate twist inspired by her favorite candy bar to the classic coconut cake. One bite of this cake, coated in a decadent chocolate fudge sauce and adorned in almonds, and you’ll be hooked. It’s the Almond Joy, all grown up.

Chick Cupcakes

Pastry Affair / TODAY

Kids will love lending a helping hand covering these adorable cupcakes in coconut flake feathers and mini chocolate chip eyeballs. You can even use marshmallows to make a head and tail for mama bird!

Bunny Hill Cake

Don't limit yourself to baking in round cake pans. This cake is baked right in the mixing bowl for a fun hill shape. With its marshmallow bunny decorations and a secret surprise candy filling, this cake will be a smash hit with the kids.

Cadbury Cream Egg-Inspired Cookie Cups

In Katrina's Kitchen / TODAY

Cadbury eggs are a must-have Easter basket candy, and now you can have the same delicious flavors all year round! These chewy cookie cups hold the cream filling perfectly, and looks like an adorable sunny side up egg.

Jelly Bean Sugar Cookies

Sally's Baking Addiction / TODAY

These colorful cookies are the perfect last-minute Easter dessert. To create these soft, buttery, jelly bean-studded sugar cookies, you'll need only one bowl — and 10 spare minutes.

Easter desserts don't have to get in the way of your diet and health plans. Laurel Gallucci of Sweet Laurel Bakery covers all your bases with this gluten-free and vegan take on a classic carrot cake.

Banana Pudding

Your guests will go bananas (pun intended) over this beautiful layered dessert. No one needs to know how easy it was to make!

Carrot and Zucchini Cupcakes

Cardamom, carrot and zucchini — yes, vegetables (!) — create complex-tasting but easy-to-make cupcakes. The cupcakes are moist enough on their own, but for an extra mouth-watering element, top them with a delicious rosemary and orange crème fraîche. And if you prefer a full-blown cake to a cupcake, this recipe can easily be used to make a cake using two 9-inch spring form pans.

Slow-Cooker Coconut Cake

Tiffany Bendayan/Living Sweet Moments / TODAY

This delicious slow-cooker dessert tastes like a cross between a flan and a cake.

Easter Bird-Nest Cake

The Vanilla Bean Baker / TODAY

This stunning holiday showpiece is made with layers of carrot cake and chocolate buttercream frosting. Clever piping gives the final layer of frosting that nest-like look.

Peanut Butter Cake

Al Roker's wife, Deborah got this recipe from her aunt, "Big Annie." The whipped peanut butter frosting is already delicious on its own, and when paired with the moist peanut butter cake it's a real show-stopper.

White Chocolate Bark

A Pretty Life In The Suburbs / TODAY

This beautiful pastel treat only has two ingredients. It's a festive Easter dessert, and also makes a great hostess gift.

Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate Covered Peeps

Raspberry Eggplant / TODAY

Give Peeps a grown-up makeover by coating them in in luxurious layers of salted caramel and dark chocolate.

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