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67 Easter side dishes, from glazed carrots to scalloped potatoes

Bookmark these recipes now for Easter Sunday.
Fresh Glazed Carrots with Parsley for Turkey Dinner
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In many families, gathering for Easter dinner means enjoying a feast featuring glazed ham or a rack of lamb, warm buttery dinner rolls, lots of desserts — and some really tasty Easter side dishes. Regardless of what you choose to make the main event, you can get really creative with the sides. Think: fresh and bright spring salads, roasty-toasty Brussels sprouts and honey-glazed carrots, alongside comforting classics like scalloped potatoes and macaroni and cheese.

Shop for in-season produce such as artichokes, asparagus, carrots, ramps and radishes. These vegetables will be readily available in grocery stores and farmers' markets alike, offering peak spring flavor for your Easter menu. Look for firm, brightly colored produce, as this will be a sign that they're ripe for cooking.

Get ahead on Easter prep with some make-ahead side dishes, as well as ones that you can make in 15 minutes or less.

Here, we’re sharing recipes for all of those sides and more. Whether your Easter plan is organized with a well thought-out spreadsheet and days of prep or you’re looking for a quick way to feed the family after Easter egg hunting, we’ve got a recipe for every kind of Easter side dish to round out your meal.


Cacio e Pepe Roasted Potatoes

Looking to impress with a fabulous Easter side dish but short on time? With these cacio e pepe roasted potatoes, it’s possible. Prepare a three-ingredient sauce with just heavy cream, pecorino Romano and cracked black pepper while you wait for the potatoes to roast to a beautiful golden brown.

Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Mashing potatoes to a perfectly smooth, creamy consistency is truly an art, and this recipe breaks it all down. Get ready for a bit of smooth operation — a few tablespoons of cream cheese added at the very end help to guarantee delicious results.

Pommes Chef Anne

This four-ingredient recipe relies on one essential kitchen tool — a mandoline. Don’t be scared; otherwise you might drive yourself to the brink attempting to get your potatoes cut evenly and thinly enough using just a knife. But once you get the hang of it, the effect and the texture is worth every slice.

Dare to impress with this stunner, in which you’ll pack sweet Vidalia onions with a creamy, indulgent potato gratin. It’s two sides in one and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Lighten up your standard mashed potatoes with mashed cauliflower, too. The creamy blend comes together with a bit of butter and tangy Greek yogurt, so it’s still satisfying.

If you like Sunny Anderson’s Roasted Potatoes with Rosemary and Thyme, then you’ll love this cheesy, creamy twist. Roasted potatoes are mashed with cream, butter, cream cheese, a cheddar-pepper jack blend and Parmesan. The mixture is transferred to ramekins, baked and topped with crispy bacon and fresh scallions just before serving.

From Joanna Gaines is this all-time classic recipe: scalloped potatoes. In Joanna’s version, the cheesy goodness gets a little bite, thanks to sharp gruyère cheese and a half-dozen garlic cloves.

Slow-Cooker Scalloped Potatoes

When it comes to entertaining around the holidays, we’ll take any and every shortcut that we can. You can still get the crowd-pleasing comfort of a scalloped potato recipe, but in this version, you’ll layer everything into a slow cooker about 5 hours before go-time. Then, just pop the top and serve.

Potato Salad with Ramp Dressing

This German-style potato salad gets a little zing from whole grain mustard and ramps. Bonus: Without any mayo, this makes for a perfect Easter picnic side dish (no fridge required!).

Want to know Ina’s secret to the best-ever mashed potatoes? Heat any dairy — in this case, half-and-half and butter — before adding to your smashed potatoes. The reason being is that by combining consistently hot ingredients, you’ll prevent gummy spuds. The result is hot and ready-to-eat potatoes— but the dish also reheats easily in just 20 or so minutes, if you want to make it ahead.

Candied Sweet Potatoes with Maple Syrup

This is no ordinary sweet potato side. Here, they’re baked whole and then drizzled with a sweet and spiced combination of maple syrup, apple cider and warm spices such as cinnamon, cloves and orange zest. And yep, you can still add some marshmallows in the final minutes of baking.

Creamy sweet potatoes are topped with a classic crumble in this casserole. Missing the crunch of pecans or walnuts? No problem; just add them to the topping mix along with flour, sugar, oats, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Crispy Sweet Potato Bake

In another deceptively simple side dish, sweet potatoes get pops of flavor from fresh rosemary and garlic. They’re sliced into rounds and layered in a cast-iron skillet to bake.

In Bobby Flay’s world, sweet potatoes are served both sweet and smoky. Thanks to a bit of maple syrup and chipotles in adobo, this recipe offers an unexpected twist on a classic Easter side.

Chef Geoffrey Zakarian’s roasted sweet potatoes come with a pop of color and flavor in the form of fresh pomegranate seeds, grated ginger and shallots. If you’re looking for a fun way to reintroduce a classic side dish, this recipe makes it easy.

In Joy Bauer’s sweet potato casserole, she sneaks in another essential Easter vegetable: Carrots. Both get mashed and blended together with a bit of almond milk to lay the base for mini marshmallows before everything is browned to golden perfection.

Siri Daly’s one-skillet sweet potato side is just right. Two pounds of spuds are sliced into thick rounds and seasoned with a combination of chili powder, paprika, black pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder and flaky sea salt.

Nina Compton's Jerk Sweet Potatoes

St. Lucia’s own Nina Compton delivers a classic recipe for roasted sweet potatoes with a bit of Caribbean flavor. This dish couldn’t be simpler to throw together — toss the taters with a combination of allspice, ground cinnamon, light brown sugar, red pepper flakes, ground cloves and ground cumin. With just a handful of ingredients and a short roasting time, you’ll have it on the table in no time at all.

Air Fryer Potatoes

One of the biggest challenges of hosting a holiday dinner is finding space on the stovetop and in the oven to cook everything. That's where the air fryer comes in. This beloved kitchen appliance will transform potatoes into a crispy, satisfying side dish — plus, it'll keep them warm until it's time to serve.

This impressive holiday side dish is a colorful twist on traditional hasselback potatoes. Rather than the usual buttery, herby baked potatoes, these sweet potatoes are served with a sweet and sour agrodolce sauce. It's packed with pepitas, dried cranberries and goat cheese.

Macaroni and cheese

Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese

Two classic sides — canned sweet potatoes and mac and cheese — come together for one cozy side dish. It’s sweet — thanks to a bit of maple syrup and brown sugar — and it’s savory — thanks to three (yes, three!) kinds of cheese. Simply put, it’s everything you need in an Easter side dish.

Stouffer's-Style Macaroni and Cheese

Look, we get it: The classics are classic for a reason, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to try a homemade version of the ready-made stuff, right? In this Stouffer’s-style mac, there’s a dreamy ratio of sauce to noodles (read: lots and lots of sauce). The thing about this beloved frozen food is that it’s not fancy — here you won’t find a trio of Alpine cheeses, but rather Velvetta and extra-sharp cheddar cheese.

Load up your mac and cheese with a bit of fresh sweet corn and salty bacon for a taste of warmer days to come. Can’t find any fresh corn in March or April? No worries; frozen sweet corn will sub in just fine.

There’s a reason that we still joke about sneaking veggies into your kids’ food by covering them in cheese: It works! In Siri Daly’s recipe, she adds an entire bag of puréed cauliflower into the bechamel sauce, packing in a secret nutritious punch.

Vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli delivers in this dairy-free mac and cheese recipe, which gets its creaminess from a mix of blended roasted cauliflower and raw cashews.

Salad and slaws

Green Goddess Salad

From Melissa Ben-Ishay, founder of Baked By Melissa, comes an easy-to-throw-together green goddess salad with a tangy pesto dressing. Unlike a traditional green goddess salad dressing, this one is totally vegan. It’s made with a bevy of good-for-you ingredients such as nuts, fresh basil, spinach and nutritional yeast for a little cheesiness.

Fennel and Apple Slaw

Lighten up your Easter sides with this slaw from Valerie Bertinelli. There’s no mayo here — just a light, bright bite from fresh fennel, cabbage, celery and apple.

For Irish cookbook author Clodagh McKenna’s recipe, you’ll shave fresh asparagus into long, thin strips before tossing it with fennel and arugula. Dress the salad with a citrusy Dijon mustard vinaigrette to make this dish memorable — but still so easy.

There’s a reason “Cook This Book” author Molly Baz calls this her greatest salad of all time. This tried-and-true Caesar salad hits all the classic notes — garlic, Parmesan cheese, anchovies (or capers) and crusty baguette croutons. What makes it special is the quality; the dressing and croutons are made from scratch.

Shaved Zucchini, Squash and Fennel Salad

No need to cook your veggies here; just grab a vegetable peeler to shave them into thin ribbons before you get started. The result is a quick and crisp salad, where each bite is served coated in a simple but delicious vinaigrette.

Fennel, Artichoke and Grapefruit Salad

We’re declaring this the MVP of Easter dinner, thanks to the unexpected combination of artichokes, creamy avocado and tart grapefruit. If that wasn’t enough, it all gets topped with a lemon-Dijon dressing and shards of ricotta salata.

If you’re struggling to decide what to bring to an Easter potluck, consider this. A protein-packed, plant-based salad, which leans on the wholesome grain. Lentils get dressed up with fennel, celery leaves, mint and oregano for a bright, interesting side dish.

Punch up your Caesar salad with a little smokiness, which comes in the form of charred radicchio. It’s served with large, crunchy endive leaves, roasted potato “croutons” and a spicy dressing made with Tabasco hot sauce and serrano pepper.

Everyday Salad with Ramp Dressing

There’s nothing boring about this salad, which is a delicious accompaniment to grilled meats or a glazed ham. With a bit of crunch from toasted sunflower seeds and an herby dressing, everyone will reach for seconds.

Dinner rolls and bread

The perfect biscuit recipe must produce light, flaky and buttery biscuits, and you can bet Ina Garten’s recipe delivers. Her tip: Grate your butter, just like you would a block of cheese, which helps it incorporate it into the dough more quickly and evenly — both of which are crucial to scoring the perfect texture.

Cacio e Pepe Popovers

Inspired by the traditional Roman pasta dish, these buttery popovers are made with lots of high-quality pecorino Romano cheese and freshly cracked black pepper. It's a punchy take on Yorkshire Pudding.

Your Easter menu wouldn't be complete with a bread basket — these orange-hued biscuits are spot-on for the spring holiday. Unlike traditional dinner rolls, there's no kneading or resting time required. Serve them with a sweet and spicy butter for smearing.

Zucchini Cornbread

If you think zucchini makes for a perfectly moist breakfast bread, just wait ‘til you try it in this cornbread recipe. If you’ve got one, bust out the family cast-iron skillet for a crisp, golden bread edge. (If not, a glass baking dish will work just fine, too!)

Planning an elegant sit-down for supper? It might be just the right moment to try out this popover recipe from Australian chef Curtis Stone, which delivers a dinner bread that’s light and airy so as to not weigh you down, but is still perfect for sopping up any drippings from your Easter roast.

Skillet Cornbread

One of the best things about this cornbread recipe is that it’s easily adaptable to you and your family’s preferences. Want to toss in a couple of chopped jalapeños or a handful or two of shredded cheddar cheese? No problem. It’s both a classic staple that’s solid enough to stand on its own, or the perfect base for your favorite own mix-ins.

Hot Dog Flower Buns

For Kristina Cho, this whimsical recipe is full of nostalgia for everyone’s favorite party starter, pigs in a blanket. Want to change it up? It’s easy to swap out the hot dogs for something new, such as chicken or pork sausage, or even roasted carrots for a vegetarian “hot dog.”


Simple Spring Asparagus

Toss together just a few ingredients — asparagus spears, olive oil, salt and pepper — and you’ve got this perfect side. The magic is in the freshly squeezed lemon juice, which revs up the flavor in every bite.

This dish combines two simple but elegant dishes: Fresh asparagus and cacio e pepe, the traditional Roman pasta. Here, it translates to a simple toss of your veggies in cracked black pepper and lots of pecorino Romano cheese.

Sure, you can always buy some pre-made pesto, but try this homemade version and you’ll be reaching for this recipe all the time. The pesto can be prepared while the asparagus roasts, making it a quick and easy side dish that you can prep in no time at all.

Asparagus Tart

This tart is the perfect make-ahead dish to serve for Easter brunch. Plus, it’s great for serving to a crowd because it can easily slip in as a side, one of a few appetizers or the star of the show.

In Italian, the name of this recipe translates to Insalata di Scalogna e Asparagi, but regardless of what language you’re speaking, the meaning is clear: Delicious. A big bunch of in-season asparagus and hard-boiled eggs are dressed with a simple, tangy vinaigrette.

Green beans

Amp up seasonal green beans with a bit of fatty, salty bacon and sharp shallots. This dish is served warm, but luckily, it comes together in just 20 minutes, making it an easy final addition to your Easter dinner.

In this Arab-inspired green bean side dish, Reem Assil pairs blistered fresh tomatoes with caramelized onions and sautéed green beans. This garlicky dish has plenty of spice, thanks to a Serrano chile.

Leave the canned green beans in the pantry for this casserole, which instead calls for a pound and a half of fresh beans. It’s a natural choice given that they’re in season around Easter. But this old-fashioned side dish is as easy as ever: You’ll still be reaching for a can of fried onions for that classically crunchy topping.

Think green beans are boring? Think again. Content creator Will Coleman upgrades a basic bag of green beans with a creamy Dijon-cayenne sauce and slivered almonds.

Two spring-forward vegetables — green beans and Brussels sprouts — share the spotlight in this Easter side dish. It's a made even better with nearly two cups of bacon lardons.

Assorted vegetables

Perfect Roast Vegetables

It’s back to basics with this guide to roasting every type of vegetable. Whether you’re starting from fresh, frozen or just reheating, we’ve got the tricks you need to get it right every time.

Is it even Easter if you don’t have carrots on the table? Amp up the flavor of basic roasted carrots with a balsamic, honey and thyme-laced glaze, which lends a savory sweetness to the dish.

Herbaceous Creamed Spinach

Dill, tarragon and basil dress up this ordinary creamed spinach recipe. Plus, it can be served either hot or cold, making it a flexible side to serve on Easter Sunday.

From Nashville’s Etch comes this revved up roasted cauliflower, which is best served with not one but three saucy accouterments. First, there’s a savory pea pesto made with frozen peas and a healthy pour of truffle oil, then it all levels up (twice!) with a roasted red bell pepper sauce and feta cream.

Creamy Corn Casserole

This classic southern side has all the marks of an old favorite: frozen corn, crushed Saltine crackers, fresh sage and not one but two cups of whipping cream. The dish, which comes from Little Big Town singer Kimberly Schlapman, is rich, creamy and a perfect addition to any holiday meal.

Braised Cabbage and Carrots

To Kwame Onwuachi, the steamed cabbage he knows from Jamaican recipes has always been a little, well, boring, so he revs things up by braising the greens in coconut milk instead. Throw in a ginger-garlic purée, and no one could ever call this side boring.

Kansas City Cheesy Corn

This cheesy corn side dish is sure to become an instant must-make for Easter dinners for years to come. Sure, it might be a Kansas City tradition, but that’s no reason not to try it out wherever you’re celebrating.

How do you make an old-fashioned recipe even better? Add bacon. At least, that’s the case with Al Roker’s spinach recipe, in which he adds a bit of smoky flavor to the classic side.

Kimchi Creamed Spinach

Chef Gerald Sombright of Knife & Spoon, the steak and seafood restaurant inside the Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes, adds a bit of kimchi to this staple holiday side The fermented cabbage adds a bit of zing, which is a delicious contrast against the creamy bechamel.

Serve this plantain-based casserole as a side dish or the main event for Easter dinner. Created by Chef Jesus Diaz, this savory, cheesy recipe features layers of mashed plantains, ground beef, sautéed peppers and onions and plenty of mozzarella cheese.

Cacio e Pepe Roasted Cauliflower

Dress up basic cauliflower with a combination of melted butter, freshly cracked black pepper and pecorino Romano cheese. The result is a salty, savory side dish that will be a welcome addition to your holiday feast.

Roasted Cauliflower with Lemon Tahini

Make this Lemon Tahini sauce once and it’ll instantly become part of your standard arsenal. It’s a delicious, savory dressing that instantly makes all kinds of roasted veggies taste so much more interesting. Here, we like to use underrated cauliflower, which roasts with fresh thyme and garlic.


Snap Peas with Feta and Mint

In this side dish, the flavor and texture of smoky charred snap peas is balanced out with a bright blend of feta and mint. The greens are at their peak in spring, making this a seasonal stunner to serve for Easter.

Faker Spring Pea Risotto

Give traditional risotto springtime flair with puréed frozen peas and fresh pea shoots. The result is a green side dish as bright in color as it is in flavor.

Sugar Snap Pea and Radish Salad

Whip up a quick vinaigrette to top this salad that calls for just three core ingredients: Snap peas, radishes and chives. It’s herby, crunchy and a perfect side for any Easter meal.

In this chopped salad recipe, every ingredient stands out. You’ll find sugar snap peas, sunflower seeds and radishes, all of which are tossed together in a creamy Parmesan vinaigrette.