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Easy Easter Bunny Cupcakes
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Is there anything cuter than the Easter Bunny? How about a bunch of little Easter bunnies? This recipe is super easy and uses store-bought cupcakes to make it even simpler. These cupcakes also make a great project to do with the kids. 


    • 6 pre-made cupcakes, preferably vanilla or white cake
    • One 16-ounce container white icing
    • 2 cups powdered sugar
    • 6 large marshmallows
    • 2 tablespoons pink sanding sugar
    • 1/4 cup white sanding sugar
    • 12 chocolate chips
    • 6 pink jelly beans


1. Scrape any frosting or decorations off of the pre-made cupcakes and save for decorating cookies or other sweet treats. 

2. To make stiffer frosting, pour the white frosting from the container into a large bowl. Mix with a hand mixer, adding the powdered sugar 1/3 cup at a time, until all sugar is fully incorporated.

3. With a small offset spatula, pile some frosting on top of a cupcake and smooth until a dome of frosting forms.

4. Dip the frosting dome in the white sanding sugar, rotating the cupcake around until the frosting is completely covered in sanding sugar

5. Cut the large marshmallows in half horizontally and dip the sticky side into the pink sanding sugar. Stick the marshmallows into the top of the frosting with the pink side facing forward. Push 2 chocolate chips into the "face" for eyes, and add a jelly bean below the chocolate chips for the nose.

6. Enjoy!