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Still looking for a gift for the Capricorn in your life? 20 picks from a pro astrologer they’ll love

Get them something they’ll use every day but would never think to get themselves.
Rocketbook; Hygge

What to know about Capricorn | Types of gifts to buy | Fashion gifts | Self-care gifts | Home gifts | Food and drink gifts

The Capricorn sun vibe is practical, dedicated, responsible, goal-oriented, sophisticated, leadership-oriented and healthily skeptical. Symbolized by the sea goat, the ambitious sign of Capricorn spans from Dec. 22 to Jan. 19 in western astrology.

What should I know about Capricorn?

These workhorses of the zodiac can be competitive and driven by status, but what people don’t talk about enough is that they can also be very traditionally romantic and loving. Capricorn is classic, sometimes corny and usually calm and reasonable (until they aren’t).

When out of balance, Capricorn energy can be overly serious, pessimistic, brooding, grudge-holding and/or resistant to change. Think of Capricorns as Scorpios in suits or Cancers with dad vibes. Capricorn benefits from opportunities to lighten up and have fun while still maintaining their sense of structure and usefulness.

What type of gifts should I buy Capricorn?

Like fellow Earth signs Virgo and Taurus, Capricorn appreciates quality. They like a good splurge item, but only if it’s useful — they’re more into practical, timeless items than novelties and trends.

That said, Capricorns also really benefit from gifts that help them feel inspired, get out of their ruts and encourage downtime and relaxation. They do well with gifts that help them to be spontaneous and open-minded without forcing or pushing them. Ultimately, you want to give them something useful and thoughtful that they’d never think to get for themselves.

One thing to note is that most Capricorns are astro-skeptics, so unless you have one of the few who are really into astrology, I’d recommend against tchotchkes with “Capricorn” on them — no one has to know that you used their sign to find them something perfect.

Best fashion gifts for Capricorn

Comrad Knee-High Compression Socks

Compression socks are the most uniquely practical gift that no one else will think of. They’re amazing for athletes for optimal blood flow and muscle recovery, frequent travelers, folks with chronic pain or anyone who’s on their feet all day. This brand is my favorite — even the firm compression options are very comfortable and easy to put on. They’re stylish rather than geriatric-looking, and they singlehandedly carried me through my pregnancy.

Old Navy Extra High-Waisted Pleated Taylor Wide-Leg Trouser

In true Capricorn fashion, tailored pants are elegant and practical for dressing up or down. This pair is professional yet comfortable and comes in a wide range of colors and sizes. 

Kin Satin-Lined Beanie

These beanies are cozy, stylish and lined with satin to protect any hair type. Unlike your run-of-the-mill beanie, these reduce frizz and breakage and don’t dry out your hair and scalp. If your Capricorn likes to wear their hair in a puff, the brand also offers an alternative for them.

James Veloria Vintage Fashion Gift Card

James Veloria is a renowned brick-and-mortar vintage store in Manhattan’s Chinatown, and their online storefront offers the same expertly curated vintage luxury. High-quality vintage goods are very Capricorn-ian, and this shop features great finds for a wide range of styles.

Amberjack The Original Dress Shoes

For Capricorns with a more masculine sense of style, these dress shoes are elite — they’re durable, classic and above all, designed to be exceptionally comfortable. They’re a splurge, but the comfort factor alone is worth the price tag.

Best self-care gifts for Capricorn

Acupressure Pen

This small, affordable stainless steel tool is brilliant for relieving aches and pains like headaches and muscle tension. You just press it on a trigger point for about 30-60 seconds for quick pain relief. Capricorns tend to be hard workers who deal with a lot of tension and this little pen is a convenient way to find relief.

Rocketbook Reusable Notebook

This notebook is both eco-friendly and ridiculously useful, particularly for people who do best with writing things down the old-fashioned way. This notebook eliminates the need to infinitely keep buying new notebooks and allows your notes to be easily digitized for easy sharing, searching, organization and storage.

Happy Hygge Gifts Sending Love and Hugs Care Package

Capricorn season takes place during a pretty bleak time of year in the Northern hemisphere, so getting a cozy gift box in the mail can make their day. This one features a knit blanket, a speckled ceramic mug, some gourmet cookies, premium fuzzy socks, a beverage of your choice and a personalized card.

Standard Self Care Hyaluronic Daily Moisturizer

This is the most exquisitely Capricorn-ian skin care line I’ve ever seen, because it’s incredibly high-performing and high-quality with minimal fanfare. It’s fragrance-free and gender-neutral, and the ingredients are suitable for a wide range of skin types. It’s definitely on the bougie side, but if you want just a really excellent moisturizer (or eye cream) to give to a skin care aficionado, this is it.

Home Fitness Code Motorises Treadmill Walking Machine

Whether you want to get into the “cozy cardio” trend or pair with a standing desk to get some movement in during your work day, a walking pad is an incredibly useful gift. It’s much more space-efficient than a treadmill but still offers a full range of speeds from 1-10 kilometers per hour.

Best home gifts for Capricorn

Mug Warmer

If regular drip coffee or tea are more your thing but you constantly find yourself letting it get cold, this cute and compact warmer will make the perfect addition to your desk. It features three temperature settings, an auto-shutoff and a spill-proof design.

Bamboo Computer Stand

Perfect for anyone who works from home, this sturdy monitor stand raises your computer screen to a more ergonomic height that helps prevent eye strain, neck pain and back pain. It also has storage to help reduce desk clutter.

Hilweh Market Olive Wood Kitchen Bundle

This handcrafted wooden kitchen set from Bethlehem is earthy, timeless and aesthetically-pleasing but still fully functional. It includes a cutting board/cheese board, a set of four triangular stacking plates, a large serving spoon, a honey dipper and a citrus juicer.

Care note: like with any wooden kitchen items, avoid soaking or putting in the dishwasher for longevity.

Nespresso Aeroccino4

Capricorns tend to be big coffee drinkers, and learning to make your go-to coffee order from home saves money and time. This milk frother from Nespresso has settings for hot dense foam, hot airier foam, cold foam and heated milk with no foam (which is a helpful setting for reheating old coffee too.)

Drinkmate OmniFizz Sparkling Water and Soda Maker

A soda maker is an incredibly practical kitchen appliance. It’s much more budget-friendly, eco-friendly and customizable than buying store bought seltzers and sodas. Plus, it requires minimal space and effort to use. With this machine, you can carbonate beverages other than water, so you can even make sparkling wines and juices.

Rustic Comforter Set

Not all, but many grown Capricorns are into black and red bedroom decor that gives more of an angsty high school feel than the sultry vibe they’re going for (don’t ask me how I know). If that’s your thing, go for it, but this set creates a more elevated Capricorn aesthetic. It’s earthy, comfortable and super inviting without trying too hard.

Best food and drink gifts for Capricorn

Eastern Standard Provisions Soft Pretzel Bites

As a self-proclaimed snack matchmaker for the zodiac signs, these soft pretzels are the ultimate Capricorn snack. They’re classic, traditional, comforting and really simple to make — you just bake them in the oven or toaster oven for a few minutes. The flavor and texture are very Bavarian — like a fresh baseball field pretzel — but better. They’re a crowd-pleaser for easy entertaining, but I don’t blame you if you end up eating them all yourself.

Bespoke Post Cocktail Smoking Kit

I’ve been waiting for Capricorn season to come around just to recommend Bespoke Post. You can sign up to have the boxes sent as a recurring subscription or send any one individually. This box features supplies to learn to make exceptional smoky cocktails, but if that’s not your Capricorn’s thing, you can send them a box filled with supplies for the coziest camping adventure or one to make and enjoy a range of delicious pickles.

Hungryroot Gift Card

Capricorns are often so busy that they lack time to cook healthy meals for themselves. Hungryroot is essentially a hybrid between a meal prep kit and a grocery delivery service. It’s health-focused and extremely customizable, so you can tailor deliveries to any dietary choices, lifestyle and taste preferences.

It’s wildly convenient and the items and recipes they send are amazing. I would know: when I was given a Hungryroot gift card after my baby was born, I was obsessed.

The Mixologer Ultimate Old Fashioned Kit

An old fashioned is the most iconically Capricorn-ian cocktail, and this kit lets you try all sorts of delicious mixologist-crafted variations. It includes eight liquors and eight servings of demerara syrup, bitters, organic orange slices and maraschino cherries. If the whiskeys provided are too basic for your Capricorn, the top shelf option may be more their speed.             

How we chose

Katya Weiss-Andersson is a professional astrologer who specializes in Saturn returns and extra-nuanced birth chart readings. She chooses gifts for each zodiac sign that go beyond the stereotypical and basic interpretations of each sign to curate lists that are more inclusive, original and thoughtful, and that are informed by a deeper level of astrological understanding.